Attention, class!General Use and Tenchi Muyo FAQ for AIC BBS users

This FAQ was compiled to provide information to newcomers to the AIC BBS site–although the information on Tenchi should hopefully be useful to anyone. The first section is on general use and expectations of behavior on the board–please read this section as it covers important information on how to make participating in the BBS as enjoyable as possible for yourself and others. The second section covers commonly-asked questions about Tenchi Muyo! and its affiliated products. Please consult the Tenchi section before you post any threads asking for information about the series, including on the new OAV and GXP series.

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This FAQ was written by Death Quaker, a member of the BBS, in response to several comments that a FAQ was needed to help guide members on how to use the BBS. This is participant-created–this FAQ was NOT commissioned or approved by AIC, and does NOT reflect any rules or requirements by AIC. If AIC ever produces a "rules-of-use" FAQ, its authority supercedes this one.

This FAQ was last updated on 24 September 2003, news added to the OAV section, GXP section, and to the general user guidelines.

Table of Contents

Section One: Participation in the BBS Section Two: Tenchi Muyo Information
Intro to the BBS General Information
Guidelines for Participation Continuities
Site How-to Shin (True) Tenchi Novels
The Third OAV
Tenchi Muyo! GXP

Section One: Participation in the AIC BBS

Intro to the AIC BBS
Okay, I'm a newbie. Should I introduce myself in a new thread?
No. Well, the world don't end if you do, but it's really not necessary to trumpet your arrival. If you wish, though, there is an "Introductions" forum in the General section of the BBS, where you may feel free to crow your arrival as loud as you wish. And welcome to the Nuthouse!

I have so many questions about Tenchi/AIC anime/etc! Can I start posting them all in new threads?
WAIT! There's a good chance there is already an existing thread on the board that will answer your questions. As we said above, this is a very active board, and threads that repeat subjects of other threads are unwanted space fillers; moreover, many consider it rude of board members to overlook/ignore other threads already started by other people. Use the "search" function to find answers to your question and/or scan through the board to see if there is something that already addresses your issue. You might also try the the old BBS for some interesting info–hint: anything written by S. Naoe is worth noting! FINALLY, if your question is about Tenchi Muyo!, the answer might also be in the second section of this FAQ.

If you've thoroughly searched and still can't find the answer to your question, then please feel free to post your thread. We don't want to stifle new conversation, we're just trying to get rid of redundant threads.

NOTE: Someone did bring up the issue that people with slow connections might have trouble doing a search; I have no idea if this is true. If you can't do a search, please state the logical reasons why–this will prevent at least some people from jumping down your e-throat for starting a redundant thread. In the end, if there is any way you can avoid creating redundant threads, please do so.

What's the Newbie/Otaku thing I see under my and other people's name?
It's a "rank" based on how many times you've posted messages on the board. For some people, it indicates roughly how long that person has participated in the BBS. For other people, it indicates that they are incapable of shutting up when they probably should. IT IS NOT IMPORTANT. It's just a weird little feature of this board. Randomly posting comments JUST to raise your rank is highly frowned upon–it's just more SPAM no one wants to read and will hopefully ignore. Don't shout out to the world when you've made it to "Otaku" either.

I goofed up in my post! Should I post a correction?
No. There's a better solution: At the top of your post, there's a little button marked "modify." Click that, and you will be sent to a screen that allows you to correct your post. Click "save" once you've finished. If you want to delete your post entirely, click "modify" and then click "remove" (use this when you've accidentally double-posted). See the How-To for other guidelines on other site features.

Guidelines for Participation
Okay, so what are the guidelines for participation in the BBS?
Please follow these as best you can for a pleasant time for all. Where these guidelines fail, let common sense and courtesy guide you. And do note that abusive behavior results in a request to Admin to banish you from the board, which he is usually prompt in doing.

