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Ianoid's Growing Trade list

updated: 08.26.06

'complete' games have box, instructions and overlay if applicable
'p' title pending in a trade (it ain't over 'till it's over!)
'b' or 'boxed' games have box, probably no instructions, and game
'sw' means sealed or still in shrinkwrapped

'(?)' means I need to check and make sure it's 'in stock' cassette and disk games are mostly untested (haven't gotten around to hooking up those drives!) 'x/10' is a rating of condition

Please contact me with a trade or cash offer!

Prices do not include shipping.


Alien Invader MPT-03 boxed (poor box),loose
Baseball complete (box worn/torn)
Bowling (3 Dimensions) MPT-03 loose
Cat Trax complete

Atari 8-bit

(many pending- section needs overhaul!)
20th Cent Fox Fantastic Voyage (screw hole)
20th Cent Fox Fast Eddie
Activision Decathelon complete
*Activision Kaboom loose, sealed
Activision Megamania
Activision Pitfall! complete
Activision Space Shuttle (tape on end label)
Activision Zenji box/inst onlyt
Atari Atariwriter
Atari Dig Dug
Atari ET
Atari Joust
Atari Jungle Hunt
Atari Missile Command complete
Atari Music Composer big box only
Atari Pac-man
Atari Pengo
Atari Star Raiders big box only
Atari Thunderfox complete
Big Five Miner 2049er (foil label fade $7),Blue Label ($12)
CBS Big Bird's Fun House
CBS Mountain King
CBS Time Bound
Dana Alien Ambush
Epyx Monster Maze complete
Hsu Math Encounter sealed
K-byte K-razy Shoot out (screw hole)
Parker Bros Chess (end label torn)
Parker Bros Frogger
Parker Bros Gyruss
Parker Bros James Bond 007
Parker Bros Popeye (small end label tear)
Parker Bros Qbert
Parker Bros Star Wars Return of the Jedi DSB
Roklan Deluxe Invaders
Roklan Wizard of Wor
Scarborough Mastertype
Scott Adams Rally Speedway
Sega Congo Bongo
Spinnaker Delta Drawing
TG Abracadabra
TG Droids
TG Ozzy's Orchard
Thorn EMI Computer War complete
Thorn EMI Kickback complete
Thorn EMI Soccer complete
Thorn EMI Submarine Commander complete
Magazine: Analog Issue 14 Nov/Dec

