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My Personal Background

My Personal Background

This is the beginning of my personal history. Continuing chapters are intertwined with my spiritual blessings, plus ancestral pictures. I was fortunate to inherit family pictures from four sides of our family. These may be seen in my webpage called "EYTCHISON SCENES" The Ancestral history is reviewed in another "Link". Go back to Index to find reviews of our ancestors life and times..

Yes, my life began high in the Saw Tooth Mountains of Idaho. As life was begun physically at this height, my spiritual life has also been a series of events that usually led me to the top of a pinnacle, high on a mountain top. My "Soul Voice" let me know there was a challenge coming to me in life when I was very young. This challenge I have tried to express in the following poem.


Many people view the mountains
however, few even want to climb.
For when you scale a mountain
You must leave the crowd behind..
There's a Mountain that God offers;
Those who climb it must hold true.
A peak called "Love and Service,"
is now beckoning to me and you.
So... dare to climb that mountain
though at times you'll feel alone?
you'll be your Father's emissary,
teaching love, and service to all?.
Now father's way, it won't be easy,
many folks will never understand.
But there'll be applause in heaven,
the Lord guideing with loving hand.
You'll not hear the cry of trumpets,
when you tell folks of father's plan.
Many times you'll get discouraged,
your footsteps will begin to slow.
Just refuse to stop, or turn around,
you'll hear father's voice, press on,
as you stand atop that mountain
No better place could you have found.
As you stand at that high summit,
your Father's world so far below;
You'll see sights reserved for climbers,
your heart will know a spiritual glow.
Your "Soul Voice" leads you to the top,
father will be there at the setting sun.
The spirit will whisper at life's end,
"Come home, rest, your jobs well done."
Will you dare to climb that mountain,
many times you'll feel bereft, alone?
Will you be Heavenly Father's emissary,
living to bring his spirits to your home?
Life's mortal journey won't be easy,
but if you let your spirit soar and fly.
Your reward, applause in heaven,
blessings- life with Father on high.

My Challenge

At the age of 22 years, on the 7 of April, I took a challenge much like that described in this poem. Many times I have struggled to climb out of low valleys. Some times I was aware of that small, still voice within, prompting me on. Some times I have struggled with out asking for assistance . On some occasions, I have been lifted up and placed on a pinnacle, high on that mountain top, with the path of life spread out below me, the path visible and clear. At these times the voice (call it inspiration) gently guided me in the direction my life was to take. (A measure given).

Many more times as I struggled, toiled, and endeavored to climb that mountain, my "Soul Voice" would finally come with inward direction. Some times after I had reached a height after much hard struggle and temptation, I could look back and see I had been lead through this particular valley for a purpose. From the time I was small, I have been aware of this direction from with in. That small voice, my "Soul's Voice, gently urging me onward.

Many members of our family seemed to be gifted with an insight into life that has been manifest on many occasions. We always attributed it to the "Celtic" heritage our forefathers had passed down through the ages . As I have progressed through life, I have come to know and recognize the voice as my soul has been lead by the comforter, the Holy Ghost. We are promised we will be guided, if we will but listen. I like calling my spirit my "Soul's Voice".

Georgene as a Young Child

When I was very young, I recall two things very distinctly that were flash backs to my pre-existence in the spirit world. I dreamed for years about levitation. I would drift into sleep where I was aware of the ability for my body to pass through the air and navigate without the fetters of earth. I have since learned that my tiny self had a partial memory of a time when I was unhampered by the mortal body, and had in actuality, as a premortal being, navigated thought the air unhampered. As I grew older this memory went away but and I can now recall the freedom and exaltation I felt at being thus unfettered.

The second memory was of an awareness of my physical self going to sleep. I recall drifting into a vortex, much like the inside of the cone of a Cyclone. However the feeling was just the opposite. All though I spun down through it, it was not destructive, but was soft, comforting and all consuming. I have endeavored to describe this sensation many times and I never can quite put it into words. Suffice it to say . . . probably much like my birth had been.

I have sharp recall of many things very early in life. I must have been extraordinarily receptive to things going on around me.

My Soul Voice's Direction

As I begin the narrative of my life, I would like to approach my story, including accounts of the direction which has come from my "Soul Voice". Before I received the Holy Ghost as my constant companion, when I was confirmed after baptism, I had an unanswered need to find out just who the Holy Ghost was. I will tell several milestones in my life where I was guided to this knowledge. This need to know who he was, was one of the promptings that came to me very early in life and was not answered until April of 1957. Here is my story, beginning with our retirement with meanderings back and forth.

Jim & Georgene's Retirement

We retired in 1989. Since Jimmy wanted to return to the Jerome Valley to live near his brothers and sisters we made those arrangements. He had arranged to help his step-mother Nellie by purchasing her little house after his father, Cob died. As the time neared to move it was to this little house we were returning. Our modern new house in Texas was sold. I took my retirement money from my Teachers Retirement Fund and bought smaller furniture that would fit in the minuscule, pre 50's house there.

