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Why I Love Mihoshi

First Class Detective Mihoshi Kuramitsu is the best goddamn fictional animated blonde ever. She's better than Brittany! She's better than Bubbles, even! Mihoshi makes me smile.

Yes, she is a ditz. Yes, she has two left feet, and probably two right hands. SO WHAT? Contrary to what some people seem to set forth, she's not useless. She's dedicated to her duty, loyal, brave, always sees the silver lining around that big huge radioactive nebula, and possesses the capability of one of the most–no, THE most–important traits a person can have: unconditional love.

When Ryoko and Ayeka are fighting and Washu's avoiding everyone hiding out in her lab and Tenchi is standing around being nervous and indecisive, Mihoshi's trying to do her best to end the fights and calm people down.

Or she's taking a nap, but quite frankly, to have the skill to take nap in that household is an impressive one indeed. Godlike, one might even say.

But seriously, Mihoshi always tries. She never gives up!

Let's not forget some of the contributions she's made and things she's accomplished: she found Dr. Clay's ship all by herself. She stood her own against Kagato's robots, and stood up against Kagato to protect her friends even though she was obviously out-powered. She wrote a report with enough useful information in it to scare the Juraian council, proving she's got the information-gathering skills a detective needs. In the TV show, despite the fact that she's pretty much "Mihoshi Lite" in this one, she rescued Kiyone from arrest (and it was not her fault they were being chased to begin with), which required the competence needed to find Yagami, find Kiyone, rescue her, and blast off before the GP could stop them. In Shin Tenchi, in which she's Mihoshi Lite as well, she took a blast to save Kiyone, despite the fact that Kiyone is the most complainy in this series. In Daughter of Darkness she was the first person to come up with a reasonable explanation for who Mayuka was–yes, she turned out to be wrong, but even Washu acknowledged it was a good theory.


If I could be most like any character in Tenchi Muyo, it would actually be Mihoshi. I already have the ADD and two left feet. What I'd like is the indomitable spirit and the determination and the endless kindness and the ability to live in the Now. I try, but it's not easy. It's much easier to worry and get irritable with people and give up when the going gets rough. Optimism takes effort, didja know that?

Granted, I'd also like to have a tall, physically fit body and pointed ears and fangs, but we can't have everything, can we?

Anyway, let's just all pause to say, "Thank you, Mihoshi, for being the coolest anime babe on the planet." After all she's been through, she deserves some recognition. Mihoshi! Mihoshi! Rah! Rah! Rah!

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