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Bad Omen began as a punk rock outfit in 1990. It did hardcore too later and
in 1996 added ska to its repertoire. The band is almost a fixture in punkfests,


including provincial ones. 1995 saw the release of the release of the groups
self-named first album and in 1997, their second album " Sell Out " recorded live
at Noise gate and 1999 their third album " They're back !!! ".
This time they're gonna bang your ear drums!

Bad omen has also done compilations, two of which feature the song it is best known for
the ear pleasing " Maling Sistema " ( Wrong system ) which tackles the ills of
the governance.

Previously a triad for most of its existence--- the axeman-frontman changed a number of
times---. Bad omen is now a quintet comprised of Rigor, Randy, Melo, Bumpy joe, and Jon "fishbone".

Bad Omen is:

Melo "Oi man" Cabiling :   Vocals
Jon "Fishbone" Gonzales :   Guitars
            Jojo "Bumpy" Santiago :   Lead Guitars
              Randy "Hardcoreboy" Badiola :   Bass, Backing Vocals
       Lino "Rigor" Nueva :   Drums