  1. Post all topics at the relevant forum. For example, please post ONLY Tenchi Muyo! discussions at the Tenchi forum. Post discussions about AIC Anime that doesn't have its own forum in the "Other AIC Anime" forum. Discussions of miscellaneous material (i.e. not related directly to an AIC anime)–which includes non-AIC Anime–happen in the Lounge.
  2. Do not advertise bootleg episode downloads or fansubtitles. REMEMBER THIS SITE IS OWNED BY AIC!!! They are being very nice to us by giving us a FREE BBS with an admin that knows directly what's going on at AIC–beyond the other ethical issues, encouraging people to steal from them at their very own site is just plain RUDE.
  3. Do Not Post Screen Captures from Tenchi OAV3. Admin has personally, specifically asked members to stop posting screen-caps from the new Tenchi series–I assume because it is still coming out. Remember Admin has the power to boot you off, so I'd respect his (i.e. AIC's) wishes if I were you.
  4. If you have something to say to a single specific board member, send them a private message. Keep your personal beefs with others personal. The BBS is not a public vent zone for your issues with a particular person.
  5. Racist and other derogatory remarks are absolutely forbidden. Such remarks will be reported and the Web Administrator will banish you from the site. Please note to those who are for some reason otherwise unaware of this: abbreviating "Japanese" to its first three letters IS derogatory and will be considered a racist remark.
  6. Do NOT, for any reason, imitate someone or post using someone else's screen name. Not even as a joke. And for that matter...
  7. Do not create more than one member account/profile. Beyond the fact that it's easy to imitate someone this way, the creation of false or new identities is confusing and... well, kind of silly, really.
  8. Be nice: share your opinion politely, and let everyone else share theirs. EVERYONE has an opinion; everyone has a right to express that opinion. However, expressing that opinion using violent or excessively vulgar language, or responding to someone else's opinion in a violent or excessively vulgar language is not acceptable. It is actually possible to post your dislike of a character or idea using intelligent and polite language. If you feel someone is speaking abusively, the most constructive and productive thing you can do is ignore them, or if they're really bad, simply report their behavior to Admin and get on with your life.
  9. Do not post any pornographic/overtly sexual material. Fan service is one thing, hentai is another. Keep the content at PG13.
  10. Don't double post or post a number of messages one right after another. See above for how to correct messages and erase accidental posts.
  11. Try to keep pictures relatively small. The site already takes a long time to load on a slow/dial-up connection; please do not exacerbate the problem. Do not post pictures bigger than the box in which you post, and post only thumbnail-size pictures in your signature. If you have a large picture you want to share, just post the link to the picture. More on pictures here.
  12. Keep the facts separate from speculation. A lot of people like to analyze characters or jump to conclusions about character backgrounds, what's going to happen in the future of a series, etc. If you're speculating or guessing or interpreting, make it clear that's what you're doing. If you are stating a fact, please state where you're getting it from.
  13. As mentioned before (ironically), avoid creating redundant threads. This goes double for "Who Should Get Tenchi?" threads. EXCEPTION to the redundant thread rule: if a particular thread has gotten very large, say over 10 or 20 pages long, it's probably fine to start a new one.
  14. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE check your grammar and spelling before posting! An occassional error is one thing, but having your post entirely unreadable is another. There are people who have posted messages that are so full of poor spelling and grammar that they cannot be understood. Please take a few seconds to proofread before you post.
  15. Be nice. It's a statement worth repeating. This is a board participated in by a lot of people; as in real life, common courtesy goes a long way to promoting an enjoyable experience for everyone. Flames will not be tolerated by anyone, and if someone is being a jerk, don't drop to their level and respond the same way. I PROMISE, I SWEAR, the best thing to do is just ignore the idiocy and enjoy conversations with cool, responsible people in another thread.

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Site How-To
How do I search the BBS to find if someone's already discussed something I'm interested in?
At the very top of the page, right underneath the AIC BBS banner, there are several little buttons (yeah, they're hard to see). One is marked "Search." From there, write in your keywords in the first field. If you're looking for a post by a particular person, write in that person's name in the second field; otherwise, leave it blank and make sure the little pull-down menu next to it is set on "Any poster." The search engine is defaulted to search the entire board. If you just want to seach one particular forum, click OFF the "check all" button and then click on the forum you want to search. Fill in your time and other parameters (it's pretty self-explanatory), and click "search."

