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SimTenchi: The Love Triangle

The Eternal Triangle The eternal triangle, Sims-style. Here, we learn Ayeka is getting tired of it.
That's not at all Princess-like behavior Abandoning her princess-like reservations, she decides once and for all to show Tenchi how she feels.
Take that, Princess! The result is not unexpected. Note everyone else returns to their daily life as quickly as possible.
Woo! Hah! Ryoko gets hers later...
Bang, zoom... POW! Which leads to more fighting later on...
Ayeka, this is definitely not like you... Ayeka makes the pretext of peace later on, but this can't be right... she must be up to something...
Call Me Princess! Because we all know she's the Oujosama. (Actually, this is a different Sim but I like putting the picture in this context.)
Pirate Queen captures Tenchi is not a valid move, Ryoko... However, even the girls tire of their antics occasionally and duke it out in less chaotic forums...

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