In February of 1998, I prepared to go in for some surgical corrections to repair my esophagus and Diaphragm. I had been diagnosed with "Barrett's Disease", a pre-cancerous esophagus. The specialists in Temple Texas had informed me that the damage to my Esophagus was extensive. The cell structure was impaired. (Still hanging in there, April, 1997)

Hopefully surgery would relieve the condition caused by the reflux of acid and perhaps (if I was lucky) the area would not continue to deteriorate. At the same time the tests determined that I had an on going form of paralysis in my throat, cause unknown. However if it continued I would in all probability be Paralized slowly.

The Lord Sent Me Comfort

I turned to the Lord for comfort and assurance and had a blessing from our Patriarch, Brother John Hopkins. He gave me an addendum to my patriarchal blessing, giving my until then, missing lineage. I was descended from Ephriam, grandson of Joseph of the coat of many colors.

The surprising message was the emphasis on my continued work on the family records, temple work and family history. This indicated that family history work, was to be my focus after retirement. My life was to be spared to fill "My full measure in Creation."

Surgery turned out to be a bad experience. For some reason the destroying angels were released and played havoc during the operation. During the surgery they ruptured my spleen. The surgeon was able to repair it with a new technique that used glue to cause the tissue to adhere to it's self. The afternoon of recuperation was a night mare. I was not supposed to move or retch or put stress on the Spleen for 2 days. As I came out of anesthetic I could feel the tube in my throat gaging and strangling me. The nurse assured me (groggy as I was) tht all was well and I was okey and all would be better in a little time. I would adjust the tube with my tongue and be comparatively comfortable only to drift into oblivion again. Next thing I was aware of was waking up, strangling again. This process went on until about 3 in the afternoon when another nurse took over. She looked into my throat and seeing the danger extracted it immediately. I've never been in all my life, so relieved,-comfort at last.

Suffice it to say I survived the move to Idaho in April 1989, and survived getting settled into the house in Jerome. I will recount some interesting things about that year in another place .


(from my book

"Eytchison Welding Links", which includes family pictures)

Although not a memory of my own, I have heard so often, the account of my first several months on this earth, that I think it would be appropriate to start my narrative there. My Father and Mother had come from their home in Stanley Idaho, to stay with my father's parents, in Star Idaho, and was waiting expectantly for my arrival (Dec 1933). Daddy had returned to work in Stanley Basin where he had constructed a small sawmill on land belonging to the Merritt Ranch. He was in partnership with Mr. Laflang, The father-in-law of his brother Walter. They were struggling to make a success of that small business.

My parents had spent Thanksgiving with the grand parents and other family members of both sides of the family, both families lived in Star, Idaho. Returning back to Stanley meant returning to snow that covered the fence posts and a wonderland wrapped totally in white. Once there, i t was wise to remain for the duration of the winter and time found mother in the Boise valley waiting for my arrival and Dad in Stanley Basin.

It was 1933 and depression times. Although the country was in the clutches of the great depression, it had not had a drastic effect on our family. Dad, after learning the Sawmill trade at the side of his grandfather Elsberry Eytchison (Etch) and father Lorin Eytchison, at their little Sawmill on Cottonwood Creek, behind Bogus Basin, above Horseshoebend, had removed the Lumber Mill, to Stanley. There had been a crisis in the Eytchison Lumber Company business and it had become necessary to relocate and start over.

Lester, with a generous endowment of personal inventiveness, was to rebuild and run the Sawmill in the area nestled near Stanley along the primitive area of the great Rocky Mountains. With the logs sawed and peeled at their Sawmill, he built many of the log lodges in that area. They were in high demand as retirement and recreational estates. With his natural apptitude he soon became in demand as a stone mason also and built many of the fireplaces in the Lodges.

He also took hunting parties into the primitive area in search of big horn Sheep. On one occasion, a prestigious Doctor went out on a Big Horn Sheep hunt but was not successful in getting his game. Dad downed a Big Horn Sheep for him. The Doctor took it home and told everyone he had shot the Sheep. After that, Dad always bristled when ever it was brought to mind. He felt he had really been taken advantage of.

After my arrival in St. Lukes Hospital, in Boise, mother's health was in peril. I had arrived safely however just topping the scale at 4 ½ pounds. Mother, who after the very difficult birth of my older brother, (Hubert 's), which had taken some 72 hours ( her life had been given up at one point), she had been counseled to not have more children.

Now as she returned home to Star to wait my arrival, her health was in peril. She had a Thyroid condition that demanded immediate surgery. The removal of the gland was necessary just 3 weeks after my birth.

This is continued in my book,

cancer diagnosis

I was diagnosed with cancer in April 1997. Heavenly Father's promise to me; "my life to be spared to fill my full measure in creation", given by Bishop Gordon Ford. In 1962 I was given the same promise. "Times of concern were at hand, but my life would be spared , to fill my full measure in creation". In 1988 again the same blessing, before my surgery, from Patriarch John Hopkins. One measure which was pointed out to me during these times was "to gather the records of my ancestors". This was also shown to me by vision in 1985. I am trying diligently, and have faith that I will be spared UNTIL MY MEASURE IS FILLED.

(Update May 15 1998 -took radiation and I am a one year survivor every thing is "A-OK".


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