The Isle of Winds
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The Isle of Winds

This is the Isle of Winds, where King Belgarion, Child of Light, Overlord of the West, GodSlayer, King of the Isle of winds and under the care of Polgarath and Belgath, one of most feared father and daughter couples of the world. I am Queen Ce'Nedra, wife to Belgarion, Queen of the world and mother to the heir of Riva, Geran. Atcually, I'm a teenager who is involed in a David Eddings indenity crisis, but hey, humor me! Welcome to one and all and I hope you stay here is an enjoable one. Um dear, don't you think that you're over doing it a bit? Garion go to bed, and leave me to the introductions please. Why me? You've been asking that question all you're life Garion, surely you don't expect a real answer to that sigh, no dear, please just get on with it, Aunt Pol doesn't like all this unessicary introductions, you know that As you wish Garion. Behold the Isle of Winds, enjoy you're journey and please spread word to all good merchants that Belgarion watches over them.

Sister Lands to the Isle of Wind

This is the mother of the Isle of Winds.
This is Silk's Spyhole, A companion of Garion's and myself for all of our married years and more
This is Felix's page, a favoured companion from the Imperial Kingdom.
An a unkown traveller, who goes by the name of axis dwells here.
This is Garion's private place, he's just refurnished so please pay your respects
This is Belgarath's tower in the vale, please be careful of the sixth step on the way up, it's lose.
This is the main domain of the world, Old wolf and Pol dwell here.

Companions to Belgarion and myself