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Clara Barton Camp

Clara Barton Camp
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Clara Barton Camp in North Oxford, Massachusetts is such a wonderful place. This past summer was my 10th year at Clara Barton Camp and I was a Junior Counselor for 9 weeks. It was a wonderful experience. Clara Barton Camp (CBC) is centered around a pond. There has been a major renovation since I have started coming. Many new cabins have been built and old ones knocked down. CBC has a pond, pool, dining hall, many cabins, center building, tennis courts, soccer field, basketball courts, archery field and other neat things. There is a set schedule packed with fun activites all day long. Activities include sessions on diabetes topics appropriate for age group, sports, arts and crafts, swimming. Twice a session there are dances with Joslin Camp which is about 3 miles down the road. Their camp also is lots of fun. Oh, CBC is an all girls camp and Joslin is an all boys camp. Sessions are 2 weeks long. I have met many wonderful friends at CBC (and Joslin =) ) Bye the end of the session it is really hard to say good bye until next summer. It is great that everyone has diabetes there and understands what its like to be high and low. Camp is a wonderful experience I advise everyone to try. The benefits of it are endless =)

Please email me with any questions, I'd love to answer them!

Here are the words to my favorite camp song. It was written by a former staff memeber.

Finding Smiles

Have you ever woken up to a morning so serene
you know what i mean
if you could still see the stars at dawn
and the ectasy of life is reflected in their eyes as they shine
shine on me

(chorus) and i'll call this place a haven
just a little piece of heaven
and i'll hold onto this morning
for as long as i shall live
finding smiles (end chorus)

and i see your light shining across the water
hold on tight, dont let go of these time
i lose the outside world in a field of wild flowers
and i'll gladly pass any afternoon by yourside

and when tomorrow wakes me upwill you still be there
whether life is beautiful or strange
where human being are generally insigificant,
we have made a change
and you once said to me its the most wonderful place in the world

and i wonder how the fire
can burn upon the water
you gotta believe in your hearts and in eachother
and the writings on the walls scribed for all to see
a little piece of immortality

finding smiles

It is a really pretty song when you hear it... =)