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Kyouichi Saionji – "Touga Kiryuu... He's always ahead of me, going to a world I don't know." [ep. 8]

Other name spellings: None that I know of

Role: Student Council Vice President, Kendo Team Captain

Age: 17

Blood Type: O

Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Birthday: August 25

Hobbies: Kendo, camping, carving

I don't eat I just devour, everyone in every hour
All is me, is all I need and that's all that I care
Propelled through all this madness
By your beauty and my sadness
I'll never change or rearrange, till I've finished what I've started

And life leads me here
It shows me, I have never really loved no one but me
Like the time, you slipped through my hands
And I'll never understand why I'm such a Selfish Man

– Dave King (Flogging Molly), "Selfish Man"

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