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ok ok I know this is a cliched thing to do but I feel the need and so you'll have to bear with me if you feel like you need to be disclaimed. if not, just continue on your merry way : ]

the only thing that you might need to be disclaimed about is the fact that we *do* review people's sites on this page. however, being a gracious goth faerie of the week is an honour and we will not do any bad reviews... there are enough of those sites out there already (bless 'em). if we do not think that you are fit as a faerie, we will not write a page about your flaws or feature anything else about you on this page. so if you feel like submitting, then please do. you haven't got anything to lose really.

now for some credit. the opening image should be credited to Michelle Taylor. however, the wings were created and placed on the girl by yours truly.

the image map on the inside was made from a brian froud piece and was manipulated (slightly) by myself.

one other thing. I don't see why you would want to but if you were delerious enough to want to steal anything off this page, then I suggest you reconsider...

any other questions, comments, or concerns may be sent to

thanks for visiting!

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