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Pages of Interest

Here are some pages/articles of interest, which I will try and update atleast weekly. If anyone finds and interesting diabetes articles they'd like to share please e-mail me the link and I would love to put it on here

Heart Disease, Diabetes Studied (12/12/99)
Genetics and Diabetes. What's your risk? (12/12/99)
Help 'stamp' out diabetes... Support creating Diabetes postage stamp
With the holidays coming up, here is an article on drinking and diabetes (12/18/99)
JDF to Benefit From Premiere and Advanced Screenings of New Holiday Feature Film 'Stuart Little' (12/18/99)
'Stuart Little' fights big disease (12/20/99)
Research: Past, Present and Future (12/20/99)
Promise To Remember Me Campaign 2000 (12/23/99)
Rally for the Cure 2000 (12/23/99)
How State and Federal Laws Affect Your Diabetes Coverage (12/29/99)
Implantable Pumps (1/4/00)
Jelly Beans Used In Pregnancy (1/4/00)
Have diabetes? Interested in the Internet? The ADA wants to create a kids section on their webpage (1/4/00)
High Insulin Levels Linked To Increased Clot Risk (1/16/00)
Diabetes cases will double by year 2010 (1/16/00)
Take Time, Take Control, Take the Quiz (a diabetes quiz) (1/18/00)
Diabetic Girl, School District Settle (1/22/00)
Pharmacy Trends: Pharmacists as Diabetes Educators (1/26/00)
American Diabetes Association Applauds Vice President Gore’s Support of Increased Funding for Diabetes Research, Other Candidates Urged to Follow Suit (1/29/00)
ADA Launches Campaign 2000 (2/11/00)
Follow up On ADA's Petition for a Cure (2/11/00)
From Lilly's FAQ's of Insulin, What Happens to Insulin Not Stored at Appriate Temps. (2/11/00)
Win a $500 Diabetes Camp Scholarship (2/14/00)
Diabetics At High-Risk For Heart Attack Or Stroke Benefit From Ramipril (2/14/00)

Good Sugar Control Results in Few Diabetic Complications For Type 1 Diabetics (2/14/00)
Inhaled Insulin (2/18/00)
Type 2 Diabetes in Childhood (2/18/00)
NIH Tests Ways To Prevent Transplant Rejection (2/18/00)
Children With Diabetes Lobby Minnesota Legislature (2/18/00)
Sedentary Lifestyle Hurts Cardiovascular Health (2/18/00)
Statement of the American Diabetes Association in Response to JAMA Article on Frequency of Eye Exams for People with Diabetes (2/18/00)
Mice May Hold Clue to A Cure for Child Diabetes (3/4/00)
Ultrasound Could Replace Blood Testing (3/4/00)
ADA volunteer testifies on Hill about need to fully fund diabetes research at NIH (3/14/00)
The White House: Office of The Press Secretary -- Save Your Vision Week, 2000 (3/14/00)
Experts Say Obesity Fight Must Begin In Kindergarten (3/14/00)
Control Of Mealtime Glucose Spikes Reduces Risk Of Diabetic Complications (3/21/00)
Humalog Mix75/25 (Insulin Lispro Protamine Suspension/Insulin Lispro Injection) Now Available in US (3/21/00)
H&R Block Donates Portion Of TaxCut Proceeds To Juvenile Diabetes Foundation International (3/21/00)
Diabetes Prevention Study in the Home Stretch (4/9/00)
2000 CDC Diabetes (4/9/00)
Diabetes: A Serious Public Health Problem (4/9/00)
Be A Part Of Team Diabetes (4/24/00)
New synthetic insulin may lower blood sugar-(Rutgers U.) (4/24/00)
New Diabetes Research Shows Free Radicals (4/24/00)
Bypass Surgery Better for (4/24/00)
New Long Acting Insulin On The Market (4/30/00)
August 2000 Legislative Update (8/29/00)

Quick, Non-Invasive Heart Scan May Be Lifesaver For Type 1 Diabetics (8/29/00)
DG DISPATCH - ISH: Low Sodium Diet Important For Newly Diagnosed Diabetics (8/29/00)
Physicians Recommend More Aggressive Treatment For Type 2 Diabetes (8/29/00)
New Diabetes Test Approved In United States (8/29/00)
Diabetes Patients, Researchers Temper Hope For Quick Cure (9/9/00)
IDF: Diabetes On The Rise World-Wide (11/4/00)
Emitasol (Metoclopromide) Nasal Spray (11/4/00)
Transfer Order Irks Parents of Diabetic Kindergartners (11/4/00)
A Different Face of Eating Disorders: Diabulimia (11/4/00)
Yale to Launch New Center for Hypoglycemia in (11/4/00)