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Sim Seitokai: Saionji and the Kiryuus

Sim TougaTOUGA: Leo, Neat 3 Outgoing 8 Active 5 Playful 6 Nice 3. Touga is an interesting Sim, especially considering who he is based on, being a character that has pissed off everyone in the household at least once–but he always manages to get them to his side in the end. He is Friends with Jury, Saionji, Shiori, and Kozue, and is usually near the front of everyone's relationship list. Touga's favorite social interactions are Gossip, Boast (Flex), and Tease (Scare).



Sim NanamiNANAMI: Aries, Neat 6 Outgoing 6 Active 6 Playful 6 Nice 1. Simply considering how The Sims works in general, Nanami's a pretty interesting character. I can only guess at the algorithms at work regarding her social development. Everyone likes Nanami–she's usually pretty high on everyone's lists as far as scores go. But SHE can't stand anyone–few people have a score over 10 as far as her regard for them. Touga is right now her favorite person with a whopping score of 18, and that was after a very long conversation they had that pulled him up there. Over the long term, Nanami has liked Jury the best with a score of about 10. Nanami dislikes Kozue intensely with a score of -33. Nanami's favorite interactions include Gossip, Boast (Brag), Tease (Taunt), and Tease (with Puppet).

Sim SaionjiSAIONJI: Scorpio, Neat 7, Outgoing 4, Active 10, Playful 3, Nice 1. Saionji, with his high Active, usually spends a lot of time doing and not talking. Competitive like the character that inspired him, he plays lots of Chess and Pool (sometimes just against himself). His Friends are Touga and Kozue. His favorite social interactions are Boast (Flex) and Gossip.

In general, the Kiryuu siblings are very like the series characters in some ways and very unlike them in others. For the longest time, Nanami LOATHED Touga–her opinion of him was scored at -45 even when his score of her was about 55. Difference of over a hundred! Recently he's been talking to her a lot though, and is bringing her around. I'm very curious to see where that goes. Touga does a lot of talking to a lot of people... He most certainly is charming like the real Touga. He's even charmed the pants off of stoic ol' Saionji...

.I know who's in her locket!!!!

Touga loves to gossip, and as usual, seems to know everyone's dirty little secrets

You're comparing that to what?!

And he likes to demonstrate his assets in less-than-subtle ways

No, actually, he wasn't a guy like you at ALL...

But, as in the series, there's no impressing certain people... (Note: I did force Touga to Flirt here)

Hey! We're not in the headmaster's car, you know!

And not even Nanami appreciates Touga's charms much of the time

Catch me, sis!

But then he seems to rely much more on her for support these days

Vermin gathering at my brother's feet as usual...

And you can still count on Nanami to rid Touga of troublesome insects...

A little yaoi fanservice never hurt nobody

Meanwhile, Touga has no problems exerting his charms over certain other members of the council

But don't you admire the strength of my bokken?

But it seems Saionji's just getting strung along...

I couldn't resist capturing this, I'm sorry

But then Touga will get on his knees, just for a little pussy.

Why does the samurai have to do the shit jobs?

Poor Saionji just gets left behind to do the work that the slackers avoid...

Oh, you haven't laid another egg have you?

And poor Nanami must contend still with imitating barnyard animals

Conquering the beast within...

But then, she seems to have gotten some odd talents out of it.

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