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Tenchi Tenchi Tenchi
by Death Quaker(mistress@deathquaker.org")
to the tune of "Touch-a Touch-a Touch Me"
by Richard O'Brien, from the "Rocky Horror Show"
and the "Rocky Horror Picture Show"

(Rep's note: Yes, this is a bit naughty. But isn't it supposed to be? Just imagine Ryoko singing this as she chases Tenchi around the house. And perhaps Mihoshi and Washu watching on Washu's viewscreen...)

I was feelin' caved in...
('cause I) didn't win
I'd only destroyed things before
I thought there's no use feeling
I was built for death and stealing
But now I've met this boy,
And my heart is reeling...

Now all I want to know
Is how to go
And make this boy all mine (mine mine mine)
'Tween us there'll be no distance
Hey, Tenchi--don't put up resistance!
It's time for me to repent
And I need assistance!

(Chorus) Tenchi Tenchi Tenchi Tenchiii!
I want you to love me!
Thrill me chill me fulfill me,
Crown Prince of Jurai!

I love how your Tenchi-ken grows
When I pose
You've got that Jurai power down (down, down, down)
But that's just one small fraction
Of the nature of my attraction
You came and let me out
Now give me action!

(Chorus 2x)
Crown Prince of Jurai! (repeat till end)

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