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Site Features!

Site Features (a snapshot museum)
Here is where I am assembling a simple pictoral library of the weird and wonderful from my friends, travels, and collections, primarily pertaining to the Video Games. Home of Brent's Consolecade and so much more. Updated 06/11/00.


Brent's Consolecade
Channel F Oddities
Colecovision Controller Oddities
Entex MAC Computer
Intercord (Arcadia 2001 compatible)
Leonardo Funky Fish
Ormatu Spelcomputer 2001 (MPT-03 compatible)
Rabbit Transit Lab Loaner


You wanted to see them, here they are, and a few of my own oddities from my collection. The mugs are traded, but the combs are for trade. The rest is not for trade. Yes, that is an unused roll of Pac-Man wall paper (with Bally copyright and all.) Neat, huh?

Brent's Consolecade!

Read the first hand account of the creation of this sweet monster. View scans of this Canadian's high quality efforts at creating a stand-up Atari 2600/Colecovision for short people!

Colecovision Controller Oddities

Here are some pictures of some interesting Colecovision controllers and splitters I have in my collection. The unusual HS-15, HS-20, Champ joystick for use with the Champ keypad, and cable splitter.
HS-15 Picture#1
HS-15 Picture#2
HS-15 Picture#3
Gemini Gemstick for Colecovision Picture#1
Gemini Gemstick for Colecovision Picture#2
Colecovision Cable Splitter Picture#1
Colecovision Cable Splitter Picture#2

Rabbit Transit Lab Loaner

Look what I found and traded away! Mistake? Only 6 years later do I think so. It would be cool to own still, but then again, I traded it for: 3 5200 unreleased prototypes, Chase the Chuckwagon, Subterranea, River Raid 2, and, well, about 25 other really cool things. It seemed like a good idea to me at the time. Of course, right now, I'd love to have it in my collection, since it was certainly the single most unusual find I've ever had.

Now in the posession of Marco Kerstens.

Fairchild Channel F Oddities

From my collection, here are some things you won't see everyday, unless of course you visit me everyday.
Channel F Democart 1 pic#1
Channel F Democart 1 pic#2
Channel F Democart 2 pic#1
Channel F Democart 2 pic#2
Channel F Nordemende #1 pic#1
Channel F Nordemende #2 pic#2
Channel F Telematch ITT #1 pic#1
Channel F Telematch ITT #1 pic#1

Entex MAC Computer

So, what the heck is it? From Jeff Adventurevision's correspondence with the owner of Entex (with an interesting digression):

MAC Was a computor for children intoduced before MS DOS .
Entex made the first MSDOS computor
called Envision before IBM but had to remove it from the market as the
gurus predicted PC's had no future.
This would have been true if the phone co's had been on the ball with an
advanced web. and the ability to cope with the demand ,which is not yet
the case. This is a very long story.
We tried to create a Lan. in 1972 but the phone lines could not handle
the transmission in many states.

Very best wishes,
(Entex guy)

Actually, that seems to have little to do with the MAC I'm talking about- the goofy red toy.

The programs were on little cards (I guess) and there were no cartridges.
It's native recognizable modes include annoying and obnoxious.
Seriously they include Piano and Organ.
I haven't tried very hard to figure out what the other 'programs' are,
but I'm sure they involve the mode button, as there seems to be no provision for storage/cartridges.
MAC Computer pic#1
MAC Computer pic#2
MAC Computer 'screen' shot
The screen has both led lights (a 4x4 matrix) and LED calculator type display.

Intercord Tele-computer XL-2000
Here's an unusual Arcadia clone I picked up.
Intercord Console
Intercord Badge

Ormatu Video Spelcomputer 2001

Here's another unusual console- looks more like an MPT-03 type system. The carts for this system are apparently code compatible with Arcadia 2001. I believe I have a Parachuter game cart (a never before described cart) for it (in storage) that I will dig up and have dumped as soon as I have the chance.
Ormatu Cartridges (poor condition, obviously- but I'll take what I can get!)
Ormatu console
Ormatu Badge

Leonardo Funky Fish

In 2000, a guy on the newsgroup (Rec.Games.Video.Class) claimed he had a novel Arcadia cart for Tunix (the New Zealand version of the Arcadia 2001) called Funky Fish. It was a rumored title for some time, but no one had come up with an actual copy of it. After much rigamarole, the cartridge was sold to Matt Reichert ( The only problem was, I had it in my collection all along. A few years before, I had managed to get ahold of some Leonardo cartridges (the Italian version of the Arcadia 2001.) I quickly filed them away on a shelf, and only took another close look at them after the sale of Funky Fish from New Zealand had occurred. Well, here are some pictures of my near mint Funky Fish.
Funky Fish box
Funky Fish complete
Funky Fish overlays and back
Funky Fish cart detail