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SimTenchi! FAQ

I think I have gotten more e-mail over this one tiny section of my site than anything else. To make things easier, I've constructed this FAQ for your SimTenchi convenience. If I do not answer your question here, feel free to e-mail me, but PLEASE make sure you've read this first!

The Tenchi Skins
The Masaki House

The Tenchi Skins
Where did those Tenchi skins you have come from?
The skins were originally designed by Dov Sherman of Otakuworld. Additionally, I used Sherman's Ryoko head and Ayeka kimono design... as well as some generic Maxis meshes... to create "adult" versions of Washu and Sasami for my own use.

How can I get these skins?
One of two ways:

  1. You can download them from Otakuworld if you subscribe to them.
  2. You can download a household that uses these skins at the SimsExchange at The official Sims Web site. You must be a registered and legit user to use this feature, which is free. (If you are not a legit user, shame on you.) I found mine by doing a search for "Masaki" and a plethora of houses using the Tenchi skins came up. Download the family, and the skins will be copied into your skins folder–meaning you can create your own Tenchi household if you don't like the one you downloaded.

I can't figure out how to use the SimsExchange! Can you help?
No. I am not a Maxis tech support person. There are very easy to use instructions about the SimsExchange in your game documentation and online. If you still have trouble I would recommend contacting Electronic Arts/Maxis tech support.

Aaagh! My Tenchi skins won't work!
Do you have Unleashed? There is a conflict with the Tenchi skins and some skins on that expansion pack. Dov Sherman told me she fixed the skins available at her site, but if you downloaded older versions you may have this problem (I did). You will have to re-name the files and re-write the .cmx files. I never actually fixed mine once I hit that bug.

If you want help editing the .cmx files, please don't ask me as I'm rather incompetent at it. Try looking up Sim skin/mesh tutorials; one good source of info is The Sims Resource.

Can you e-mail me the Washu and Sasami adult skins?
Nope. Lost'em in a computer crash, and again, they were broken anyway.

Can you PLEASE e-mail me the Tenchi skins?
Nope. Don't have'em. And I cannot handle e-mail skin requests anyway.

What will you do if I e-mail you and ask you to send me skins anyway?
I will laugh heartily at your foolishness and delete your e-mail without replying.

Are you really just a mean person?
No. But you have no idea just how many people have asked me to e-mail them the skins. I am sorry.

The Masaki House
How did you build the Masaki house?
Guardians of Order published "blueprints" of the Tenchi household in their Tenchi Muyo! fan guide. These blueprints I believe are also available on the Tenchi Encyclopedia, which is part of the Tenchi OAV DVD boxset (the one that came out a couple years ago). I used these as a general guideline. However, the Masaki house is three floors and you can only build two in the Sims–and moreover there are no sub-dimensions in the Sims– so I added on an extra wing to the house with Washu's lab on the bottom floor and Ryoko's room on the top floor above it.

If you cannot find the "blueprints" you should get a fairly good idea of the layout just by watching the series. My photo album should also be helpful in giving you an idea of what the layout is.

I watched the series. I couldn't find blueprints. I still can't figure out how to build the house. Can you help?
I made some really crappy drawings–that honestly were the best I could do–to help out a person in a similar plight to yours. You can look at my layouts and notes here.

How did you get all the money to build the house?
I used the "rosebud" cheat, which is a common cheat published in every version of the Sims strategy guides.

Do you know where I can download the Tenchi house?
Once again, try the Sims Exchange. I've seen some really nice ones there, including some that are much better than my own. Other than that, no, I don't know.

Can you e-mail me your house?
No. I wouldn't even know how, even if I still had the files.

Please see my answer regarding above regarding e-mailing people skins. My answer is the same.

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