How do I edit my profile?
Click "profile" at the top of the screen–it's another one of those hard-to-see buttons (at least for my ancient 25-year-old eyes).

How do I send someone a private message?
Underneath a person's name and icon, there are a bunch of tiny icons. One looks like a piece of paper being put inside a folder–if you wave your mouse cursor over it, a balloon appears saying "instant message." Click that and send the person your message–you fill it out similarly to a board post. Also, if you click on the member's name, you can view their profile, which in addition to giving that person the option of sending them a PM, also displays their e-mail address and other instant message addresses, if that person has chosen to share them publically.

How do I modify a post?
That question was answered up here.

How do I post pictures in a message?
First, you must have a picture uploaded to the internet somewhere; for example, in your online web page account. Next, type [img], followed by the URL where you have your image saved, followed by [/img].

Example: BBS Member Mihoshi_Roolz wants to post her favorite picture of Kiyone on the board. She has this picture on her web page, in a file called "kiyone5.jpg". So, she creates her post, then types [img], then, followed by [/img]. When she saves her post, the picture of Kiyone should load for all to see!

Some important notes:

  1. Many free web servers, such as Angelfire, Tripod, and Geocities, block direct linking to images. If you have you have a picture saved on one of these servers, you will not be able to post them directly. However, you can post the URL and members can copy and paste it into their web browser so they can see it.
  2. Large pictures are a big fat pain in the ass. They distort the forum display, and they often load very slowly on people's computers who have dial-up connections. Please make your pictures relatively small, or simply post the URL to where people can view it.
  3. 3) Large pictures are even a bigger, fatter pain in the ass if they are in your sig file. Please keep sig file pictures small.

How do I use my own icon for my profile?
As with all images, as mentioned in the question above, you have to have the image saved somewhere on web space you have access to. Second, make sure the picture is 60x60 pixels. Then just click on "profile" and type in the image's URL in the picture area.

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Section Two: Tenchi Muyo! Information
Information in this section is based on items found in the Tenchi Encyclopedia (which can be accessed, if you have a decent connection, at The Tenchi Muyo Information Archive), information shared by knowledgeable folk at the BBS, and of course the Tenchi series themselves. I also found some very useful information at Tenchi Muyo! Another Universe, which in general has a lot of Tenchi facts (including on GXP) and a good FAQ. Tenchiken's FAQ also has a hell of a lot of Tenchi information. If you understand Japanese or wish to wrangle with a Web translator, Tenchi Web can also be helpful. Also, if you're looking for some interesting and sometimes informative Tenchi discussions, you might check out what was posted at the old BBS.

General Info
If you're not updating very often or not at all, where can we find new Tenchi news?
The main AIC site always posts the big news about their anime, and they have an easy-to-search news archive. If you read Japanese or can work with the limitations of a web translator such as Babelfish, you will also find a wealth of information at Tenchi Web, AIC's official OAV3/GXP site. Also, usually there will be discussion of new news at the board itself.

What are all the different Tenchi stories and when did they come out?
1992-3: Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-ohki (a.k.a. Tenchi Muyo!)–the first OAV series, 6 episodes.

1993-?: Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-ohki–a series of novels by Naoko Hasegawa. NOT available outside of Japan.

1993: Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-ohki Special: The Night before the Carnival–an OAV special that is episode #7 of the "Ryo-ohki" series.

1994: Galaxy Police Mihoshi's Space Adventure (a.k.a. the Mihoshi Special)–an OAV that was spun-off from the main OAV series. There is a debate as to whether it's officially part of the "Ryo-ohki" continuity or not.

1994-2001: Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-ohki (a.k.a No Need for Tenchi)–a 12-volume manga series by Hitoshi Okuda.

1995: Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-ohki Series 2–the second OAV series, picks up from the end of "Night Before Carnival;" 6 episodes long plus a mini-episode tagged to the end of episode 13.

