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SimUtena: Utena and Anthy

Kakumei House

Quite frankly, what I set up as a nice little romantic(?) getaway for Utena and Anthy I must admit turned out to be much less exciting than the Seitokai Household. So I don't have a whole lot of pictures, but the best are here.

UTENA: Sagittarius, Neat 0 Outgoing 4 Active 7 Playful 6 Nice 7. Utena likes Anthy but skeeves out when Anthy tries to get too cuddly. Her favorite interactions are Talk and Gossip and occasionally Tease. I've also seen her Boast (Brag and Flex) a couple times.

ANTHY: Virgo, Neat 9 Outgoing 3 Active 5 Playful 5 Nice 3. Anthy occasionally develops crushes on Utena, but none have lasted yet. She Gossips with other people during her rare interactions with them, and she likes to Hug (Friendly or Intimate) Utena.




Slap That Pansy Boy Good, Anthy!

Anthy, post-Revolution, finally shows Touga what she thinks of his flirtations with Utena. Now if we could only see her slapping Saionji...

Oh, that sexy watering can

Anthy much more in character, tending to the gardens (oddly, in the Sims, you don't need to water your rose bushes, so I gave her some violets to tend to)

At least it didn't explode...

Only Anthy could do this with shaved ice...

Checking out Anthy...

Can't I make my Pawn into a Prince instead of a Queen?

Ew! You're MOVIE Anthy aren't you?

Utena does not appreciate Anthy's affectionate moments...


But then, sometimes she does.

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