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User Survey

Please take the time to fill this out so that I can learn more about those who visit my webpage. I will post the responses, and all who do respond will remain anonymous. Thanks, and I hope you'll come back soon =)

How old are you?

What type of diabetes do you have?
Type 1 Type 2 Other Doesn't Pertain To Me

How long have you had diabetes?

What meter do you primarily use for blood glucose monitoring?

What types of insulin do you use?

Are you happy with the control you have of your diabetes?

Yes No Maybe

If a cure for diabetes was found today would you want to be one of the first to try it out?
Yes No

Have you ever had a severe low, in which you have needed help and/or Glucagon?
No Maybe

How far into the future do you think a cure for diabetes is?

At what age were you diagnosed with diabetes (or your child)

What is your favorite part of this webpage?

What else would you be interested in reading about on my webpage, or like to see added/taken away?

Any other comments you'd like to say?

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