Atari 2600

20th Cent Alien
20th Cent Alligator People (Atari Age)
20th Cent Crash Dive (label wear)
20th Cent Fast Eddie
20th Cent MASH
20th Cent Megaforce
20th Cent Pick Up complete in box
20th Cent Porkys
20th Cent Fox Spacemaster X-7
20th Cent Fox Turmoil
Absolute Skate Boardin'
Activision Kung Fu Master $10
Activision Megamania
Activision Pitfall loose,complete
Activision Plaque Attack
Activision Pressure Cooker (end label folk)
Activision Sky Jinks complete
Apollo Lost Luggage (blue)
Apollo Shark Attack (blue)
Apollo Space Cavern (blue)
Apollo Space Cavern (red)
Apollo Space Chase (blue)
Apollo Wabbit complete
Atari A Game of Concentration loose, complete
Atari Adventure
Atari Asteroids complete
Atari Basketball complete in grey box (box has partial smash) $5
Atari/Bob Polaro Bug Bunny complete signed
Atari ET sealed (not a sw game, but still glued)
Atari Flag Capture
Atari Gravitar Silver Label
Atari Hangman
Atari Haunted House
Atari Ikari Warriors box only
Atari Jungle Hunt PAL sw (multilingual box) $3
Atari Millipede brown box only $3
Atari Motorodeo complete
Atari Q*bert
Atari Pengo (very poor label, no end label)
Atari Pole Positn (end label misspelling)
Atari Raiders Lost Ark (end label variation with mild end label wear)
Atari Sentinel
Atari Space War
Atari Super Breakout complete
Atari Swordquest Fireworld complete
Atari Taz box only
CBS Gorf
CBS Mountain King (edge wear)
CBS Omega Race
CBS Solar Fox
CBS Tunnel Runner
Coleco Donkey Kong boxed
Coleco Smurf: RIGC mild wear $7
Coleco Time Pilot boxed
Commavid Cosmic Swarm
Commavid Mines of Minos
Commavid Room of Doom
Cyberpunks Stella Gets a New Brain with manual
Data Age Bugs
Data Age Bermuda Triangle
Data Age Encounter at L5
Data Age Secret Agent (Atari release)
Data Age SSnake
Epyx California Games
Epyx Summer Games
Froggo Sea Hawk
Froggo Sea Hunt
Imagic Atlantis complete
Imagic Cosmic Ark loose,complete (box has a sploch)
Imagic Demon Attack complete
Imagic Fathom
Imagic Fire Fighter
Imagic Quick Step
Imagic Trick Shot
Imagic Solar Storm
Imagic Star Voyager complete
Imagic Subterranea
Konami Marine Wars
Konami Pooyan (end label torn)
Konami Strategy X boxed (worn box,end label wear but present),loose good label
M-network Adventures of Tron
M-Network Air Raiders $5
M-Network Burgertime
M-Network Dark Cavern
M-Network Kool-Aid Man
Mythicon Fire Fly
Mythicon Sorceror
Parker Bros Amidar Complete
Parker Bros Frogger
Parker Bros Popeye
Parker Bros Q*bert complete
Parker Bros Reactor
Parker Bros Sky Skipper boxed
Parker Bros Star Wars Empire Strikes Back boxed
Parker Bros Star Wars Jedi Arena
Parker Bros Star Wars Death Star Battle $8
Parker Bros Star Wars The Arcade Game complete (bilingual)
Parker Bros Tutankham
Sears Baseball picture label
Sears Basketball
Sears Blackjack picture label
Sears Brain Games
Sears Canyon Bomber
Sears Codebreaker complete
Sears Capture
Sears Chase picture label
Sears Golf
Sears Haunted House picture label
Sears Maze picture label
Sears Maze Mania
Sears Soccer
Sears Space Invaders picture label boxed
Sears Speedway II (cool end label #99804)
Sears Spelling
Sears Steeplechase
Sears Star Raiders picture label
Sears Submarine Commander picture label
Sears Superman
Sears Tank Plus
Sears Target Fun complete gatefold and non-gatefold,complete
Sears Warlord boxed (box only ok) Sega Congo Bongo
Sega Spy Hunter (non-fancy cart)
Sega Thunderground (fancy cart)
Spectravision Crossforce
Spectravision Gangster Alley
Spectravision Nexar
Spectravision Planet Patrol
Starpath Dragonstomper complete
Starpath Supercharger/Phaser Patrol complete
Taiwan Popeye box only
Telegames Deadly Discs complete
Telegames Football complete
Telegames International Soccer complete
Telegames Kung Fu Superkicks complete
Telegames Quest for Quintana Roo complete
Telesys Cosmic Creeps (square)
Telesys Fast Food (fancy, some wear/writing)
Telesys Ram It B&W label
Tigervision King Kong
Tigervision Miner 2049er complete
US Games Gopher
US Games Space Jockey
US Games Squeeze Box
Zimag Dishaster
Zimag Cosmic Corridor

Non-US Releases ('PAL' games may roll on older TVs)
Action Hi-Tech Condor Attack PAL
Action Hi-tech Galaxy Invader
Action Hi Tech Space Grid PAL
Action Hi Tech Tank City PAL
Ariola (?) Raumroboter SP-203 torn end label
Atari 32 in 1 (PAL)
Atari Ikari Warriors complete (PAL)
Atari Motorodeo sw (PAL, i think)
CCE Boxing $7
CCE Othelo $13 (mild wear)
CCE Radar $7
Dactar Football / Tennis
Dismac Atak (end label missing)
Dismac BR 101
Dismac Espectro (wear,end label missing) $7
Gameworld Frankenstein's Monster $20
ITT Alien's Return
John Sands Aquatak $25
John Sands Exocet Missile $28
JVP Beam Rider
Polyvox Apples and Dolls $15 (end label wrinkle- repaired nicely)
Polyvox Pac-Man $6
Polyvox Video Pinball $7
Spectravideo Compumate (PAL)
Taiwan 32 Games (with back labels incl list: Carnival,Berzerk II,UFO Patrol,Big Flying Saucer, etc)
Taiwan Frogger
Taiwan King Arthur
Taiwan Little Bear
Taiwan Open Sesame
Telegames Bogey Blaster complete
Telegames Quest for Quintana Roo complete
Telegames World Championship Baseball complete
Tron Enduro (T bar cart)
Tron Moon Patrol (mild label wear)
Unimex Copy Cart (blank new- no copying device)

Activision Patches
Chopper Commander
Spider Fighters
Supreme Starmaster
Starmaster (smaller V shaped emblem)

2600 Hardware
Faster Blaster controller complete
Milmar 2600 Jr. Clone with cart slot and built in games (with joypad controller)
Pirate 2600 Jr. Console "Built in 64 Games" $25

Atari 7800
Dig Dug sealed
Double Dragon complete (box poor)
Fight Night box only
Galaga loose,sw
Hat Trick box only
Jinks sealed
Karateka loose,complete
Mario Bros
Pole Position II sealed,loose
Touchdown Football
Absolute F-18 Hornet

