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I dont know what to title this... Just something I wrote from the top of my head. I don't know if it is any use to newly diagnosed people, or to people with out diabetes. Hope it is...

Diabetes is not the easiest, or most difficult disease to deal with. It can be controlled by insulin and doing blood tests a few times a day. Some may think that may be all that's mandatory to living a healthy life with diabetes but there is more to it. Diet and exercise play a major role in controlling it too. Those are the two many may have some difficulty with if their child or self has diabetes. For those of you who haven't been "graced" enough to have to have your young child follow a meal plan and stick to it, try it some time...It is very difficult at times. But for those of you who follow one or your child does, you already knew that. Making the right choices and counting carbohydrates at meals is a major key to maintaining a "normal" blood sugar in a carbohydrate to insulin ratio.

Having to deal with meal planning, shots, and blood tests can be tough on not only the child with diabetes but his/her parents as well. It is frustrating for the child and parents to know that every day shots are involved in a daily schedule. Every parent of a child with diabetes that I have talked to worries about her/his child all the time. I for one know that my parents worry about me very much when I go somewhere with out them, and I have had diabetes for 14 years! So if you're a parent reading this, don't worry, you're not alone worrying about your child. I know that my mom takes my blood sugars as if they were hers. Everyone is bound to be high or low, that's part of being a diabetic. Life goes on and you can't get mad about it. I know that she is concerned but personally it makes me feel like I did something wrong when someone "gets mad" that I am high. If you are the child, hey, what can I say? Your parents will always worry about you...LOL

Accepting diabetes can be difficult in the beginning of one's diagnosis. I don't remember the time when I was diagnosed since I was so young. But if I was to be diagnosed today I don't know how I would accept it. Diabetes, like I said, is not the worse thing one could have, but it does change one's lifestyle. No more eating what you want when you want. No more going anywhere with out worrying about getting low. No more carelessness in what you do in life. Now, it is counting carbohydrates. Going out to dinner and having to actually think about what you're eating and how much insulin to do to cover it. No just eating whatever you want from the menu. Going places can be tough, having to take a tester and food with you incase of a low. Vacations, bringing lots of extra diabetes supplies for "just incase...". Being a teen with diabetes can be tough when you just want to fit in and forget about it for a day. How many times have I wanted to just go to bed when I get home and not worry about testing? Too many... But you have to do what you have to do I suppose, right? I dont think that diabetes is just a child's worry. It is their parents too because part of being a parent is worrying. I can go on an on how worrisome parents can be but I won't... Just a note to the parents-- Don't be too overprotective..let your son/daughter grow up at hard as it may be.