1995: Tenchi Muyo! TV (a.k.a. Tenchi Universe)–26 episodes developed for TV Tokyo.

1995-7: Magical Girl Pretty Sammy (a.k.a. Tenchi and Friends Special: Pretty Sammy)–an OAV 3 episodes long, spun off of the Mihoshi Special.

1996: Tenchi Muyo! in Love(a.k.a. Tenchi: The Movie)–a feature-length film based on the TV series.

1996-7: Magical Girl Pretty Sammy TV (a.k.a. Magical Project S)– a 26 episode TV series about Pretty Sammy.

1997: Shin Tenchi Muyo! (a.k.a. Tenchi in Tokyo)–another 26 episode long TV series.

1997: Tenchi Muyo! Manatsu no Eve (a.k.a. Tenchi: The Movie 2: Daughter of Darkness)–a feature-length film based on the Hasegawa novels.

1997: Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-ohki's Day–a six issue comic series published by Pioneer USA (it's included in the Tenchi OAV DVD set; otherwise I think this series is pretty much ignored...).

1998: Shin Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-ohki–three novels; go here for more information.

1999: Tenchi Muyo! in Love 2: Haruka naru omoi (a.k.a. Tenchi Forever)– a feature-length film based on the first TV series.

2002: Shin Tenchi Muyo!–a new manga by Hitoshi Okuda that's just recently started. Viz's English version began being published in May.

2002: Tenchi Muyo! GXP–This 26 episode tv series is a spin-off of the "Ryo-ohki" universe. It began airing in Japan in April 2002. Go here for more info.

2003/4: Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-ohki This OAV series will pick up where the second OAV series left off. The first episode was released in Japan September 18. Go here for more info.

Please see the continuities section to see how these various series do and do not relate to one another.

Why is Kiyone not in the OAV series or the Okuda manga?
Because Masaki Kajishima didn't make her up; she was invented by Naoko Hasegawa and didn't see the screen until after OAV1 was completed. The Okuda manga is based on the OAV series, so it doesn't include her either.

Why are people at the board calling Tenchi's mother "Kiyone"? Isn't that Mihoshi's partner? Isn't Tenchi's mother named "Achika"?
In the first TV series and the movies that were based on it, Tenchi's mother was named Achika. In GXP and OAV3, however, his mother is called Kiyone, which is rumored to have been the name Kajishima had picked for the character before or during the time Hasegawa gave the name to the teal-haired girl with the orange headband. I don't know why they felt the need to go with the old concept, because it's awfully confusing to the fans, and I would think it especially makes the Detective Kiyone fans (and Achika fans!) feel rather discounted. But what do I know? I'm just a fan, myself.

How are all the characters related to one another?
Here is a family tree in jpeg format which illustrates the character relationships. This is true for the OAV series only (though fortunately, character relationships are simpler in the other series, so hopefully, you won't need a diagram for those).

There are some timeline inconsistencies in the OAV–for example, at one point they say Ryoko is 2,000 and at another they say she is 5,000. What's going on?
In reality, they messed up. Later, they explained it in the Tenchi Encyclopedia/101 Secrets by saying 2,000 galactic years equal 5,000 Earth years.

What a minute–who is Masaki Kajishima?
He was the primary designer of the characters and the concept for the Tenchi OAV series (although OAV1 director Hiroki Hayashi is also sometimes listed as a co-concept creator). Rightfully, Tenchi Muyo! in all its various incarnations, is the product of many, many creative minds, too numerous to list, but Kajishima is the man who started it all. His word is usually considered the final one on a Tenchi issue relating to the OAV series. Note that Kajishima has only directly been involved with OAV-related products (Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-ohki, Tenchi Muyo! GXP, the True Tenchi novels) as far as story concepts; he was not directly involved with the story/writing of the two Tenchi TV series or the movies. For those series he is only credited as "original character concept designer" because as the OAV came first, he did design most of the main characters.