Atari 5200

Buck Rogers
Centipede +inst
Defender loose,complete
Dig Dug +inst
Football $3
Galaxian complete,loose
Joust complete
Missile Command
Ms. Pac-Man complete
Pac-Man loose,complete (box wear)
Pole Position
Qix loose,sealed (poor),complete

] River Raid $6
Robotron complete in box with dual controller holder (box good)
Space Dungeon boxed+inst (smooshed box, no controller holder)
Star Raiders
Star Wars TAG edge wear
Super Breakout $2

Atari 5200 Unreleased Prototypes

Looney Toons Hotel x2
Meebzork typed label
Millipede x2(one has typed label)
Realsports Basketball x2(one has typed label)
Road Runner
Sport Goofy

Atari Jaguar

Club Drive
Ultra Vortek

Atari Lynx

Block Out
Shanghai complete in box (torn top flap)
Super Squeek sealed $5
Viking Child loose
Lynx 2 unit loose (mild wear)
Lynx 1 unit boxed,no bc,works great but very worn unit

Bally Astrocade

Galactic Invasion boxed/complete/sealed (one of each)
BC's Quest with inst
Chuck Norris Superkicks
Donkey Kong Jr.
Dr. Seuss Fix up the Mix up
Dukes of Hazzard
Front Line boxed (box has surface tear and smoosh)
Robin Hood
Rocky boxed only
Sammy Lightfoot
Up N' Down
War Room
Word Feud loose cart (end label wear)
Colecomania Gyruss no end label screw holes
Adam Dragon's Lair disc complete in box (smoosh)

Commodore 64 (cartridges)

Under contrustion

Access Lipstick (packaged with Echelon, I believe) 9-pin microphone controller
SSI Pool of Radiance complete in box 5.25" format

Commodore VIC-20

Adventure Land $2
Aggressor $6
Atlantis with inst $4
Cosmic Cruncher $2
Cosmic Jailbreak
The Count $2
Deadly Skies
Donkey Kong boxed (smoosh)
Draw Poker boxed
Facemaker complete
Garden Wars $2
Gorf $2
Jupiter Lander $2
K-razy Antiks complete
Omega Race $2
Pirate's Cove $2
Raid on Fort Knox
Robot Panic (loose board in cart- needs inside repair to hold board in place)
Satellites and Meteorites sw
Super Expander 3k RAM
Video Vermin
Visible Solar System

Monster Mansion complete

Coco (Tandy Color Computer)
None for certain

Fairchild Channel F

All out!

Mattel Aquarius
Boxed system (needs to be tested)

Mattel Intellivision Completes (including box,inst,1 or more overlay(where applicable),cart)
Armor Battle
Night Stalker
Sears Sea Battle
Space Spartans
Soccer (interesting - back instructions in German)
Soccer (INTV box)
Tron Maze-A-Tron
World Championship Baseball
Intellivoive (peeling metal sticker)
Mattel Intellivision Incompletes
Hover Force loose
Lock N Chase +inst/ovl
Mission X box,inst,cart
Pitfall +inst/ovl
Tron Maze-A-Tron white label loose $2

System boxed (bad screen)
Baseball complete in box
Block Buster loose
Bowling boxed
Connect Four complete in box
Mindbuster complete in box
Sea Duel boxed
Star Trek Phaser Strike complete

Call of Duty complete
Moto GP complete
Sims Bustin Out sw
SSX complete
Tomb Raider complete
Virtua Tennis sw

