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Reverend Nickerson's
Custom Wedding Ceremonies Web page

Pagan * Celtic * Wiccan * Druidic
Handfasting * Medieval  * More!

"we may not be a pretty page, but we're loaded with information!"

At the very bottom of this  page is a document that you can  download that  contains over
70 pages of Pagan Wedding Ceremonies.  You will need the "Arial" font (which is on
most computers) and Word 6.0, for best results.*
Costumes and Medieval Wedding Dresses

Medieval Food

Medieval Drinks

Medieval Wedding Information

Medieval/Celtic/Pagan Fonts

Selena`s Guide To Planning Pagan Weddings

Pagan Wedding and Handfasting Ceremonies

Swords (Jumping the Sword & Broom)
Smokey Mountain Knife Works  1-800-251-9306 (usually has the best prices)

*This is a file of Pagan Wedding Ceremonies.  I have copied these from Websites all
over the Internet.  I have tried at all times to keep copyrights intact, where indicated,
and provide links, when possible.  If you are the author of one of these ceremonies
(and can prove it) I will gladly  either add your copyright, or remove your document
from  this  zip file,  which  ever  you wish.   No  copyright  infringement  is  meant or
implied, and all rights are reserved by the Authors,  and or Publishers  themselves.
More will be coming as I find and collect them!
 Pagan Wedding Ceremonies

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