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Wendy Earhart
Super Agent (and maker of tea)


Smart 9, Dedicated 3, Investigator 3, Negotiator 4 (ECL 19)

Occupation: White Collar (Diplomacy, Research)
Allegiances: The United Kingdom, Joker, Order
Wealth Bonus: +3; Reputation Bonus: +7
Hit Dice:(15d6+30) + (4d8+8) (101 HP)
Defense: 10 + Base 8 = 18
Initiative:Feat 4= 4; Base Speed: 30
Saves: Fort 10 (Base 8+2), Ref 5 (Base 5+0), Will 13 (Base 12+1)

Ability Scores:

STR: 12 (+1)
DEX: 10 (+0)
CON: 15 (+2)
INT: 16 (+3)
WIS: 12 (+1)
CHA: 15 (+2)

Class Abilities:
Savant (Research), Linguist, Exploit Weakness, Plan, Trick, Empathy, Improved Aid Another, Profile, Low-Level Contact, Conceal Motive, React First, Talk Down 1 Opponent

Simple Weapons, Personal Firearms, Advanced Firearms, Light Armor

English (native), Japanese (Speak/R/W), Cantonese (S/R/W), Hindi (S/R/W)

BAB: +11/+6/+1 (Melee +12, Ranged +11)

Preferred Attack: SITES M9 9MM Ranged +12 (2d6, crit 20), 30' range, Semiauto, Tiny

Weapon Focus (SITES M9 9mm Autoloader)
Point Blank Shot
Precise Shot
Combat Expertise
Defensive Martial Arts
Improved Initiative

Skills: These are the skills Wendy has as class skills or can use untrained. Trained-only class skills with no ranks are included for the ease of redistributing skill points should you feel the need to do so. Synergy bonuses are not calculated in the totals. The skills are marked like so: “x”=Cross class; + = Trained only, S=Smart skill, D=Dedicated skill, I=Investigator skill, N=Negotiator Skill, * =Skill for all classes

SkillRanksAbility ModMisc ModTotal
Balance (x)   0   0
Bluff (IN) 7 2   10
Climb (x)   1   1
Computer Use (SIN) 7 3   10
Concentration (x)   2   2
Craft (Chemical) (S+)       -
Craft (Electronic (S+)       -
Craft (Mechanical) (S+)       -
Craft (Pharm.) (SD+)       -
Craft (Structural) (S)   3   3
Craft (Visual Art) (SD)   3   3
Craft (Writing) (SD) 10     13
Decipher Script (S+) 7 3 2 12
Demolitions (S+)       -
Diplomacy (*) 12 2   14
Disable Device (SI+)       -
Disguise (x)   2   2
Drive (IN) 7 0   7
Escape Artist (x)       0
Forgery (SI) 7 3 2 12
Gamble (DN)   2   2
Gather Information (IN) 12 2   14
Hide (x)   0   0
Intimidate (IN)   2   2
Investigate (*) 13 3 2 18
Jump(x)   1   1
Knowledge (Arcane) (SD+)       -
Knowledge (Art) (SD+)       -
Knowledge (Beh. Sci.) (SDI+) 12 3   15
Knowledge (Business) (SDN+)       -
Knowledge (Civics) (*+) 12 3   15
Knowledge (Current Ev.) (*+) 12 3   15
Knowledge (Eart./Li. Sci.) (SDI+)       -
Knowledge (History) (SD+) 10 3   13
Knowledge (Phys. Sci.) (SD+)       -
Knowledge (Pop Culture) (SD+) 4 3   7
Knowledge (Streetwise) (*+) 3 3   6
Knowledge (Tactics) (SD+) 8 3   11
Knowledge (Technology) (SD+) 4 3   7
Knowledge (Theo./Phil.) (SD+)       -
Listen (DI) 7 1 2 10
Move Silently (x)   0   0
Navigate (S)   3   3
Perform (Any) (x)   2   2
Profession (*) 7 1   8
Repair (S+)       -
Research (*) 10 3 2+9 24
Ride (x)   0   0
Search (SI) 10 3 2 15
Sense Motive (DIN) 12 1 2 15
Spot (DIN) 7 1 2 10
Survival (D)   1   1
Swim (x)   1   1
Treat Injury (D) 6 1   7

Suggested Equipment/Possessions:
  • SITES M9 Autoloader
  • Light Undercover Shirt
  • British Library Woman’s Uniform: A white blouse, brown waistcoat, brown skirt, and red necktie, with optional sleeve protectors.
  • Business Clothes: Many of Wendy's operations are done "out of uniform" these days.
  • Handbag
  • cellular phone
  • Personal Data Assistant (PDA)
  • Satellite communication device
Roleplaying Notes:
Even when playing Wendy at her most ruthless, remember she was once energetic and openly kind. She's not merely a "villain," she's a once-happy woman who has become jaded by the world she's lived in, and she's been manipulated by a brilliant criminal mind to boot.

Wendy is at her core immovably loyal. The only way to shake her loyalty is to make her believe she has been betrayed.

Wendy is not violent. She will shoot only if she finds it necessary, and prefers to use her Negotiator skills to work her way around a situation.

If in doubt, make tea.

Build Notes:
I wanted to focus Wendy’s abilities, in this priority, on 1) Her keen research skills–the OAV and TV series show she does a great deal of factfinding and is skilled in this area, 2) That she is generally knowledgeable (working in a library and is likely well-educated), 3) The persuasive skills she displays in the TV series, and 4) skills required of a high-level executive assistant in an intel operation. There are a lot of ways you could arrange her skills, frankly. She is not a combat character but can survive, so I did be sure she can use firearms with competence and basically defend herself; I gave a specialty in a concealable pistol as she’s often seen carrying one. I have absolutely no idea if the SITES M9 is anything close to what she is seen using, simply the stats fit what I thought her needs were. Her languages reflect her ease in getting by in Hong Kong and Japan; I added Hindi as according to Kurata's notes in TV King, her mother is Indian. I realize that this doesn’t necessarily mean she’s fluent in Hindi (or another Indian dialect) but she needed to a third language to qualify for Linguist (which I think is an appropriate ability for a member of British Library Special Operations), and I figure she might seek to learn it even if she didn’t grow up speaking it. If you use these stats, feel free to substitute the third language with something else (but just keep some language in). Note I may have screwed up the Smart Hero skills–it’s hard to tell that to buy something on the Strategy Talent tree, if EACH time you need to buy a Research Talent first, or just have one Research Talent before buying anything on the Strategy tree. If it’s the former, swap out Trick for another Savant talent.

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