Neo Geo AES

Ninja Heroes cart only (in case without insert or inst)
Riding Hero complete

Neo Geo Pocket


Nintendo NES

Bad Street Brawler Barbie $5
Bases Loaded II
Battle of Olympus
Bible Buffet
Bill and Ted
Black Bass with inst(p)
Blades of Steel with inst
Caveman Games Chessmaster $5
Crash N the Boys
Daydreamin' Davey
Days of Thunder
Demon Sword
Destiny of an Emperor
Dick Tracy
Double Dribble $3
Dragon Power
Dragon Spirit with inst (inst missing cover,rental stickers)
Ducktales with inst
Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy
Ferrari Grand Prix Challenge boxed
Fester's Quest box/inst only $2
Fisher Price I Can Remember
Fox's Peter Pan and the Pirates (edge nicks)
Gauntlet II
GI Joe Atlantis Factor
Golgo 13 complete (box rough)
Gremlins 2
Hoops with inst $4, loose $3
Hudson Hawk
Iron Sword Wizards and Warriors III complete in box (box ok to good)
Jackal (writing on cart, not on label- label good) $3
Jeopardy Junior Ed
Jim Henson's Muppet Adventure
John Elway's QUarterback
King's Knight $5
Legends of the Diamond
Legend of Kage
Mad Max
Marble Madness
Mega Man 2
Metal Gear
Mickey's Safari in Letterland (edge wear)
Millipede with inst
Mission Cobra (blue) off label sticker residue
Monopoly complete
Mutant Virus
Nobunga's Ambition
Pac-Man grey tengen
Pac Man Tengen black cart
Pro WRestling(p)
Puss N Boots
Quattro Sports
Raid 2020 (small indentation top of cart)
Rescue Rangers
Roger Rabbit
Romance of 3 Kingdoms
Rolling Thunder
Sesame Street ABC +inst
Sesame Street Letter Go Round boxed
Silent Service
Simpsons Bartman Meets Radioactive Man
Spiritual Warfare
Spy Hunter
Star Tropics
Star Trek 25th Anniv
Super Mario 2 box only (box 4/10)
Super Mario 3
Super Jeopardy Complete
Super Off Road
Tetris complete
Track and Field 2 complete,loose
Top Gun 2 complete $7,loose $3
Total Recall
Ultima Exodus
Ultimate Basketball
Wayne Gretzky Hockey
Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Win Lose or Draw
Winter Games
Wizards and Warriors
Wrath of Black Manta
Pirate Multicart sealed

NES PAL/foreign
Gremlins II complete
Guardian Legend complete
HES Arctic Adventure boxed (plastic HES box with some damage)
HES Impossible Mission 2 complete
HES Othello boxed
ISolated Warrior complete
Rygar (box/foam ONLY)
Ski or Die complete
Time Lord boxed with poster (no inst)
Total Recall complete
Wizards and Warriors II complete

Nintendo Famicom

Pirate Computer Game console (almost exactly like the original famicom)
Megajoy II 8800 loose (multigame controller- no cart slot)
Power Joy box/inst/cartridge (PJ-101)/power supply only (torn box, no unit)

Super Nintendo

Adventures of Dr. Franken
Aladdin with inst
Beavis and Butthead
Boxing Rings of the Legend
Cannondale Cup
Cool Spot
Cybernator boxed $8
Cutthroat Island
Dennis the Menace
Dig and Spike Volleyball
Disney's Goof Troop
Doomsday Warriors
Earthworm Jim 2
Family Feud(p)
F-1 Pole Position
Fighter's History
First Samurai
Harley's Humongous Adventure
Home Alone 2
Home Improvement
Ignition Factor
Indiana Jones Greatest Adventures
Jim Power and the Lost Dimension in 3D
John Madden Football ('93) $1
Jurassic Park
Lester the Unlikely
Mecarobot Golf
Mickey Mania Timeless Adventures
No Escape
Paperboy 2 (edge wear)
Power Moves
Qbert 3
Redline F1 Racer
Ren and Stimpy's Veediots!
Rival Turf
Road Runner's Death Valley Rally
Run Saber(p)
Scooby Doo Mystery (end label curl)
Shanghai II
Spindizzy Worlds
Star Trek Deep Space Nine
Star Trek Star Fleet Academy
Stunt Race FX
Super Aquatic Games
Super chase HQ (end label sticker)
Super Gameboy $12
Super Putty
Top Gear 2
Ultima Runes of Virtue II
/ We're Back! Dinosaur's Story
Wing Commander the Secret Missions
WWF Super Wrestlemania

Nintendo Super Famicom
Dragon Slayer II
Hansei Zaru Jiro kun no Daibouken (Spanky's Quest) complete
Musya boxed
Romancing Saga 3 inst only
Torneco's Great Adventure
Nintendo Gameboy/Gameboy Color
Power Supply for GBC new $7
4 in 1 Funpack 2
Arcade Classic 2 Centipede/Millipede
Bart vs. Juggernauts
Dig Dug
Dragon Warrior Monsters Tara's Adventure
Duck Tales 2
Game and Watch Gallery
International Track and Field sealed
Judge Dredd
Mask of Zorro GBC
Pokemon Silver torn label
Star Wars
Super RC Pro Am
Super Scrabble

Nintendo GBA/ereader
(several of these are missing- I need to check which I have if you are interested)
ereader Balloon Fight sealed $3
ereader Baseball sealed $4
ereader Clu Clu Land sealed $6
ereader Donkey Kong sealed $4
ereader Donkey Kong Jr. sealed $4
ereader Donkey Kong 3 sealed $6
ereader Excitebike sealed $6
ereader Mario Bros sealed $6
ereader Pinball sealed $3
ereader Super Mario Series 1 sealed $7
ereader Super Mario Series 2 sealed $7