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TM! Continuities
ARRRGH! What's up with all these different Tenchi continuities?
In the beginning, there was only one Tenchi continuity: the OAV. However, the popularity of the OAV led to a number of "spin-offs" and world re-designs, including novels, television series, radio dramas, and manga. Not all of these Tenchi products have the same plot, and many outright contradict each other. It is not a good idea to assume that if you saw one thing in one series somewhere that it holds true for other series (unless it's something extremely basic, like the fact that Ryoko is a space pirate, and if you count Pretty Sammy as part of the continuities, you can't even hold onto that as a universal Tenchi truth. Confusing, ain't it?)

How many continuities are there?
Five. Maybe six? Well, the manga are sort of a sub-continuity of... erm... maybe I should start over...

What are the different continuities then, and how, are they related?
The OAV, or Ryo-ohki, Universe
The OAV universe consists of characters and events from Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-ohki episodes 1-13.5. Most people consider the True Tenchi novels to also be part of this continuity, as it covers the history of events in the OAV and it is written by the series's original character concept designer, Masaki Kajishima. When it comes out, the third OAV will also be part of the OAV continuity. Tenchi Muyo! GXP takes place in the same universe; its chronology takes up where the OAV ends. The OAV continuity is the only continuity which Kajishima has directly contributed to its development and production. To help understand what events (so far) are part of the OAV storyline, board member Strannik graciously created this timeline.

The Negishi, or TV, Universe
The Negishi Universe is comprised of characters and events in the first Tenchi TV series, also known as Tenchi Universe, and two movies, Tenchi Muyo in Love and Tenchi Muyo in Love 2 (a.k.a. Tenchi Forever). It is called the "Negishi Universe" after the name of the director, who was one of the main creative forces behind the TV series and these two movies. I believe many Tenchi radio dramas are also based on this universe. This series was the first animated spin-off of the OAVs for television, but they re-started the plotline and re-wrote many character histories.

The Tokyo (STM! or TiT) Universe
This is the universe comprising characters and events in the second Tenchi TV series, Shin Tenchi Muyo a.k.a. Tenchi in Tokyo. Once again, the character histories and plotline are somewhat different.

The Hasegawa Universe
Naoko Hasegawa, a scriptwriter for the first OAV series (episodes 1-6), wrote a series of Tenchi novels. These novels are based on and continue from events in OAV1, but NOT OAV2 or any other OAV Universe materials, and so is essentially considered a separate continuity. None of these novels are available in English, although the movie Manatsu no Eve, a.k.a. Daughter of Darkness, is based on these novels. (That's why MnE seems sort-of OAV-like, but not really.) It should be noted that Hasegawa was the person who created Kiyone, who later got introduced in the animated Tenchi world in the Mihoshi special and later became a main cast member in the Negishi and Tokyo universes.

The Manga, or Okuda, Universe
Hitoshi Okuda drew and wrote 12 volumes of a Tenchi Muyo! manga, simply entitled No Need for Tenchi! in the US. He also is the penner of the sequel series All New Tenchi Muyo! The manga universe is based on OAVs 1 and 2, and somewhat on other Ryo-ohki universe materials, but it is not considered officially part of the OAV universe because events that happen in the manga will probably not effect events in the True Tenchi novels or third OAV.

The Pretty Sammy OAV Universe
The three-episode-long Pretty Sammy OAV includes characters based on the major Tenchi series but is very different in plot and style, it essentially using the characters in a parody of Magical Girl anime. The character of Pretty Sammy was introduced in the Mihoshi Special but the Mihoshi Special takes place in a different universe as well.

The Pretty Sammy TV Universe
Pretty Sammy got spun off into a TV series, marketed in the US as Magical Project S. Of course, it doesn't quite have the same plot as the OAV series it's based on.

There are also other manga, radio dramas, and video games that are not mentioned here, that probably comprise miscellaneous categories of their own. The ones mentioned above comprise the most important and well-known continuities, however.

