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Science Fiction Tenchi Feature
by Death Quaker(mistress@deathquaker.org")
to the tune of "Science Fiction Double Feature"
by Richard O'Brien from the "Rocky Horror Show"
and the "Rocky Horror Picture Show"

Crown Prince Yosho was ill the day Jurai stood still
'Gainst Ryoko he made his stand
In the cave she appeared in just her underwear
And told Tenchi he was her man
But something went wrong when Ayeka came along
And got caught in a spaceship jam
And at a deadly pace they came from outer space
And crashed right into Japan

Science Fiction Anime Feature
Dr. Washu has built her creature
Kagato's fighting our heroes
Ryoko cloned by that robot Zero
On the late night Tenchi Muyo! video

I know we all love Mihoshi even tho' her brain's toasty
And she crashes her ship into the hills
Oh, I really got hot when all those girls fought
A demon that spits water and kills
Sasami said trees gave her the means to use some goddess-like skills
But when our hero collides with a mad scientist's pride
It'll give him some terrible chills
in the...


kind of shojo.... wha-oh-oh
Oh the late night Tenchi Muyo! video
I wanna goooo.... wha-oh-oh
watch the late night Tenchi Muyo! video
with Ryoko.... wha-oh-oh
oh the late night Tenchi Muyo! vid-e-ooooooooooo

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Contact: mistress@deathquaker.org