Nintendo Virtual Boy

Console with Power attachment and controller (no shade or stand)
Console complete in box
Panic Bomber complete
Virtual League Baseball complete in box
V-Tetris (Jap) complete in box

Nintendo 64

Aidyn Chronicles
Banjo Kazooie
Battle Zone
Blast Corps
Bomberman 64
Bruinswick Circuit Pro Bowling
Dark Rift
Elmo's Number Journey
Fighter's Destiny
Gauntlet Legends
Indiana Jones Infernal Machine (rough label)
Mickey's Speedway USA
Mission Impossible
NBA Courtside
Robotron 64 $5 (label wear)
San Francisco Rush
South Park Rally
Spiderman $8
Star Wars Shadow of the Empire $5
Top Gear hyperbike
Wipeout 64

Nintendo Gamecube


Magnavox Odyssey 2

Computer Intro! loose $5
Dynasty/Directional Dynasty! loose $5
Out of this World/Helicopter Rescue! $3
Quest for the Rings boxed with instructions,overlay,game board, cart and very few pieces) $7 (?)
Sub Chase!/Armored Encounter! loose $3
UFO! loose $3
No label cart (need to test)
Videopac 1 complete
Videopac 2 complete
Videopac 5 complete
Videopac 6 complete
Videopac 8 complete
Videopac 14 complete
Videopac Norseman 56 loose
Jopac Catapult + loose
Phillips Commando Noturno loose (label ok)

RCA Studio II

Biorhtyhm complete
Fun with Numbers boxed
Math Fun loose (ok to poor labels)
Space War complete
Star Wars (import Cat#MG-203) end label wear
TV School House I complete in box

Sega Master System

Action Fighter complete
Alex Kidd High Tech World boxed
Alex Kidd Lost Stars complete
Alien Syndrome loose (label curl) $2
Altered Beast complete
Bomber Raid boxed,complete
Captain Silver complete
Choplifter complete
E-swat complete
Enduro Racer complete
F-16 Fighting Falcon complete
Gangster Town loose
Ghostbusters complete
Global Defense complete
Golden Axe Warrior
Golvellius complete
Great Baseball compelte $4
Great Football boxed,complete
Great Soccer loose
Hang On/Safari Hunt boxed $2.50
Lord of the Sword boxed
Marksman Shooting/Trap Shooting complete and box/inst only
Monopoly complete $12
Moonwalker loose
Rampage complete
Rampart boxed
Rocky boxed (tatty box/insert)
Shinobi loose
Space Harrier box/inst only $2
Spellcaster complete
Super Kick Off boxed by US Gold (import)
Thunder Blade complete
Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego complete
Zaxxon 3D boxed
Sega Light Phaser complete in box

Sega Mark III

SK-1100 keyboard loose $50
Card Catcher loose $25
After Burner G-1340 $12
Baseball G-1323 $12
Golf G-1332 $14
Space Harrier G-1310 $12

Sega Game Gear

5 in 1 Fun Pak $8
Aerial Assault
Aladdin sw $7
Asterix and the Great Rescue
Caeser's Palace $4 loose, sw $7,complete
Chicago Syndicate $5
Deep Duck Trouble complete
Ecco Tides of Time
FIFA Soccer
G-loc $5
Garfield Caught in the Act
Gear Works
GP Rider
Joe Montana Football
Jungle Book
Lemmings torn label,good label
Lost World
Marble Madness
< Mortal Kombat
Mortal Kombat II $8
Ninja Gaiden
PGA Tour Golf
PGA Tour Golf II
Poker Faced Paul's Blackjack
Revenge of Dracon
Rise of the Robots
Samurai Showdown
Shining Force $25
Shinobi 2
Sports Trivia sw $7
Sonic the Hedgehog
Sonic 2
Sonic Drift 2 $12
Sonic Triple Trouble
Streets of Rage
Streets of Rage 2 $8
Super Battletank sw $8
Super Columns
Surf Ninjas $5
Taz in Escape from Mars $5
Tom and Jerry $7
World Series Baseball
WWF Steel Cage $9
X-men $7
X-men Gamemaster's Legacy