What continuity is the Mihoshi Special in?
The short answer is, I don't know. Galaxy Police Mihoshi's Space Adventure came out on video around the same time as "Night before the Carnival" (episode 7 of the OAV). At the time, the only continuity in existence was the OAV Universe, and so many believe the Mihoshi special is part of the OAV continuity. However, Kajishima did not work on the Mihoshi Special (although Hiroki Hayashi, the other OAV series creator, directed it), so some people think it should not be considered part of the OAV universe. The existence of Kiyone, a character imported from the Hasegawa novels (but with a different background), adds to some people's testimonies that the Mihoshi Special is not technically an OAV universe story. Most of the story of the Mihoshi Special takes place inside Mihoshi's head, as she "casts" her friends into a story she is telling them, which makes it harder to figure out what continuity it is a part of, if any, since we don't see much of them in "real life." Most people assume it's either part of the OAV continuity or stands alone in its own little world. Some fans believe it was a prototype for Tenchi Universe (some of the people who worked on the Special worked on the TV series) and/or for Magical Girl Pretty Sammy. Someone told me Kajishima said at his site that it was a TV prototype–although I was not provided with a direct quote.

Is Dual! part of the Tenchi-verse?
The anime series Parallel Trouble Adventure Dual! is created by Masaki Kajishima and according to him does tie in to the OAV universe in some way. In GXP, there are tie-over references to Dual!. In the Dual! series, however, none of the characters are directly related to the characters in Tenchi Muyo! however (although the main character Kazuki Yotsuga coincidentally has the same name as King Azusa Jurai's father). Incidentally, and rather amusingly, the otherwise non-OAV continuity characters Kiyone, Rumiya, and Misao appear very briefly at the end of Dual! episode 14.

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Shin (True) Tenchi Novels
What are these "Shin Tenchi" Novels everyone keeps talking about?
The "Shin" or "True" Tenchi Novels were written by Masaki Kajishima and Yosuke Kuroda, and they detail historic events that happened in the OAV continuity. There are three novels. The first is called Jurai, and it details Jurai's history, and primarily King Azusa's life story. The second is called Yosho, and predictably, it details Yosho's life up to the time he fought Ryoko on Earth. The third is called Washu, in which we learn a little more about Washu's past, including her early life at the Science Academy and her life with her husband and son.

Can I buy these novels?
Yes, but only in Japanese. Many import bookstores online and the like sell them.

Have the novels been translated into English?
NO! There are no full translations of the novels in English; HOWEVER, a Japanese fan named Kaz Tatsumingo has been kind enough to give detailed summaries and a few excerpts in English. Go to his site and click on "World Tenchi," then scroll down and click on the novel you're interested in.

Will there ever be an official English translation?
There is a small chance, but the likelihood is small because translation and reproduction of printed material is very expensive, especially on a project like a novel. If the fandom keeps growing though, who knows?

Why is it called "Shin Tenchi" if it has to do with the OAV and not Tenchi in Tokyo?
The word "Shin" in "Shin Tenchi Muyo!" (a.k.a. Tenchi in Tokyo) is represented by a different kanji (character) than the word "Shin" in the novel titles. The former means "New" (because it was a new Tenchi TV series); the latter means "True" or "Real." Apparently it can also be translated as "World" as well, which is why Tatsumingo titles his page "Tenchi Muyo in the World."

What are the important things I should know in the novels?
It's too much to summarize here. Best just go to Tatsumingo's page and find out for yourself. You might also find some useful information in Tenchiken's FAQ.

Are there going to be any more novels?
There are rumors that there are or was supposed to be a fourth novel entitled Mihoshi, but it wasn't published. It's possible it will be... or it's possible this is completely a rumor. I've also heard a rumor that there were supposed to be six novels, but once again, there's not much to back this up.

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The Third Tenchi Muyo! OAV
What's this about a Third Tenchi Muyo OAV series?
Masaki Kajishima confirmed in an interview published by AIC (sadly, it is no longer online) that a new TM! OAV series was going in production. The new OAV series will continue and conclude the storylines introduced in the first two OAV series.

