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Flea Market


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This Page is dedicated for
Curbside Diving

Diving trash from the curbside is a favourite passion of mine.

Nightshift Night diving: Divers Choice. Most of the trash is at the curbside now. Be neat and donīt mess around.

Daylight Use also the early morning to dive. Sometimes one makes the unbelieviablest finds in the early morning. Some people wait until the garbage truck is nearing to put their things out, perhaps because they don't want to let their neighbours know about that. Another reason might be the mess caused regulary by gangs of diving kids.
Take my advice and dive from the early evening on. Ask the ones who put out their thrash what they would throw away. In several cases I have been allowed to go into the cellar rooms or up to the attic to choose what I need. Those friendly folks don't like to throw away things that can be useful to other people. On the other side, who has enough room to store everything? So they give things away easy.

Divers nightmare: Diving in springtime may bring unpleasant surprises, like a snowstorm during a late april night.
It is difficult to tell what hides in snow-covered bags, even for experienced divers.
I am able to do the almost clairvoyant recognize, whether a bag contains toys, especially dolls. This has happened already often. Even when pass by with 60 miles per hour.

It happened again.