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Here are some good diabetes webpages. There are a lot more but this is just a few that I like. I would be more than happy to add your webpage to the list of favorites I have here if you email me your webpage address, as long as it is appropriate...doesn't have to be diabetes related.

Juvenile Diabetes Foundation
Dia B Tees info center
Kids R Pumping... stories from kids who are on the pump....Mine is on there too =)
Children With Diabetes... And excellent webpage!!
Amy's Diabetes Webpage
American Diabetes Association
Managing Diabetes-- Carb. Counting
Joslin Diabetes Center's webpage (Boston)
The Family's Guide To Diabetes
The Diabetics Unite Homepage (very nice page)
The Charles Ray III Diabetes Foundation
Sharing the World of Diabetes-- Stories on diabetics around the world (my story included)
The Discovery of Insulin
The Canadian Diabetes Association
Sir Fredrick Banting Digital Library
History of Diabetes (time line starting back in 1500BC)
The Diabetes Research Institute
Mike's Type 1 Diabetes Page
Treating Diabetes with Good Nutrition The Power Food Exchanger
Piara Publishing: Medical Information and Education
Diabetes Scene
'D' poetry, and other thoughts
Logan's Corner: A journal of my son's diabetes

Other Non-Diabetes Related Links

Nutrition Action Health Newsletter... Lots of interesting nutrition information and quizzes
Entertainment Weekly Online
Lyrics to Just About Any Song You Want
The Weather Channel-- Type in your Zip Code and Get weather for your Town
Send Free Online Greetings
Your Daily Horroscope
TV Guide (tv show listings and other cool info)
ESPN (sports info)
Mapquest-- map directions to where ever you need to go
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