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Sim Seitokai

The Ohtori Elite Dorm and Rec Center Welcome to Seitokai House! This house, occupied by Touga, Saionji, Nanami, Miki, Kozue, Jury, and Shiori, is possibly one of the oddest and most fun houses I've built in the Sims. I have pages for the individual characters which will divulge more information about their personality structure and behavior–but first, a basic intro to the household in general.

I tried to keep things fairly accurate to the series, but, as you will notice, my sense of mischief interfered and I ended up giving the students of Ohtori some odd items to play with, such as the Mechanical Bull and the Heart-Shaped Hot Tub. Usually the weirder items don't stay in the house forever though–just long enough to see what my SimSeitokai will do with them (and besides, Touga kept hogging the Love Tub).




Morning in Ohtori

Saturday morning... yes, I picked out their PJs myself.(Features older design for dining room, now changed.)

Yes, that is the Cuddle Couch against the wall, there.

The Music Room, where Kozue is currently trying to explain to Shiori that it isn't just for music...

Any love letters from Akio lately?

Another breakfast, this one a Student Council special meeting, apparently.

The song they are dancing to is Zettai Unmei Mokushiroku, no kidding.

In general, in Simsville, Student Council gatherings are even more informal than in the series.

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