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SimTenchi: Delight and Disaster

Tenchi needs his privacy, Ryoko But Tennn-chiiii... As in the actual Tenchi series, Tenchi is hard put to find privacy in his home.
Ryoko! Ryoko even managed to pull off getting in bed with Tenchi (this was before the little "hearts" appeared in their relationship file). The amusing note about this is that you "train" Sims to their beds; I had started to train Ryoko to a different bed but computer program or no computer program, Ryoko wants to be with her Tenchi!
Ayeka starts a fire
It's for love, for love, for love!
Now you know why I needed to make an adult Sasami–so the game will let her cook!
Poor dear Sasami... But Sasami, even at goddess level, gets tired out working in this house!
Too much sake, Ryoko? Whereas Ryoko just slacks off as usual...
Patrol Mihoshi and Kiyone of course work hard to fight intergalactic criminals.
Washu at work Washu stays busy in her lab as usual...
I hate it when she rubs her hands together like that... But the only thing that makes me more nervous when Washu has that look in her eye near her equipment...
Mihoshi with a mallet... in Washu's lab... ...is Mihoshi in the same situation.

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