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This is my little tribute to the greatest, most beautiful, talented woman.

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I got into Tairrie B in 1996 when she was the lead singer for Manhole, a rapcore band from Los Angeles, California.  When I first heard Manhole I fell in love with their music, I still remember the first day I heard them, where I was, what I was doing, who I was with..blah blah blah (what can I say? I love them and obsess). Two weeks after I first heard them they were scheduled to play Arizona..and they were already my all time favorite band (along with downset), unfortunately the show was cancelled.  I got into them so quickly because I loved the music, the lyrics, the meaning, and I just thought it was so cool that their lead singer was a girl. I had never heard a rapcore band with a female lead singer (and still haven't!), so it was very refreshing for me.  In 1997 they had to change their name to Tura Satana because they were being sued by a band from Texas.  Personally, they will always be Manhole to me. They were Manhole when I first heard them, so they'll always be Manhole in my heart, heh.  In February of 1998, after waiting years, I finally got to see them and meet them, once in Arizona, then 2 days later in Las Vegas.  The shows were amazing, I just wish I could've heard my favorite song (victim).. oh well, I can't have everything I want.  I'd like to thank Brian Harrah for everything.  He knows how much I love the band and told Tairrie about me, so she did a song for me at the AZ show.  *I have to add that Tairrie and the guys were absolutely wonderful.  I wouldn't have gotten so attached to them if they wouldn't have been so nice to me. I think of Tairrie as a goddess, she is my favorite lead singer ever.  I look up to her and when it comes down to it I guess she would be my idol (even though I'm not big on the whole idea of idolizing someone). Meeting her just made me like her more because she was such a nice person.*  Six months after I saw them, they broke up.  Tairrie decided she wanted something different [than the guys] so they went their seperate ways.  It took me a long time to accept the break up.  I was in denial for a while untill I ran into Tairrie and the guys in California. At that moment Tairrie broke it down and it just hit fave band has broken up.  As anyone might guess, it was very hard for me. Tairrie has formed a new band, My Ruin.  The album should be released in September '99.  She is also currently working on her autobiography, which should be released later this year.

09.07.99  NOTE:  this page won't be updated anymore.  If you want information on Tairrie's new band, then visit their official site. This is not a "My Ruin" website, it's a small tribute to Tairrie B.

© 1999 teresa rodriguez*

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*this does not apply to the pix, cuz those are not my property & are all over the net anyway


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