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Yomiko "The Paper" Readman
"May the power of paper always be with you."


Smart 4 Fast 5 Paper Master 10 (ECL 19)

Occupation: Academic (Knowledge (Art), Knowledge (History), Research)
Allegiances: Books, Nancy II, Nenene, Memories of Donnie and Ms. Deep
Wealth Bonus: +1; Reputation Bonus: +5
Hit Dice:(4d6+8) + (15d8+30) (133 HP)
Defense: 10 + Base 11 + Abil 3 = 24
Initiative: Dex 3 + Feat 4= 7; Base Speed: 30
Saves: Fort 9 (Base 7+2), Ref 12 (Base 9+3), Will 6 (Base 6+0)

Ability Scores:

STR: 13 (+1)
DEX: 17 (+3)
CON: 14 (+2)
INT: 18 (+4)
WIS: 10 (+1)
CHA: 14 (+2)

Class Abilities:
Savant (Knowledge: History), Plan, Evasion, Uncanny Dodge I, Uncanny Dodge II, Paper Master Weaknesses, Paper Telekinesis, Paper God, Ink Shift, Hard Paper, Paper Binding, Paper Aegis, Paper Knife, Paper Sword, Shin Origami I, Shin Origami II, Paper Surfing, Paper Airplane, Paper Rocket, Paper Shuriken, Paper Flood

Simple Weapons, Paper Master Weapons

Japanese (Native), English (Speak/Read/Write), German (Read/Write)

Weapon Finesse
Combat Expertise
Improved Disarm
Defensive Martial Arts
Heroic Surge
Elusive Target
Improved Initiative
Power Attack
Improved Sunder
Point Blank Shot
Precise Shot

Skills: These are the skills Yomiko has as class skills or can use untrained. Trained-only class skills with no ranks are included for the ease of redistributing skill points should you feel the need to do so. Synergy bonuses are not calculated in the totals. The skills are marked like so: “x”=Cross class; + = Trained only, F=Fast skill, S=Smart skill, P=Paper Master skill, * =Skill for all classes

SkillRanksAbility ModMisc ModTotal
Balance (F) 8 3 2 13
Bluff (x)   2   2
Climb (x) 4 1   5
Computer Use (P)   4   4
Concentration (P) 13 2 2 17
Craft (Chemical) (S+)       -
Craft (Electronic (S+)       -
Craft (Mechanical) (+*) 7 3   10
Craft (Pharm.) (S+)       -
Craft (Structural) (SP) 7 3   10
Craft (Visual Art) (SP) 10 4   14
Craft (Writing) (SP)   4   4
Decipher Script (SP+) 7 4 2 13
Demolitions (S+)       -
Diplomacy (x)   2 2 4
Disable Device (SP+) 7 3   10
Disguise (x) 7 2   2
Drive (F)   3   3
Escape Artist (F) 7 3   10
Forgery (SP)   4   4
Gamble (x)   2   2
Gather Information (x)   2 2 4
Hide (F) 4 3   7
Intimidate (x)   2   2
Investigate (SP+) 7 4   11
Jump(x)   1   1
Knowledge (Arcane) (SP+)       -
Knowledge (Art) (*+) 10 4   14
Knowledge (Beh. Sci.) (SP+)       -
Knowledge (Business) (SP+)       -
Knowledge (Civics) (SP+)       -
Knowledge (Current Ev.) (*+)       -
Knowledge (Eart./Li. Sci.) (SP+) 4 4   8
Knowledge (History) (*+) 10 4   14
Knowledge (Phys. Sci.) (SP+) 7 4   11
Knowledge (Pop Culture) (*+) 7 4   11
Knowledge (Streetwise) (*+)       -
Knowledge (Technology) (SP+)       -
Knowledge (Theo./Phil.) (SP+) 10 4   14
Listen (x)       0
Move Silently (F) 4 3   7
Navigate (SP)   4   4
Perform (Any) (x)   2   2
Pilot (F+)       -
Profession (FS)   0   0
Repair (S+)       -
Research (*) 16 4 4 24
Ride (F)   4   4
Search (SP) 12 4   16
Sense Motive (x)       0
Sleight of Hand (FP+) 21 3   24
Spot (x)       0
Survival (x)       0
Swim (x)   1   1
Treat Injury (x) 6     6
Tumble (F+) 8 3   11