When is OAV3 coming out?
The first episode was released in Japan on September 18, 2003. The second episode will be released in November. It will probably roughly stay on that two-month schedule.

When will we see OAV3 in the US/outside of Japan?
That is yet to be known, especially since a distributor has not yet been chosen for OAV3. Most likely at least a year after the series comes out in Japan, so maybe late 2004/2005?

Is there any other news on when the OAV is coming out or what's going to be in it?
Vinz, in this thread, reports the following from a panel discussion with the OAV3 producer back in July 2002. As far as I know, this is the latest we have, other than what else is addressed below in this FAQ:

The producer stated that Tenchi does NOT make a choice in the coming OAV. Several people mentioned the Kajishima interview and Mr. K's statement about Tenchi deciding, but the producer was firm in saying there would be no choice. He was speaking through an interpreter, but the no on the choice was very clear, as he was asked the question more than once.

The US distributor will be announced in about a month.

Mr. Kajishima does have an idea for further OAVs, and it seems it all depends on how well OAV 3 and GXP do.

OAV 3 has not yet started production, and will not until the end of the year--and there is a strong chance it will be pushed back to until the beginning of 2003.

OAV 3 will be six, perhaps seven episodes.

OAV 3's art style will be consistent with that of the previous two.

They would be interested in an OAV and/or a GXP film, but once again, only if GXP and OAV 3 do well.

Tenchi's mother will not appear in OAV 3 or GXP. Ditto for Kiyone (drat!).

Ryo-ohki is in for some surprises in GXP...perhaps that white creature that was in a screenshot posted awhile back is indeed a cabbit?

GXP is in the widescreen format.

GXP will not reveal what occurs in OAV 3, but there are clues and references scattered throughout. No decision by Tenchi may also explain why everyone is still together.

Click on the link above to read the discussion following Vinz's report.

Who is the creative staff for OAV3?
Original concept and supervising editor: Masaki Kajishima
Director: Kenichi Yatagai
Script writer: Kuroda Yosuke

What's the Third OAV going to be about?
This is a summary of what was revealed in the Kajishima interview: Much of the OAV is going to consist of the "Goddess War," some sort of conflict between Tsunami, Washu, and the mysterious Lady Tokimi. A new character, only tentatively named "Z," will be introduced. "Z" is a servant of Lady Tokimi's and will have to fight Tenchi. Later in the series, after the conclusion of the Goddess War, Tenchi is supposed to finally be forced to make "the Choice" between one of the girls.

The Kajishima Interview says the girls won't figure strongly in the Third OAV. Is this true?
He said they wouldn't figure strongly during the part involving the Goddess War, primarily because the focus will have to be on Tsunami, Washu, Tokimi, "Z," and Tenchi. There's no answer for certain, but we're fairly sure none of the other characters will disappear, however.

Are there going to be any other new characters in OAV3?
According to a newer 2003 interview with Kajishima, Seto Kamiki (Misaki Masaki's mother) will have a fairly important role in OAV3. Airi Magma will also appear. Both characters had important roles in GXP and the True Tenchi novels.

Also, from preview photos and what was seen in GXP, a Galaxy Police officer named Noike will arrive and have a noted role to play.

Is "Z" that guy dressed in black that appears in OAV episode 13.5?
We think so. But no one knows for sure.

Washu is a goddess?
So we are led to believe. Kajishima has mentioned in a few interviews that Washu is really a goddess, and a sister of Tokimi's and Tsunami's (note that in OAV2, Washu and Tsunami's silhouettes appear behind Tokimi's head whenever she appears). Somehow, she lost her godhead, however. Information in the Washu novel seems to imply that she lost her memory of the past and lost or abandoned her powers to avoid from something bad repeating itself (see the section on the True Tenchi Novels for more info). Washu also mentions in OAV episode 12 ("Zero Ryoko") that she "can't remember anything before 20,000 years ago." Many believe Washu's gems (now used by Ryoko) contain her godhead.

