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Utena Tenjou – "I want to be the dashing prince, not the princess who has to be protected." [Ep. 1]

Other name spellings: Tenjo, Tenjoh

Role: Title character

Age: 14

Blood Type: B

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

Birthday: December 29

Hobbies: Sports, collecting
rose-emblem teacups

Lost my youth amid the blue
Saw all the loneliness in you
Wanna help you give you love
Shine some light out from the mud
Fill the empty find the rhyme
A brighter day a better time
But I'm wondering where I'm gone
Can't find the truth within my song
All I have I'll give to you
To let you know you're not alone
I'm telling you
I'm smiling for you only
I'm trying for you solely
I'm praying for you only
No more cry, no more cry

–The Corrs, "No More Cry"

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