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Miki "Micky" Kaoru – I realized all my happiness rests in what happened in that garden. But [...] I ruined it with my own hands! [ep. 5]

Other name spellings: None. "Micky" is his nickname in the series, not an alternate spelling (although if you wanted to get technical, the "proper" romanji would be "Mikki" for his nickname).

Role: Student Council Member,
Ast. Fencing Captain

Age: 13

Blood Type: O

Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Birthday: May 28

Hobbies: Playing the piano, fencing,
clicking his stopwatch

Like a ghost - is the curtain
In the white light of the morning
Dancing in the morning
Are you there - are you there?
And the shadow - like a sadness
Falling all across the garden
Dancing in the garden
Are you there - are you there?
Shine on friend, good night
Why, then, the darkening of the light?

–Johnette Napolitano, "Darkening of the Light"

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