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Venkata Ramana Ikkurthi

Reading books relating to maths and physics

Favorite Time Pass:
By spending with friends and   working on computers

a)star (actor and actress)  : Kamalhasan and Soundarya
b)flower                            : Red Rose
c)colour                            : Blue
d)Music and musician       : Classical music, but i like rahman's music too
e)singer                             : S.P.Balasubramanyam
f)dress                               : Lalchi, Pizama
g)bird                                : Sparrow
h)fruit                               : Apple
i)food                                : Pongali
j)place                               : Amaravathi
k)person                            : My paternal uncle
l)book                               : Einstein's mirror

Srinivas Sanjeev B. 

        Cricket, chess, figure skating, lawn tennis, music, computers,  philosophy, playing instruments, freaking out, eating, watching nature, reading novels and magazines, Sanskrit, religion, urdu literature (especially Ghalib, Dard, Moim, Mir),.......

Favorite Time Pass:
        Doing any of the things above, of course as per my mood.

a)star (actor and actress)  MANISHA! who else? May be Preety Zinta also. But don't forget Divya, Juhi & Kajol. Actor? Raj Kapoor, Dilip Kumar, KP.
b)flower                            Lotus? I am not sure.
c)colour                            Blue.
d)Music and musician      Old Hindi, Shanker Jaikishan, Naushad
e)singer                            MUKESH, Rafi, Talat, Hemant, Manna Dey, Kumar Sanu.
f)dress                              No preference, but not jeans.
g)bird                               Hamsa?
h)Lyrisists                        Shailendra, Shakeel Badyuni, Rajendra Krishan

Ravi Shankar
Collecting stamps, coins, magic squares

Favorite Time Pass:

a)star (actor and actress): choice
b)flower: Rose ( Not Red rose)
c)colour: light colors
d)Music and musician : I don't want to reveal
e)singer: Balu
f)dress: suit
g)bird : peacock

Srikanth Siripurapu

        1.Collecting coins. ( I have with me coins of about 12 countries and old coins of India and oldest may be the one of Nizam's period.)
        2.Chating with friends and writing long mails and letters
        3.To get myself in party environment. I will either squeeze others or myself for this.

Favorite Time Pass:
       Watching TV, or listening to old hindi romantic or sentimental songs. and of course trying to get into any of the last two of my hobbies or interests.

a)star (actor and actress) Kamal Hasan, Jackie Chan,
b)flower                          Rose and lily.
c)colour                           light blue and light green.
d)Music and musician      flute, tabla , A.R.Rahman.
e)singer                           Kishore Kumar, Raffi, Latha Mangeshkar.
f)dress                              Jeans, and cotton shirts.
g)bird                              Peacock.
h)Lyricist                        Javed Aktar, Sirivennala Seetharama Shastri

S. G. Anand

        1) Reading: i like to read fiction.
        2) Yoga and Meditation: But i am  not able to practice them as much as i would like to due to time pressures.
        Music: right now i don't know much about other than film songs  of the past few years. I would like to get to know about classical music both Indian and Western as well as about the private albums. But i have to
first find time and a person who can introduce me to that.

Favorite Time Pass:
       Spend time with my friends

        a)star (actor and actress)
                Shahrukh, Amir
                Sri Devi, Kajol
                Manisha Koirala, Anjala Jhaveri
                Rose, Lotus
                I don't have any as yet, though some times I have given some colour or the other on the spur of the moment when some one has asked me.
        d)Music and musician
                I never bothered to look at the name of the musician when I buy a cassette. Some examples I can give of the cassettes i have: Shankarabharanam, SaagaraSangamam, Made In India( Alisha ), VandeMaataram(Rehman), Dil Hai Ke Maanta Nahin, Geetanjali, Jagadeka Veerudu Atiloka Sundari, Dil Se, Phir Teri Kahaani Yaad Aayi.
                See above  music and musician.
                none as yet.
                swan, peacock, pigeon
        h) Writers:
                Madhu babu, Yendamoori Veerendranath, Malladi Venkata Krishna moorthy, Yeddanapoodi Sulochana, Rani Jeffrey Archer, John Grisham, Isaac Asimov

I don't have any hobbies specifically. But I would like to see Sachin's aggressive batting, Wasim's bowling, tight one-day matches, comedy films, listening to good film songs.

Favorite Time Pass:
In reading good books or newspaper or by viewing very good, specially comedy pictures preferably Telugu and then hindi, english.
(d) Few Telugu film songs, particularly by Jesudass, SP also.
(e) Both Jesudas, SP.
(f) any thing which projects an executive style and gentle nature.
(g) all
(h) favorite sports person -Sachin..... Inspiring people _abdul kalaam,sachin.



