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The SimTenchi House

Up front: these plans suck. They're the best I can do. I wish you luck.

Tenchi House Plans


  1. Use a large lot. I used the one in the top left hand corner–it's #3 Sim Lane, I believe.
  2. The hallways are two squares across. That should help give you a sense of the proportions (and trust me, you want them to be two squares across–it will improve mobility greatly)
  3. Make the lower bath larger–I actually turned the area into two separate bathrooms, one a small room with a toilet, and another larger one with a bathtub in the back. Your house will have six to eight people in it, so adjust accordingly.
  4. Make "Funaho" by dropping a tree and then using the water tool around it (available in Hot Date or later; if you don't have that there is a water tool cheat, which is actually better because you can draw water right underneath the roots, but the cheat won't work if you have the in-game water tool).
  5. The "carrot patch" you can make if you have Unleashed–just use the victory garden and buy some carrot seeds and plant'em! Otherwise you could just plant flowers here, if you wished (or berries if you have Makin' Magic).
  6. The "onsen" is an indoor swimming pool with an adjacent hottub, and then another hottub in Tenchi's side.
  7. The "shed" is actually supposed to be on the side of the house, where Washu's lab and Ryoko's bedroom are; since I put them there, I thought behind the kitchen was a good place. (If you have Unleashed and want a cat to represent Ryo-ohki, it's a good place to put her food bowls).
  8. The Japanese wall designs that come with the basic game will do well for most of the walls inside and outside.
  9. Otherwise just look at my photos and the series itself for design and decoration ideas!

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