What's a "Choushin"?
"Choushin" refers to the three most powerful goddesses in the universe, i.e. Tsunami, Tokimi, and Washu. Kajishima says that Tokimi is currently the most powerful. D3, the strange bearded entity in the second OAV, is high-level entity in charge of the third dimension who pays some service to Tokimi.

Is Kiyone the Galaxy Police detective going to be in the OAV series?
Not according to Vinz's report and other reports on OAV3. And that makes me very, very sad. Coincidentally, the character Noike has an odd resemblance to Kiyone and will be partnered with Mihoshi at some point.

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Tenchi Muyo! GXP
What is Tenchi Muyo! GXP?
Tenchi Muyo! GXP (henceforth referred to as "GXP") is a new sci-fi anime television series created by AIC. It is designed by Masaki Kajishima and takes place in the same universe as the Tenchi OAVs. The time period of GXP will take place approximately a year after the events of the third OAV will have finished. HOWEVER, the story is not about Tenchi or the other major characters in the OAVs–it is a separate story, although we will see links between the two series. GXP began airing in Japan on April 2, and was shown every Tuesday night on NTV at 11:55p.m until it recently completed.

When will we get to see GXP in America/Anywhere else?
The English distributor for GXP will be Funimation, who says it will start coming out in early 2004. When time gets closer to released, they will launch their GXP website,

What is GXP about?
GXP is about a 15-year-old boy named Seina Yamada, a younger classmate of Tenchi's. Given a GP pamphlet by the character Amane, he ends up being recruited by the GP and goes on adventures through space, dealing with space pirates and some of the tricky royals of Jurai!

Who are the main characters in GXP?
Seina Yamada: the central character, a young boy who is recruited into the Galaxy Police. He doesn't seem to have any powers except that incredibly bad luck happens whenever he is around.
Amane Kaunaq: A second-class detective in the GP, a friend of Mihoshi's who is somewhat reckless. She's the one with the short blonde hair. She has a crush on Seina and is therefore rivals with...
Kiriko Masaki: A personnel officer in the GP who has known Seina since childhood and seems to be rather smitten with him. Note, "Masaki" is spelled with different kanji than the way it is spelled in Tenchi's name, so her last name may not indicate she is related to him or the Jurai royal clan. She's the girl with the long brown hair.
Mitoto Kuramitsu: Mihoshi's mother (she sure looks the part!) and a cleaning woman at the Galaxy Police. She is motherly and kind and has the ability to pass through any security system unchecked.
Ryoko Balta (or Baruta): A young member of the Space Pirates' Guild who named herself after the infamous demon who attacked Jurai over 700 years ago. While a skilled pirate, Ryoko Balta also seems to enjoy the arts of tea making and flower arranging. She of course will also try to get in on some Seina action. She's the girl with the black hair and with the green triangles over her eyebrows.
Other characters: Seto, mother of Queen Misaki of Jurai (pale green curly hair), and Airi Magma, a former lover of Yosho's (dark green hair pulled back in a bun), both have important roles in GXP. Both of these characters appeared in the True Tenchi novels. Also Seiryo, the pink-haired fop who was once a suitor to Princess Ayeka; Fuku, a young cabbit; and Neeju, a mysterious girl. (I won't release anything more about characters to avoid spoiling anything.)

What do you mean, GXP isn't about Tenchi?! Are we going to get to see ANY of our favorite characters from Tenchi Muyo!?
GXP is not about Tenchi. There are some cameo appearances from some TM! characters, and we get a good, if brief-ish, look at life at Masaki house (i.e. Tenchi and the girls) in episode 17 when Seina goes to visit his sempai.

When the silhouettes of the OAV characters appear in the main credits, who is the first person (before Ryoko appears)?
It is a girl named Neeju, who is an original character for GXP. I won't say more so as not to spoil anything.

Is there an MP3 available of the GXP theme song?
It was available at Tenchi Web, and I think AIC is starting a service that at can allow you to access more songs from the series. You also might find one at Litte Washu's 'Cute' Homepage.

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