Suggested Equipment/Possessions:
  • Suitcase and dolly: This simple leather suitcase holds approximately 10 pounds of material (in Yomiko’s case, books and spare paper) and can be strapped to a metal dolly, allowing it to be pulled easily across even surfaces; this keeps the suitcase from adding to the possessor’s encumbrance, but her speed is halved when traveling over rough terrain, stairs, or other areas where it is difficult to pull the dolly. Stats as well-made suitcase or briefcase.
  • Special Ops Coat: This buff-colored long overcoat was designed by the famed British Library gadgeteer Jiggy Stardust; perfectly ordinary appearing, it is actually made of quite resilient material and is reinforced in key areas, giving the wearer a +1 Equipment bonus to Defense (proficiency adds no additional bonus; max dex +8, armor penalty 0). The bulky coat is designed with many interior pockets, allowing the wearer to carry up to 10 pounds of small items (such as several books) without being particularly noticeable, counting as loose/bulky clothing when used to conceal Small or smaller weapons (or books) and grants the “specially modified to conceal object” bonus when used to conceal Tiny or smaller objects (See "Concealed Weapons and Objects" in the d20 Modern SRD). The coat protects the wearer and anything in the pockets from the elements very effectively; of particular importance to Yomiko, it keeps her paper and other materials dry, unless she is actually submersed in liquid.
  • Donnie’s Glasses: Nothing is particularly unusual about this pair of glasses, except that the frames are quite strong and do not bend easily. They have a hardness of 8 and approximately 10 hit points.
  • British Library Woman’s Uniform: A white blouse, brown waistcoat, and brown skirt. Lots of people wear it, if you know where to look (likely the British Library).
  • Books, books, and more books: In a typical situation, Yomiko should start an adventure with at least a few (about five) books in her suitcase, and two books or several sheets of paper concealed in her coat.
  • Apartment Building: Obviously not "equipment," but among her assets, Yomiko owns an entire apartment building. Apart from the small, poor-quality living space at the top, the building is filled with books; even the elevator shafts are stuffed with them. Paper Masters accessing this building could probably take over all of Japan with its contents, if they wanted to sacrifice the massive collection of reading material. GMs should therefore consider being careful in allowing Yomiko and other Paper Masters constant access to the building; in many cases, it may serve well as a go-to place in an emergency but they shouldn't be able to get to it everytime they need to restock. On the other hand, a creative GM could run an entire adventure based in the maze-like book stacks filling Yomiko's building.
Roleplaying Notes:
Read the section on "Bibliomania" in the Paper Master class. Commit it to memory. But beyond the rules, play it up, exaggerate it, and have fun with it. If you want to play Yomiko, those rules should not feel like a restriction; they're just a quantification of some essential truths about the character.

Beyond books, remember that Yomiko is generally shy and gentle, but also perseveres beyond all odds when she's after something she wants, be it to rescue a friend or get a book she wants to read.

Yomiko is very protective, to the point of violence if necessary, of her glasses.

Always ask nicely, and always say "please."

Build Notes:
I admit complete absent-minded buffoonery here: I accidentally put 7 points in Ride and, while I tried to tally everything, I couldn’t tell if it was a typo or I meant to put the 7 points elsewhere, so Yomiko may be down 7 skill points. I’ve been staring at the character sheet too long to figure it out; if you see where I goofed please let me know. In general it was hard to determine where all her skill points should go, despite the fact that she has a lot of skill points, especially from her Smart classes. I tried to reflect her actions seen in the anime, knowledge she displays, and a few things that seem sensible for a British Library-trained agent to have. And yes, any woman who can successfully hide paper–psychically manipulated or no–in her hair gets a +24 to Sleight of Hand. Or perhaps Sleight of Hair. If you don’t like it though, boost up her Investigate or give her more Knowledges instead.

In the R.O.D OAV, she appears to be reading an original, untranslated copy of The Immortal Beloved, hence the ability to read/write German (I think it's in German; if it's not, let me know). She could possibly be able to speak or read other languages as well. I would take points out of Research if you want to increase her number of known languages.

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