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Jury Arisugawa's Diary
Chapter 2: The New Girl

Week 8, Monday
Touchés: 6 (concentrating on midterms), Times Stared at Locket: 4 (slipping...)

Back from a brief midterm weekend break, returing from family insanity and sister's guilt-tripping me because I haven't called her. Welcome arrival of mid-term exams in lieu of such things.

Ohtori is as it always is... only now, part of the "always" is this student council foolishness. Touga reminded me of course as soon as we got back. Says letters from End of World are getting interesting... suggesting maybe a new duellist is appearing.

Be nice if it was another girl. It's shameful that, among my peers, my biggest competition for wily feminine fashion sense is Smug Bastard Kiryuu.

Week 8, Wednesday
Touchés: 10, Times Stared at Locket: 1 (v.g.)

Yippee! Some skinny little tomboy in Junior High has whupped Saionji's arse, and with a broken practice sword, no less. Very difficult not to smirk at him, but Smug Bastard Kiryuu does the job well enough without the rest of us.

Must talk to this Tenjou girl at some point. Looks sort of cute. Nice haircut. Gym shorts with school uniform jacket definite fashion "no," however.

Week 8, Friday
Touchés: 12, Times Stared at Locket: 2

Tenjou whupped Saio's arse again. Sometimes you just must learn to stay down. Rumors that Rose Bride is actually smiling on occasion. I would too, after watching Saio get whacked twice in a row. Must ask Kiryuu if can watch duel some time.

Spring Semester, Week 2, Tuesday
Touchés: 11 (let Miki win an extra one), Times Stared at Locket: 4

Miki is looking distracted lately, but in a good way, I hope. Found him grading someone else's math test in library. He's very cute when flustered. Had to tease him about it; Sempai's prerogative. Must see how many other colors I can make him turn.

Have paid some minions to keep Kozue diverted–want Miki to have a normal healthy crush for once. Know she'll catch up eventually, but at least want enough time to find out just who this person is!

7 p.m.: Minions report Miki going over to East Hall, where Tenjou and Himemiya live. Hmm. Little Nanami Kiryuu with him. Hmm.

Week 9, Wednesday
Touchés: 13, Times Stared at Locket: 1 (getting back on track!)

2:30 p.m. Miki is playing that damn garden song over and over again. Starting to get worried. On up news, Little Kiryuu has stayed home today due to a nervous breakdown, apparently.

2:50 p.m. Minions report Himemiya joining Miki in music room. Starting to get bad feeling about this.

4:00 p.m. Saw Smug Bastard Kiryuu walking by with shirt open. Bad feeling has grown much worse.

Week 9, Thursday
Touchés: 5, Times Stared at Locket: 0 (Too worried about Miki on both counts)

2 p.m. All males are stupid and make stupid decisions and stupidly challenge for stupid Rose Brides. Even if male is quasi-queer 13-year-old pseudo-little-brother-type male. Will not ever let Miki win a bout again, ever.

4 p.m. Watched Duel. Tenjou told Miki she'd rather be seeing him play the piano. Respect for Tenjou has grown, despite silly shorts. Himemiya distracted Miki–did Tenjou instruct her to root for her, or did Bride do that all on her own? Either way, Miki lost. I have trained him better than to be so easily misled. Will send him on guilt trip later, after he recovers from loss. Or tomorrow, whichever comes first.

Week 10, Monday
Touchés 13, Times Stared at Locket: 2

Nanami thinks someone is trying to kill her. Wonder why she's so surprised.

Week 10, Wednesday
Touchés 5, Times Stared at Locket: 17 (v. Bad)

A day of many bad letters:

Last night received letter from End of World.

"A crystal tree is still of glass
And shatters easily under love's spell
Can a miracle restore the roots
And instead smash the world's shell?"

End of World's meter is terrible. Should stick to prose.

Today received letter from Shiori. "I have no regrets about what I did..."

I don't need to re-print the rest. Internal organs in process of tying themselves up and then untying themselves, very slowly and painfully. I was just... I was just getting better... why can't she just leave us to memory?

Was feeling sorry for self when ran into Tenjou. Decided if End of World had chosen me, should see if she is worthy opponent. She thinks it's all crap too. Good on her. Hope I don't have to kick her ass.

Anthy on the other hand... she does know something, and she's got more than a damn salt-shaker to pour into wounds. Shouldn't have gone Saionji on her, I guess, but this one's been coming for awhile, dammit. Feel better now, anyway.

