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R.O.d20 Character Stats

These are the stats for known R.O.D characters using the d20 Modern System. Except for the homebrew Paper Master Advanced Class, all of their classes and abilities come straight out of the d20 Modern Core Rules, and you can refer to them in the System Resource Document.

Yomiko ďThe PaperĒ Readman: Smart Fast Paper Master
Nenene Sumiregawa: Charismatic Dedicated Personality (statted; need to finalize and HTMLize
Maggie Mui: Tough Dedicated Bodyguard Paper Master
Michelle Cheung: Charismatic Tough Infiltrator Paper Master
Anita King: Fast Martial Artist Paper Master
Nancy Makuhari II: Fast Charismatic Infiltrator Gunslinger (statted; need to finalize and HTMLize
Drake Anderson: Tough Bodyguard Soldier(statted; needs revision before finalizing)
Junior: Fast Infiltrator (needs to be statted)
Wendy Earhart: Smart Dedicated Investigator Negotiator
Joker: Dedicated Charismatic Negotiator (needs to be statted)

I tried to do my best to pick what was appropriate for each character based on observing them in the R.O.D anime and comics; sometimes I picked up on weird details, but thereís usually a reason Iíve built a character the way I did. Further details are provided on each character page.

I understand you may disagree with some of my choices. Feel free to make polite suggestions of your own (email mistress@deathquaker.org) on how to alter the stats. I may not take your suggestions, but I will give them due consideration, AND I am also happy to host alternative versions of character writeups should you wish to provide them.

That said, these ARE works in progress and I may re-stat them as I realize things need tweaking.

If you think you see an error in my math (I am an arithemetic-challenged English major) or other character build flaw, PLEASE let me know. Characters are up to interpretation, and while I feel confident in my ability to analyze them, I am less confident in my ability to add 2 and 2.

These sheets are done in a relatively brief format (except skills, which I kept relatively detailed), but as long as you basically know the rules system you should be able to understand them. Note I list feats and weapon/armor proficiencies separately; the latter includes both proficiencies provided by an occupation or class as well as feats taken. In the case of feats taken they are not listed again under "feats," so if it looks like Iíve shorted someone a feat, check the proficiencies section.

In some cases I ignored age prerequisites for starting Occupations.

I have "assumed" templates on a few characters ("Altered Human" and "I-Jin"). I haven't actually made the templates (YET), just generally guessed what beyond-human traits those characters had, added the abilities, and adjusted ECL if I felt I needed to. Nearly all these characters have an "Unusual Appearance" trait, pointing out strangely colored physical attributes. I realize one could argue that pink hair or red eyes aren't out of place on an anime character, but you'll notice that the characters who are NOT genetically altered or I-Jin generally stay within the normal color range of human physiology (black hair, blue eyes, etc.). Therefore I've assumed in the case of the R.O.Diverse, unusual coloration of physical features is actually an intentional feature.

Finally: I know very little about guns, beyond that if the thin, hollow end is pointed at me, I ought to be very concerned. Gun-using characters are assigned their firearms based on either 1) Appropriate stats in the book (e.g., Wendy uses a small easily concealable gun, so I picked her a size Tiny gun with decent stats), or 2) the R.O.D Wiki, which notes which firearms some of the characters, such as Nancy and Drake, use. If you are gun-knowledgeable and you think my choice of firearm for a given character is inappropriate, please let me know what you think they should have instead. Please note there are only so many firearms listed in the d20 Modern equipment list, and I am limiting myself to whatís in there regardless (so yes, maybe Nancy uses a Glock 18, but the core rulebook only has stats for a Glock 17 and a Glock 20, so she has a Glock 17).

Disclaimers: d20 Modern and the d20 System belong to Wizards of the Coast. R.O.D and all related concepts and characters are created by Hideyuki Kurata and belong to Aniplex/Studio Orphee and Shueisha. Legally, I cannot claim this as Open Game Content because I do not have the legal rights to Read or Die. This is a fan creation; it is meant to be read and distributed for free; no harm is intended to the license holders of R.O.D-related materials, nor to Wizards of the Coast. If anyone with the right to do so wishes me to remove this, I will comply, but I hope they will understand the harmless intentions of this work and my wishes to simply celebrate the world of R.O.D; of course, if a real, licensed "R.O.d20" game was to be made I'd certainly have no desire to stand in the way. I'll help! I'm an editor!

If anyone would like to post this or quote this elsewhere, I request that you please let me know and credit me (Death Quaker) for creating the mechanics for the class written up here. Thank you.

Death Quaker's Realm All original creative materials © 2005 R. Pickard. Read or Die, R.O.D. the TV and all related concepts were created by Hideyuki Kurata and are ©2003 Aniplex/Studio Orphee.
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