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The Ruka Rant

In case you didn't get it from the main page, the words below are hateful, awful, and just a means of getting stuff off my chest. You are advised not to take the below too terribly seriously, and to remember, as I remind myself after I've written this rant, that he is just a cartoon character. I should also warn anyone sensitive to offensive language that I am just a tad excessive in the use of the f-word in the statement below.

Oh, he is fascinating as all hells and his eyes go all the way on till next Tuesday. And I hate him hate him hate him!!!!

I would lie if I said if it wasn't because of how he hurts Shiori (my poor princess) or because of how he manipulates and emotionally blackmails Jury, because those are certainly part of the reason. But it's also on some general higher principles I happen to hold dear to my heart. I just cannot like or respect or even fathom someone who would have sex with someone they hated. I could not even further fathom someone who would have sex with someone they hated when they were in love with someone else, and moreover knowing it would hurt the person they were in love with, and then uses that along with other things to manipulate said person they were in love with and tries to convince her that really, it's all for his true loves own best interests. He fucked Shiori, fucked over Jury, and is overall just a big fucking fat fucking fucker.

I realize, maybe that's very well just me, and I fully admit (obviously) that this is an entirely emotional reaction. But the whole thing just makes him strike me as a low sort of bastard with no sense of pride or self-respect and no understanding of love. His love is a selfish, self-serving prideless bastard fucker kind of love.

It absolutely sickens me when people go on and on about how he sacrificed himself for Jury, and la de da, and isn't it great to watch Jury crumble into a confused, emotional wreck because of what he did to her, because he's just so goddamn wonderful, him and his skinny body and his ugly two-tone mutant forelock. It's just proof of what an absolutely fabulous schemer and manipulator he is that he can even manipulate his audience that way, just like all the blushing girls in the fencing room. And he'd use that audience and spit them out too if it served his purposes, and then convince them it was all for wonderful, miraculous love, and they would spend days on the phone telling him he was the only one, and he'd laugh at them and go on his merry way and enjoy the carefree student lifestyle elsewhere.

You know, if I was gonna die, and I knew the person I loved was hurting, you know what I'd do? I'd go to the person and say, "You know, I'm going to die, and that sucks, and I just wanted you to know before it happened that I really really love you and I know you don't return that feeling, and it's okay, but I had to say it. And I know you're going through a sucking-donkey-balls hell of a time lately, and I just want you to know it would make me feel a lot better if there's anything I can do for you. Even if that's just to leave before it hurts more. And I realize hurts and it sucks to hear all this, because nobody wants to know someone's gonna die and they love them, but it was either this or fuck the person you were in love with and then make you feel like hell about it, and I thought that would be pretty fucking stupid and a big fat waste of time of my last healthy days, so I love you, and here we are, and all I'd really like to do is go back to that nice spot over the river and watch the sunset like we used to."

Which probably makes me stupid and incoherent, but at least I'm not a fucking bastard fucker who probably died, and I don't feel bad about that at all (much), because he's a dead fucking bastard fucker.

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