Called sister for advice regarding Shiori's letter (no need to tell her about End of World; she's been mad I haven't talked to her lately, but what can I do?). She called me a drama queen. She also reminded me fabby clothes always make you feel better. Only almost true, but can pretend.

Week 10, Thursday (just barely)

12 a.m. Can't sleep, so have decided since if really am drama queen, I'll go sit by fountain looking impressively broody, wearing fabby night robe.

1:30 a.m. Brooding by fountain gone terribly wrong. Ran into Tenjou. Turns out she's all hung up over some childhood love of hers, and that's why she's dueling. How damned pathetic. She also called me girly. Did beautiful move of feigning pass at her, and then challenged her. May have gotten too violent, though, spoiling broody, romantic effect. Perhaps should take anger management workshop.


Week 10, Thursday
Touchés: 0 (cancelled practice), Duels Won: 0, Times Stared at Locket: Lost count (v.v.v.v.v. bad)

4:00 p.m. Must remember not to gloat during sword fight. V. bad fencing etiquette. Always turns against you in the end. Would've kicked her butt, too, dammit.

That sword was a hair away from taking my nipple along with the damn rose–the fact that it didn't, that was the damn miracle.

Week 11, Monday
Touchés: 10, Times Stared at Locket: 6

Saio is more insane than previously thought. Would say he needs some serious release of sexual tension, but I'd pity the victim that'd have to supply said release. Even if it were Smug Bastard (although they would make a pretty couple).

But Saio has attacked Tenjou (bastard) and put Smug Bastard in infirmary (would feel better about that if whole situation were not so infuriatingly stupid). Tenjou is starting to look at Smug Bastard with goo goo eyes, which is of course what Smug Bastard wants. Oh, what that boy will go to just to get laid.

Respect wavering again for Tenjou, for her sighing over Touga. But he is quite good, I must admit. Can't be all her fault. Still, needs good slap of reality, I think (and less tight shorts, perhaps).

I swear, that "prince" thing of hers is going to be her downfall.

Week 11, Thursday
Touchés: 12, Times Stared at Locket: 3

End of World has sense of humor after all. Little Kiryuu is next Duellist.

Week 12, Monday
Touchés: 10 (v.g.), Times Stared at Locket: 3

Smug Bastard Kiryuu is up to something.

Week 12, Tuesday
Touchés: 15 (good), Times Stared at Locket: 4

Bastard bastard bastard bastard bastard.

Kiryuu invoked his Super Special Powers of Smug Bastardness and defeated Utena. "Strategy" he calls it. Strategy my ass. I'd love to see my sword dancing near his Cat-Got-the-Cream little smirk... I'd like to see his "strategy" then. (But I do remember what happened last time.) Miki is disgusted too. Wonder how Rose Bride feels. Wonder if Rose Bride feels.

Worst of all, can't help but feel it's at least partly my fault. Never should have told Smug Bastard about her Prince thing. See where bitterness goes?

Utena not in school today. Even though I feel bad, she should be better than to buckle under Smug Bastard like that. But... my last couple encounters with her weren't exactly civil (and all my fault). And she does seem to be pretty earnest about fighting for good reasons–even seems to see humanity in Himemiya of all things (and that blasé little witch ought to appreciate it too!). Tenjou's idealism makes her cute, despite annoying side effects. She is not idealistic now, and that's just depressing. Hope her little bouncy tagalong can talk some sense into her–saw her going toward the East Hall this afternoon.

Week 12, Wednesday
Touchés: 14, Times Stared at Locket: 4

10 a.m. Tenjou looks cute in skirt, but find I prefer gym shorts more. Hasn't anyone slapped some sense into her yet? If there's one thing I can't stand, it's someone who just sits around brooding all day.

12:30 p.m. Himemiya walked out of cafeteria sopping wet. Wonder what this means. Could just be strange Himemiya thing.

3:30 p.m. Woo! Tenjou challenged Kiryuu! That's my girl!

I wonder if she has a sword? We can't have any of this bamboo nonsense again.

3:45 p.m. Gave Tenjou rapier. Hope it will make up for my earlier foolishness. At least makes her look a bit more butch. Wonder where those gym shorts are, anyway.

4:30 p.m. Take that, Smug Bastard! He pulled out all the light show tricks, and Tenjou still ripped him a new one (course he ripped her uniform... the look is good for her, come to think of it...). Perhaps I underestimated her swordsmanship–or at least her fighting spirit.

Reminder: make Kiryuu pay for broken sword.


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