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Basic Information On Diabetes

Diabetes is when one's pancrease is does not produce enough insulin, therefore another way to get insulin is needed. Insulin is a hormone that lowers one's blood glucose level. A normal blood sugar is about 70-130, though 140 is not bad either. Insulin was invented by Frederick Banting and Charles Best in a laboratory. But back to diabetes. Insulin injections are taken at meals or other times of the day when needed depending on what the person and his doctor agrees apon for being right for him. Another method for getting insulin is a pump. It is about the size of a pager, a little bigger and has tubing connected to the pump and to one's stomach, or other site usable for insulin injections (arm, leg, butt...) In my opinion it is a lot more convenient than injections since it is worn all the time. It can be taken off for swimming and showers or whatever else one needs to though. For more on pumping see Pump Basics Using a meter, one is able to test his blood sugar. There are many different companies that make these meters. They come in may different sizes, and have different features. It requires a small drop of blood applied on a strip. Oneís blood sugar is read is usually read in mg/dl (milligrams per deciliter) in the U.S. For more on checking see Blood Glucose Monitoring When a diabetic has a low blood sugar, his symptoms may be: dizzy, shaky, disoriented, cranky, hungry, tired. The opposite, a high blood sugarís syptoms may be similar depending on the person. Besides the similar feelings of a low, when high one may be extremely thirsty and feel sick (nauseated,headache...).

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