Sega Game Gear Imports

Ecco the Dolphin complete
Fred Couples Golf complete
Super Monaco GP II complete

Sega Genesis

6-pak Menacer
Acme All Stars boxed
Aero the Acrobat boxed
Aerobiz loose
Batman Forever complete (manual missing cover)
Blades of Vengeance loose
Chakan boxed
Championship Pro-Am loose
Chester Cheetah boxed
Cosmic Spacehead loose
Crystal's Pony Tale loose
Dungeons and Dragons Warrior of the Eternal Sun loose
Eternal Champions complete (tear of cover of inst)
Exo Squad loose
Fantastic Dizzy loose
Faery Tale loose + inst
Fire Shark complete
Game Genie
Herzog Zwei loose
Inspector X complete
Jurassic Park complete
Menacer loose
Micro Machines boxed
MIG 29 Fighter Pilot loose
NFL 95 loose,complete (cardboard,manual without cover)
NHL 95 loose
NHLPA HOckey '93 loose
Phantasy Star 2 boxed,loose(awful label)
Phantasy Star 3 complete
Phantasy Star 4 complete
? Pirate Chinese Legend boxed
Predator 2 loose
PTO mild edge wear loose
Road Rash 3 boxed
Rolling Thunder 2 complete
Shinobi 3 boxed
Sonic 2 Not for Resale loose
Spiderman/X-men Arcade's Revenge loose
Super Smash TV loose,complete
T2 Arcade Game loose
Team USA Basketball boxed
Thomas the Tank Engine loose
Toy Story loose
Triple Score boxed
Twin Cobra complete
Universal Soldier loose
Warrior of Rome loose
Wi N Liz rough label loose
X-men loose
Pirate 2 in 1 Sonic / Shadow Dancer

Sega Genesis Box/Inst Only (cheaper in quantity)
Andretti Racing box$1
Dashin' Desperados box only
Desert Strike box $1
F22 Interceptor inst $0.50
Judge Dread box only $1
M1 Abrams Battle Tank inst $0.50
Mortal Kombat box$1
Olympic Gold box only
Road Rash II box $1
Shaq-Fu box $0.25
Sonic 2 inst $0.50
Streets of Rage box only
Ys III box only

Fighting Masters
Klax loose $4
Landstalker complete $8
Talespin boxed
Whip Rush loose $4
X-men 2 Pirate boxed - edge label peeling
Pirate ??? loose cart

Sega 32x

Cosmic Carnage loose($3)
Doom loose
Motocross Loose $4,complete
Shadow Squadron boxed
Space Harrier complete
Star Wars Arcade loose $7
Toughman Contest loose,complete
Virtua Racing loose $5
WWF Raw plastic box/insert only $1.50

Sega CD (ask about cases if important. Some have cracks. Cases always include insert)

AH3 Thunderstrike complete
BC Racers disc/case only Blackhole ASsault complete
Dark Wizard (CD only)
Dracula disc/manual only
Dungeon Master II Skullkeep loose
Ecco the Dolphin loose disc only
Eternal Champions complete,case/disc
Fahrenheit complete (both discs also for 32x)
Final Fight disc only
INXS complete
Jaguar XC220 loose disc
Jurassic Park complete
Iron Helix complete
Links Challenge of Gold case/inst only (no disc)
Lunar Silver star in case with insert (no inst)
Mickey Mania case/inst
Pitfall case/inst only (no disc)
Prince of Persia disc only
Prize Fighter case/inst/disc 1 only
Sega Classics loose disc only,complete with Sherlock
Sewer Shark loose disc only
Silpheed complete
Soul Star loose disc
Surgical Strike complete (no case door)
Wheel of Fortune case/inst/insert (no disc)
Wonder Dog disc/inst only,complete

Sega Pico

A Year at Pooh Corner boxed
Adventures at Pride Rock Box/Inst only
Richard Scarry's Busiest Day Ever loose

Sega Saturn (Many of my complete Saturn titles have cracked cases)

Alien Trilogy complete
Alone in the Dark complete
Amok complete
Arcade's Greatest hits Atari case/inst/insert (no disc)
Arcade's Greatest Hits Midway complete
Area 51 case/insert/inst only (no disc)
Battle Monsters case/insert only
Battlestations complete
Black Fire case/inst only
Blast Chamber complete
Bootleg Sampler disc only
College Slam disc only
Command and Conquer discs loose
Congo complete
Croc loose disc only
Crusader No Remorse Complete
Cyberia complete
Darklight Conflict sealed,complete
Decathelete complete (disk wear)
Doom complete
Double Switch complete
Dragon Force disc,case,insert Fighters Megamix complete
Fighting Vipers complete
Golden Axe The Dual complete
Highway 2000 case/disc
Iron Man XO complete, loose disc
Johnny Bazookatone disc only
Madden '97 complete
Madden '98 case/inst only
Mansion of Hidden Souls complete
Mass Destruction disc/inst
Maximum Force disc only,complete
Myst disc only
NHL '97 complete
NHL '98 complete
NHL All Star Hockey in case with insert (no inst)
Off World Interceptor loose disc only
Panzer Dragoon Playable Preview in sleeve
Quarterback Attack case/insert/disc (no inst)
Resurrection Rise 2 complete
Road Rash complete
Robotica complete
Skeleton Warriors disc only
Sonic R complete
Space Hulk complete
Spot Goes to Hollywood complete
Star Fighter complete
Street Fighter the Movie complete
Ten Pin Alley loose disc only
Three Dirty Dwarves complete
Valora Valley Golf complete
Virtua Cop 2
Virtua Fighter disc only not for resale,insert+disc
Virtua Fighter 2 in sleeve
Virtual Tennis disc only
World Cup Golf loose
World Series Baseballl '98 disc only
Worldwide Soccer complete
WWF In Your House disc/insert/back case (no manual or front cover,disc wear)

