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SimUtena FAQ

Please read this through before e-mailing me any questions you might have about SimUtena.

Where did those Utena skins you have come from?
Well, the really nice ones come from a wonderful skin designer named Kyoen. Unfortunately, his site is now down.

His skins/meshes include the five student council members, which I used for my site. He also has a Movie Utena uniform and child and adult versions of Tsuwabuki. Additionally, I used one of Kyoen's generic head meshes for Shiori's head (I made the bitmap skin myself).

The Utena uniform is a "tweak" I made of something I downloaded, but unfortunately the site it was from is no longer available. I also made Jury's uniform (I didn't use Kyoen's), the Ohtori sailor-fuku, and the heads of Kozue, Utena, and Anthy (all on standard Maxis meshes or simple variations thereof).

How can I get these skins?
Try the Sims Exchange or thesimsresource.com for starters. I don't know if Kyoen's are findable anymore.

Can you PLEASE e-mail me the skins?
Nope. First of all, my old computer died and the old skins with them. Second of all, even if I had them, my freemail account, my free time, and I CANNOT handle e-mail skin requests.

I have no plans to recreate any skins as I now play the Sims2. If I ever make any Utena skins for that game I will upload them to the Sims2 Exchange for download.

What will you do if I e-mail you and ask you to send me skins anyway?
I will laugh heartily at your foolishness and delete your e-mail without replying.

Are you really just a mean person?
No. But you have no idea just how many people have asked me to e-mail them Utena or Tenchi skins. I am sorry.

Did you copy and paste this Q&A about e-mail from your SimTenchi FAQ?
Yes I did, mostly.

Can you show me how to make skins?
No, not really. I just kind of figured it out through trial and error and lots of mucking about in PhotoShop, so I'm not really the best person to ask. Try The Sims Resource, which was actually recommended to me by one of the Maxis chat moderators.

Can you show me how to mesh?
Seeing as I have no clue myself, no. Again check the The Sims Resource.

How did you come up with the designs for the houses?
I just mucked around till I came up with something that looked right. It would be nigh impossible to come up with a replica of the Ohtori campus, so I just used a lot of white brick and marble to emulate the quasi-eighteenth century/neoclassic feel of the campus. I also added lots of rosebushes.

I also made sure I used fairly large lots, so that there is lots of room for extra activity space and the like–for example, I gave the Seitokai a large lot so they could have a separate building with a fencing and a music room.

A fencing room? Can my Sims have a fencing foil?
There is no official Maxis foil, but CheapFrills made one that works very well. I am usually very hesitant to download hacked objects, but this one does not cause any conflicts that I am aware of. The only problem is the characters will leap about the place and not necessarily in a direction you expect them to, so they usually won't stay inside a "fencing room" or "arena" or anything like that.

Can you e-mail me your house?
No. I wouldn't even know how.

Please see my answer regarding above regarding e-mailing people skins. My answer is the same.

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