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Chu Chu
Chu Chu – "Chu?" [Ep. 2]

Other name spellings: ChuChu (but NOT Chuu Chuu or Choo Choo)

Role: Monkey

Age: ?

Blood Type: Monkey!

Zodiac Sign: Monkey!


(Blood type, sign, and hobbies
provided by manga)

Met the girl with her hand
That's covering most of her mouth
Does she tell the truth?
Does she hide the lie?
Does she say it so no one can know?
Fat man and the dancing girl
And it's all part of the show
Stand on the tightrope
Never dreamed I would fall
Monkey in the middle
Keeps singing that tune
I don't want to hear it
Get rid of it soon
Monkey in the middle
Keeps doing that trick
It's making me nervous
Get rid of it quick

– Suzanne Vega, "Fat Man and Dancing Girl"

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