Sega Dreamcast

Black VMU complete in box
Coaster Works loose disk (disk medium wear)
Crazy Taxi 2 disc only
D2 complete (4 discs)
Flag to Flag complete disc scratches
Generator 2 loose (disk medium wear)
Grandia II loose disk (disk medium wear)
Grinch complete
Jeremy McGrath Supercross 2000 complete
Jet Grind Radio complete,case/insert/inst only
Looney Toons Space Race complete
MDK 2 complete
Monaco Grand Prix complete
NBA 2k1
NCAA College Football 2K2 complete $10
NFL 2k1 loose disk (disk medium wear),complete
NFL 2k2 complete
NHL 2k complete (regular and GH)
Phantasy Star Online loose disk (worn)
Power Stone 2 case/insert only (no disc or inst)
Resident Evil Code Veronica loose disks (disk medium wear)
Sega Marine Fishing complete (disk medium wear)
Shenmue Disk 3 and Passport only loose disks (disk medium wear)
Space Channel 5 loose worn disc
Striker Pro 2000 complete
Test Drive 6 complete (some scratches)
Tokyo Extreme Racer 2 complete
Tomb Raider
Tony Hawk Pro Skater complete
Web Browser 2.0 loose disk (worn),complete
World Series Baseball 2k1 loose disk (disk medium wear)
World Series Baseball 2k2 complete

Dreamcast Magazine:
Issues: 5,6,11 Discs (all in sleeve unless noted): 3,4,5,6,7,8,10,11

Sony Playstation

A Bug's Life case/insert only
Action Man Operation Extreme complete
Activision Classics complete
Alien Trilogy (back case/insert only- long box)
Amazing Sea Monkies sw
Ball Breakers (new without shrink)
Blaster Master complete
Burstrick Wake Boarding complete
Colony Wars Vengeance complete (inst water damage)
Creatures complete
Critical Depth complete
Crossroad Crisis sealed
Cubix Robots for Everyone Race'N Robots complete
Darkstone cd only
The Divide Enemies Within complete
Driver complete GH
Eternal Eyes complete
Formula 1 complete
Gekioh complete
Goal Storm long box complete
Gran Tourismo 2 GH complete
Gubble complete
Hot Wheels Turbo Racing complete (disc wear)
Incredible Crisis complete
Jade Cocoon complete
Judge Dread case/inst only
Jupitor Strike box/inst only (long box)
Mega Man 8 complete
Miracle Space Race sw
N20 Nitrous Oxide
Need for Speed boxed/long disc scratches
ODT complete
One complete
Pipe Dreams 3D
Planet of the Apes complete disc scratches
Rascal complete (resurfaced)
Rayman Rush complete
Razor Racing sw
Road Rash Jailbreak complete
Robotron X disc/case/insert (no inst)
Speedball 2100 sw
Theme Park Jap import complete
Tonka Space Station
Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3 case/insert+disc
Top Gun Fire At Will boxed (disc has wear, long box)
Turbo Prop Racing complete
Tyco RC assualt
Uprising X complete
VR Golf 97 complete
Xenogears Jap complete
Brady Secret Codes Five book

Sony Playstation 2

Art of Tekken book
Everquest Online 7 Day Trial sealed
MLB 2006 demo sealed
Xenosaga Preview Disc sealed (DVD, not a game)

4A Flyer
Addition and Subtraction 1
Addition and Subtraction 2
Beginning Grammar
Big Foot
Blackjack and Poker
Car Wars
Databiotics Word Writer
Donkey Kong
Early Learning Fun
Household Budget Management
Microsoft Multiplan
Number Magic
Picnic Paranoia (small label tear) loose,sw (smoosh)
Reading Fun
Romox Princess and the Frog sealed
Romox Rotor Raiders sealed
Securities Analysis
Space Bandits
Star Trek
Super Demon Attack
System complete in box (need to test)
Terminal Emulator 2
TI Extended Basic
TI Invaders
Video Chess
Speech Synthesizer

Pocket Computer Business Finance sw (tape)

Turbografx 16
Blazing Lasers outer cardboard box only
Final Lap Twin complete with cardboard box
Final Zone II complete
It Came From the Desert case/inst
Power Golf sw
Shadow of the Beast Duo CD complete
Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective complete
Sidearms case only
Takin' it to the Hoop complete

