Not that I expect you to be terribly curious, but in case you are...

Why this Shrine?
Because, simply, I started collecting/generating enough Utena-related stuff that I thought I ought to put it in one place. I doubt it will grow very large (sorry to disappoint all you huge, raving hordes of fans out there), but at least it's cozy.

Why Utena?
Why indeed. Well, before I even heard of Revolutionary Girl Utena... heck, before Chiho Saito or Kunihiko Ikuhara heard of it... I was fascinated by fairy tales, and especially twisted or dark fairy tales. I longed (and still long) to have a garden with as many color roses as possible in it. I took fencing lessons (and wish I could take more) and got all drooly whenever I saw a shining gold-hilted rapier somewhere. I read and wrote about gender construction and cross dressed women. And I lusted for vivacious but heart-wounded maidens wielding swords.

Really, sometimes I think Be-Papas somehow tapped into my subconscious and said, "Hey, let's make an anime involving all the things DQ likes." Well, not really. But it seemed only natural that I would pick up on such a series.

But symbols and swords can't sustain a Death Quaker alone. Revolutionary Girl Utena has a fascinating story at once old and brand new, fabulous character development, gorgeous animation, and a gorgeous soundtrack. It also has layers of symbolism and references to philosophy and mythology, which keeps the lit geek intellectual in me happy, and it has sexy sword-wielding angst babes, which keeps my id happy. (And we even get to see her in the shower!)

*DQ pauses a moment to throw her id some chocolate to keep it quiet*

Where was I? Ah yes, characters one can relate to, and so on and so forth. I even like the main character, which is an odd, rare occurrence for me when it comes to anime. Basically, it's one of the best damn animes... one of the best damn stories I have experienced. Yes, experienced. Utena is an experience.

But if you're reading this, you probably knew this already. So go back out there and read my other stuff on Utena.

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