        Music, Crosswords, Watching live Cricket, boxing.

Favorite time pass:

        I want to pass my time absorbing more about my surroundings. May be General Knowledge, radio, etc.

    Star: North Pole Star; very stable
    Flower: The bird of paradise.
    Color: Gray.
    Music: Any thing pleasant to ears. I can appreciate any good musician.
    Dress: A fair looking simple outfit.
    Bird: The parrot.


        No special interest, actually I do not find time for any special hobby to say in particular.

Favorite time pass:

        My free time spends talking with friends. So, I can say  my hobby as talking.

  a)star: No particular choice, but I feel Manisha is very beautiful. That's it.
  b)flower: Many, roses, tulips, lilies, c'mon all the flowers are beautiful.
  c)colour: Let me think. I can say white, violet, pink, o.k. light colors.
  d)Music and musician: I always prefer instrumental music to vocal. Musician:there are many. For me any instrumental music is good. If the singer is really good, I enjoy vocal also. e)singer: Hariharan, he has a real velvet voice.
  f)dress: Any comfortable one would go. see, it totally depends on the occasion. I cannot expect to wear a half saree for an American party in the same way I cannot wear a jeans for an Indian party.
Prem Kiran

 Listening to good music watching action packed
 Movies whenever find time.
 Maintaining a good network to have the best database.
 Reading Novels

Favorite Time Pass:
 Mostly alone.


a)star           = Jean Claude Van Damme, Jackie Chan, Demi Moore, Sharon Stone, Urmila, Bonnie Bedalia, Pete Sampras, Steffi, Maradona, Petrosian(chess Grand Master)
b)flower      = Rose  and  Lily
c)colour       = Pink, sky blue
d)Music and musician    = Played on Saxophone. I admire so many musicians out of them. I personally like Ustad Zakir Hussain
e)singer        = Late Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan
f)dress          = Casuals, Shorts & T-shirts
g)bird           = Peacock
h)Lyricist     = Javed Akthar

MVS Prasad

   Listening to music. Playing cricket. Playing musical instruments.

Favorite Time Pass:
   By listening music and reading novels. BY chatting with friends.

a)star  : A.N.R AND Savitri(old)
             Nagarjuna and Soundarya (new)
            Amitabh and Rekha (old)
            Sharukh and Rani mukherjee (new)
b)flower  : Rose
c)colour   : Light colors
d)Music and musician   : Classical and western
                                         A.R Rehman, Ilaya raja.
e)singer  : S.P.Balu, Kumar Sanu, Kishore kumar.
f)dress  : Formals and Informals
g)bird  : Lot of beautiful birds
h)food  : Cocunut rice with chicken
i)place  : Jatlapalem
j)drink  : any soft drink


   Listening to music and the words from our well wishers ,
   my main hobby is    "ORGANIZING"..........

Favorite Time Pass:
  AT H.C.U.   drinking tea at "Gopes"
  At vijayawada nbsp;   by recalling the golden moments we spent at "H.C.U"

a)star (actor and actress)  : N.T.R and Savitri(old)
                                           Venkatesh, Soundarya (new)
                                             MAINLY             TTTT  AAAA  BBBB  UUUU
b)flower  : Rose
c)colour  : White (since it contains all colors)
d)Music and musician  : Classical
                                        A.R Rehman
e)singer  : S.P Balu, Suneetha
f)dress  : Formals and Informals(Red T-Shirt, Blue jeans)
g)bird  : Lot of beautiful birds
h)food : Poori (or) Chappati
i)place : Somavaram
j)drink  : Tea at GOP'S

Mary Prasanthi.D

Listening to music and watching nature

Favorite time pass:
Listening to music, watching nature, reading books and by meeting good old friends

 a)star (actor and actress) : Aamir khan
 b)flower  : Jasmine, Rose
 c)color : Maroon and all light shades
 d)music and musician  : Melodious
 e)singer  : Kishore kumar, Aney grant
 f)dress  : Saree (formal), Chudidar (informal)
 g)bird  : Peacock, Dove

P.Krishna Reddy

Wasting time, to enter into politics

Favorite time pass:
Just thinking to earn money easily and get into politics

  a)star (actor and actress)  : Kamal Hassan, Shabana Azmi
  b)flower  : Jasmine
  c)color  : Saffron
  d)music and musician  : Ilayaraja
  e)singer  : Lathaji
  f)dress  : Official
  g)bird  : Humming bird