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Sim Seitokai: Miki and Kozue

Sim Miki MIKI: Cancer, Neat 5, Outgoing 2, Active 5, Playful 5, Nice 8. The Nicest character in Sim Seitokai House, Miki is fairly similar to his TV show counterpart, getting teased by the girls, hounded by Kozue, and playing the piano. His Friends include Kozue (in love, NOT NOT NOT NOT my doing, yuck yuck yuck yuck), Shiori, and Jury. His favorite social interactions are Talk and sometimes Compliment; he really rarely initiates social interactions, seeing as he has such a low Outgoing. Oddly though, he has tried to Kiss a few people on occasion (namely Nanami).



Sim KozueKOZUE: Taurus, Neat 4, Outgoing 8, Active 5, Playful 8, Nice 0. I fully admit that giving her no Nice points whatsoever was a bit overexaggerated. But it gave me more points to drop into Outgoing, Active, and Playful, which overall has resulted in her possessing the slutty personality Kozue sometimes displays ("I didn't change boyfriends, I just added one..."). Kozue's Friends are Touga, Miki (crush), and Saionji. Her favorite activites include Talk, Gossip, Brag (Boast), Brag (Flex), Hug, and Kiss (Intimate). She has had brief crushes on Touga, but they have not lasted, and has suddenly started getting interested in Miki.

As I've played this Sim more and more, Kozue and Miki are starting to act more and more in character... on the skeevy end of things, with some creepy incestualness going on. Of course, in the Sims there are no sibling relationships, just friends and lovers, but still... For my sanity I may intervene more often and try to get Miki's affections pointed elsewhere... but perhaps I ought to just let the experiment continue... The UtenaSims have often acted surprisingly in character, but even this caught me off guard.

Just brother and sister, I swear...

So the Kaoru twins sometimes get along fine...

Get off me, and take off that damn black ring

And sometimes they don't, with Miki particularly taking a dislike to Kozue's affections...

Look out for the razor, Miki...

But Kozue's possessiveness has started to get through to Miki in some skeevy ways...

The Music Room is for many things

Really, I like it when the twins stick to doing what each of them does best

Sorry, I've had enough of possessive little sisters...

Although sometimes even the other slut of the household has turned Kozue away

Do not mess with Miki, for I am MIGHTY!

While others surprisingly tolerate her prancing about

Oh Miki, you're so fine...

Although, I don't know how Miki's other luck with girls might work out...

Limited dating pool, Miki?

In fact, sometimes, it seems Miki goes to extremes to avoid being with potentially dangerous women

Yeah, you could say I'm nice and indecisive... why does that make you smile like that?

And sometimes, perhaps just to protect himself from Kozue, he seeks out the most dangerous ones...

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