PC Engine

Davis Cup Tennis sw
Momotaro Dentsetsu complete

Berzerk loose
Hyperchase loose
Scramble loose
Rip Off overlay only

Video Brain
Blackjack sealed
Checkers sealed
Math Tutor I sealed
Music Teacher I sealed
Pinball sealed
Tennis complete (no end label)
Vice Versa sealed
Wordwise I sealed

Wonder Swan
Anchor Field complete
Bird/Penguin one (I don't read Japanese) complete ("D's Garage 21")
Chaos Gear complete
Gunpey complete

Xbox Magazine 5 in sleeve (disk wear)
Xbox Magazine 19 in sleeve (disk wear)


Coleco Head to Head Basketball boxed
Coleco Head to Head Soccer
Coleco Zodiac
Conic Football II (excellent condition, few buttons unresponsive)
Bandai Track and Field (wear and writing) $15
Entex Baseball 3 boxed no battery cover,complete in box
Entex Pacman 2 complete in box
Entex Soccer +inst
Entex Space Invader (grey,with and without battery cover),
Entex Tennis with foam ($15),loose without bc ($8)
Mattel Armor Battle (no bc)
Mattel Football I (no bc)
Mattel Football II (the original) $15
Mattel Hockey $15
Mattel Horoscope Computer (missing battery cover)
MB Milton (no power cord) $3
Microvision Blockbuster loose
Microvision Bowling loose +inst
Microvision Pinball inst only
Microvision See-Duell loose (foreign)
Mego Break Free Minivid boxed (missing bc)
Nintendo G&W Donkey Kong (cover scratches)
Nintendo G&W Donkey Kong II (cover scratches)
Nintendo G&W Donkey Kong Hockey vs
Nintendo G&W Liftboat (has bc but doesnt stay on without a little tape)
Nintendo G&W Mickey and Donald (wear,Funtronics,no bc)
Nintendo G&W Spitball Sparky
Nintendo G&W Super Mario Bros (no bc)
Parker Bros Master Merlin Radio Shack Astro Command complete
Radio Shack Draw Poker complete (Waco type electromechanical)
Tomy Blip
Tomy Cosmic Combat
Tomy Pacman (missing top sticker,used condition) $9
Tomy Tennis $4
Tomy Tricky Traps (electromechanical) $7
US Games TF2 Space/Football with Space Overlay only

< br>

Atari 2600 Setups with joysticks and Paddles
Commodore Tape Drive C2N boxed
Commodore VIC-1541 Disk drive boxed
Mattel Aquarius boxed
Nintendo NES console with controller, zapper, ps, rf
Nintendo NES Advantage Joystick complete (rough box)
Sega CD with Genesis console (need to test)
Sega Saturn console with ps and generic controller (need to test)


3DO Family Feud loose disc only
3DO Jurassic Park complete
3DO Lost Files of Sherlock Holmes loose disc only
Atari ST 5 in 1 (3 disks) Ocean Enduro Racer, Wizball, Rampage, Barbarian, Crazy Cars in box $7
Casio Home Melodies RO-555 (for Casio keyboards)
CDI Earth Command complete in case
CDI International Tennis Open complete
CDI Kether complete in case
CDI Palm Springs Open complete with outer cardboard
CDI Space Ace complete in case CDI Wacky World of Miniature Golf with Eugene Levy complete in case
Craig Language Translator with English, French, German cartridges
Gamefest Forgotten Realms Classics (SSI AD&D Gold, Silver box games+more on PC CD) complete
Gamefest Star Trek Classics PC CDs
Haminex Supersportic PC-501
Interactivision Oscar's Letter Party in sleeve $7
Interton Grundig #24 Soccer complete in box
Maganvox Odyssey 3000 complete with ps
MSX Knightmare
N-gage Tony Hawk with instructions
Next Generation July 1997
Next Generation January 1997
Odyssey (original) cartridges 9 and 10 loose
PC Dragon's Lair Deluxe Pack CD in case (with Drag Lair,Space Ace,Drag Lair II)
PC Jr Mine Shaft complete in case
Pac-man Card Game complete (box has smoosh,tape) $5
SD-OXO Supersportic PC-501 cartridge $6
SD-OXO Submarine PC-505 $9
Sheen Super Star Cartridge (probably SD-0X0)
Super Cassettevision Basic #23 complete in box
Tandy Pocket Computer PC-4 untested cracked plastic over screen
Tomy Pyuuta (Japanese Tutor) Scramble loose
Tomy Tutor Hyperspace loose
Tomy Tutor Locomotion loose+inst
Tomy Tutor Scramble loose