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Michelle Cheung
"One cannot hold onto youth!
Time is a phantom traveler
That is forever drifting past us!
We are the wanderers floating through its wake!
We are the vagabonds of time!"


Altered Human, Charismatic 4, Tough 1, Infiltrator 4, Paper Master 8 (ECL 17)

Occupation: Criminal (Hide, Move Silently, PF Prof)
Allegiances: Books, Anita, Maggie, Children
Wealth Bonus: 0; Reputation Bonus: +6
Hit Dice:(4d6+8)+(1d10+2)+(12d8+24) (102 HP)
Defense: 10 + Dex 3 + Class 9= 22
Initiative:Abil 3; Base Speed: 30
Saves: Fort +10 (Base 8 + Abil 2), Ref +13 (Base 10 + Abil 3), Will +5 (Base 4 + Abil 1)

Ability Scores:

STR: 12 (+1)
DEX: 17 (+3)
CON: 14 (+2)
INT: 16 (+3)
WIS: 12 (+1)
CHA: 17 (+3)

Racial Features:
Unusual Appearance: As a genetically altered human, Michelle’s yellowish eyes give her a -2 to Disguise checks and other attempts to hide in a crowd.

Class Abilities:
Sonic Resistance 2, Coordinate, Inspiration, Sweep, Improvised Implements, (Improved) Evasion, Paper Master Weaknesses, Paper Telekinesis, Area Control, Ink Shift, Hard Paper, Paper Binding, Paper Aegis, Shin Origami I, Shin Origami II, Paper Dart, Paper Barrage, Paper Flood, Paper Archery I, Paper Archery II

Simple Weapons, Paper Master Weapons, Personal Firearms, Light Armor

Cantonese (Native), Japanese (S/R/W), English (S/R/W), Mandarin (S), Latin (S/R/W) (see notes)

BAB: +10/+5 (Melee +11, Ranged +13)

Preferred Attack: Paper Bow +14 (1d8, Range 120').

Point Blank Shot
Shot on the Run
Precise Shot
Weapon Focus: Paper Bow
Far Shot
Rapid Shot (as D&D feat)

Skills: These are the skills Michelle has as class skills or can use untrained. Trained-only class skills with no ranks are included for the ease of redistributing skill points should you feel the need to do so. Synergy bonuses are not calculated in the totals. The skills are marked like so: “x”=Cross class; + = Trained only, T=Tough skill, C=Charismatic skill, If=Infiltrator skill, P=Paper Master Skill, * =Skill for all classes

SkillRanksAbility ModMisc ModTotal
Balance (If) 2 3   5
Bluff (C) 7 3   10
Climb (TIf)   1   1
Computer Use (P) 4 3   7
Concentration (TP) 3 2   5
Craft (Chemical) (+TP)       -
Craft (Structural) (TP)   3   3
Craft (Visual Art) (CP) 7 3   10
Craft (Writing) (CP)   3   3
Decipher Script (P+) 5 3 2 10
Diplomacy (C) 7 3   10
Disable Device (IfP+) 7 3   10
Disguise (C) 5 3   8
Drive (T)   3   3
Escape Artist (F) 4 3   7
Forgery (P) 8 3   11
Gamble (x)   3   3
Gather Information (C) 7 3   10
Handle Animal (C+)       -
Hide (*) 7 3   10
Intimidate (TC)   3   3
Investigate (IfP+) 10 3 2 15
Jump (If)   1   1
Knowledge (Arcane) (CP+)       -
Knowledge (Art) (CP+) 6 3   9
Knowledge (Beh. Sci.) (CP+) 4 3   7
Knowledge (Business) (CIfP+)       -
Knowledge (Civics) (CP+)       -
Knowledge (Current Ev.) (*+) 5 3   8
Knowledge (Eart./Li. Sci.) (P+)       -
Knowledge (History) (P+) 6 3   9
Knowledge (Phys. Sci.) (P+)       -
Knowledge (Pop Culture) (*+) 4 3   7
Knowledge (Streetwise) (*+)       -
Knowledge (Tactics) (P+) 5 3   8
Knowledge (Technology) (P+)       -
Knowledge (Theo./Phil.) (SP+) 4 3   7
Listen (x)   1   1
Move Silently (*) 7 3   10
Navigate (P)   3   3
Perform (Any) (C)   3   3
Profession (CTIf) 5 1   6
Research (P*) 10 3 2 15
Search (IfP) 11 3   14
Sense Motive (x) 7 1 2 10
Sleight of Hand (IfP+)       -
Spot (T)   1   1
Survival (T) 3 1   4
Swim (x)   1   1
Treat Injury (x)   1   1
Tumble (If+)       -

Suggested Equipment/Possessions:
  • 10 lb. Aluminum travel case: Filled with paper in various dispensers.
  • Detective Watch: In addition to keeping very accurate time and having a chic yin-yang design on its face, this resilient, waterproof watch has a basic GPS function, giving a +4 bonus to certain Navigation checks. Two or more Detective Watches can be set to send and receive signals to each other within a 10 mile radius, allowing the wearers to find each other using the GPS. No complex communications can be sent–just the presence or absence of a signal and its whereabouts.
  • “Combatard”: This lightweight, flexible black garment provides basic protection to the torso; stat-wise it is identical to a Light Undercover Vest.
Roleplaying Notes:
Michelle is light and fluffy in non-combat situations, but all that remains of that when she is in danger is her nearly supernatural sense of calm. What she lacks in common sense in day-to-day affairs, she makes up for a detached pragmatism on the job matched only by professional sharpshooters. Which, come to think of it, is what she is.

In short, the challenge of playing Michelle is balancing her off-duty goofball/comic relief nature with her on-duty determination.

Build Notes:
Yeah, you look at the first line and you ask, “What? Michelle Cheung, Tough Hero?” But yes, I gave her a level to give her the minor Sonic Resistance that she displays in episodes 4 and 15.

Michelle was actually hard to class up... I considered arguments for Smart and Fast levels in addition to what I ended up with... but this seemed the most efficient and best reflects her abilities without horribly shafting her BAB (any more than it is already shafted).

I'm not particularly happy with her skill distribution, and as I've retyped the character sheet here, I wonder if I've messed any of the math up–unfortunately, it's been awhile between writing up the character and HTMLization. I will recheck if I have the time; if you happen to have your own thoughts on the matter, please feel free to share them.

Others may object to the starting occupation of Criminal, and I admit minor cheesiness in that largely I just wanted her to have Hide and Move Silently as class skills so I could easily give her Infiltrator levels. But... well, she was trained by Dokusensha, an erudite terrorist organization, and she herself says if given the choice between “Santas or Thieves,” she admits to “Thieves.”

I think her class abilities reflect her pretty well overall; you could give her another talent other than Paper Flood (I can’t remember if she ever uses something like that; she just had everything else on that tree). I gave her too low a Wisdom to have Dead Aim, which you could adjust if you wished; personally I don’t think Michelle’s Wisdom ought to be all that high, but she’s hard to suss out that way, as she sometimes seems to be the queen of pragmatism and yet have no true common sense at the same time.

Michelle’s additional languages of “Mandarin” and “Latin” reflect that she does translation work (this is mentioned several times in the manga, and touched on in the TV series)–like Maggie, being a relatively well educated resident of a region belonging to China, knowing how to speak the Mandarin dialect in addition to her native Cantonese makes sense. “Latin” is just generally useful, especially if she does stuff like authenticating old documents (also mentioned as one of her skills). You could take the languages out and put the skill points elsewhere, or give her a different language to speak.

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