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Shiori Takatsuki – "Believe in Miracles, and they will know your true feelings." [ep. 7]

Other name spellings: None

Role:Black Rose Society Member

Age: 16

Blood Type: B

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Birthday: February 2

Hobbies:Being neurotic

There's a torture that I've dreamt of
where your lips stay sealed forever
There's a time that I have dreamt of
where you talk to me and it draws us back together
There's a threat that I will share this
And you'll add it to your load as it defects
So I'm looking out my window, and I catalogue the sights I see that
You are looking way ahead and
never turn to look at me
I will write down every detail, read them to you, make you see
Is it me that scares you off
or just some ghost of which I'm reminiscent?
Will there ever be a day
that you'll tell me why your past stays present
in your life?

– Sarah Pinsker, "Baggage"

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