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1999 Session IV and V Camp

As some of you may know, I was at Clara Barton Camp from July 25 until August 19th as a CIT. It was one of the eventful experiences of my life and though not all are things I wish happened, I am glad that I went. I learned more things this summer than I will in school. I am very happy to say that I met lots of wonderful people... Brooke, Chris, Anna, Anne, Stephanie, Libby, Alana, Allison, and many more. This page is dedicated to them.

Some Memories

Peanut Butter at every meal

Lobster Patrol

Our CIT trip... the beach, the darn birds there, camping out, dinner with no utensils/plates, shopping

GL... Don't think I'll forget those fond memories of him...yah right...

Brooke trying to prove a point with the screen (and Anna showing me the same thing but rather with glass...LOL)

Two words: Alana and revealing. Enough said.

Anne and I on the illegal marshes or whatever they were

The awesome skit we did for camp

Jigger Johnson and all those other *hehe* great trails/landmarks in the White Mountains

Our lovely clean bathroom...yah right...

Our fun one night with the townies who kept walking by

The night we were really wacky in the cabin and Alana gave me a piggy back ride

The Hike to Heck with Joslin

Seeing Miss America

Jumping in the Pond with out clothes on the last night...eew what is that stuff in the pond and what are those big bugs on the floating dock??

Two guys, a girl, and a pizza place.... Minus a few things

This is on top of a moutain the camp climbed... Anna, me, Alana, and Libby

This here is the infamous Jigger Johnson (now don't forget Jigger Johnson's Adventure wasn't that the best? LOL) It is a mask that I think it is Anne has on...aww how cute...LOL

This is Me, Brooke (CIT director), Anna and Steph at the beach on our CIT trip.

More Camp 1999 Pictures