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Hydrogen, the first element on the periodic table, is a good source of fuel because we have an almost unlimited supply of it and because it is clean burning.

Manny people and corporations already have working hydrogen powerd cars includeing Mazda, Daimler Benz and Chrysler.

The car made by Mazda uses a rotary combustion engine
that burns the hydrogen like a normal car burns gasoline. The car made by Daimler Benz uses a fuel cell
to generate electricity which is then used to power the electric motors that run the car. Chrysler's car makes its hydrogen onboard by removing it from the gasoline stored in its fuel tank. The car then uses a fuel cell,
like the Benz, to generate electricity.

The Mazda and the Daimler Benz are both very practical cars, which could probably be used today if we had hydogen stations instead of gas stations. The Chrysler car is desined so that it can be filled at a regular gas station, but in my opinion is kind of pointless because it still depends on a non-renewable resources and produces pollutants.

Hydrogen does have some problems: it is always tied up in bonds and must be freed before it can be used and it is hard to store or transport. There are several ways of freeing hydrogen

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