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Maggie Mui
"You have the right to remain silent. You have the right to an attorney. But you're not qualified to read books."


Altered Human, Tough 2, Dedicated 3, Bodyguard 4, Paper Master 8 (ECL 17)

Occupation: Adventurer (Drive, Treat Injury)
Allegiances: Michelle, Anita, Nenene, Good
Wealth Bonus: 0; Reputation Bonus: +3
Hit Dice:(2d10+8)+(8d8+32)+(4d12+16) (126 HP)
Defense: 10 + Abil 3 + Class 9 = 22
Initiative:Abil 3 + Feat 4= 7; Base Speed: 30
Saves: Fort 14 (Base 10+4), Ref 12 (Base 9+3), Will 9 (Base 5+Feat2+2)

Ability Scores:

STR: 16 (+3)
DEX: 16 (+3)
CON: 18 (+4)
INT: 15 (+2)
WIS: 14 (+2)
CHA: 10 (+0)

Racial Feature:
Unusual Appearance: As a genetically altered human, Maggie’s red eyes give her a -2 to Disguise checks and other attempts to hide in a crowd.

Class Abilities:
Remain Conscious, Skill Emphasis (Investigate), Aware, Harm’s Way, Combat Sense+1, Sudden Action, Paper Master Weaknesses, Paper Telekinesis, Ink Shift, Hard Paper, Binding, Area Control, Paper Aegis, Paper Knife, Shin Origami I, Shin Origami II, Small Puppet, Medium Puppet, Large Puppet, Huge Puppet

Simple Weapons, Paper Master Weapons, Personal Firearms, Light Armor

Cantonese (Native), English (S/R/W), Japanese (S/R/W), Mandarin (S)

BAB: +12/+7/+2 (Melee and Ranged +15)

Preferred Attack: Paper Knife +15, 1d6+3 slashing damage, ignores 10 points hardness, crit 19-20

Vehicle Expert
Heroic Surge
Improved Initiative
Iron Will
Improved Damage Threshold

Skills: The following list includes any class skills that Maggie has, plus any skills she can use untrained. Trained class skills she has no ranks in are included for the ease of redistributing skill points, should you decide to do so. The superscript letters denote the following: “x”: Cross-class skill; “+”: Trained only; “*”: Skill for all classes; “T”: Tough Hero skill; “D”: Dedicated Hero Skill, “B”: Bodyguard Skill; “P”: Paper Master Skill.

SkillRanksAbility ModMisc ModTotal
Balance (x) 5 3 2 10
Bluff (x)   0   0
Climb (T)   3   3
Computer Use (P)   2   2
Concentration (TBP) 8 4 2 14
Craft (Mechanical) (TP+) 6 2   8
Craft (Pharm.) (D+)       -
Craft (Structural) (TP)   2   2
Craft (Visual Art) (DP)   2   2
Craft (Writing) (DP)   2   2
Decipher Script (P+) 4 2 2 8
Diplomacy (x)   0   0
Disable Device (P+)       -
Disguise (B)   0   0
Drive (*) 7 3 2 12
Escape Artist (x)   3   3
Forgery (BP)   2   2
Gamble (D)   0   2
Gather Information (B)   0   0
Handle Animal (x+) 4     4
Hide (x)   3   3
Intimidate (TD) 4     4
Investigate (DP+) 4 2 3 9
Jump(x)   3   3
Knowledge (Arcane) (DP+)       -
Knowledge (Art) (DP+)       -
Knowledge (Beh. Sci.) (DBP+)       -
Knowledge (Business) (DP+)       -
Knowledge (Civics) (DBP+)       -
Knowledge (Current Ev.) (*+) 4 2   6
Knowledge (Eart./Li. Sci.) (DP+) 6 2   6
Knowledge (History) (DP+) 8 2   10
Knowledge (Phys. Sci.) (DP+) 5 2   7
Knowledge (Pop Culture) (*+) 4 2   6
Knowledge (Streetwise) (*+) 5 2   7
Knowledge (Tactics) (DP+) 5 2   7
Knowledge (Technology) (DP+)       -
Knowledge (Theo./Phil.) (DP+)       -
Listen (DB) 7 2 2 11
Move Silently (x)   3   3
Navigate (P) 8 2   10
Perform (Any) (x)   0   0
Profession (DTB)   2   2
Research (P) 6 2 2 10
Ride (x)   3   3
Search (BP)   2   2
Sense Motive (DB)   2   2
Sleight of Hand (P+) 4 3   7
Spot (TDB) 7 2 2 11
Survival (TD)   2   2
Swim (x)   3   3
Treat Injury (D) 8 2   10

Suggested Equipment/Possessions:
  • "Detective Watch": In addition to keeping very accurate time and having a fetching yin-yang design upon it, this resilient, waterproof watch has a basic GPS function, giving a +4 bonus to certain Navigation checks. Two Detective Watches can be set to send and receive signals to each other within a 10 mile radius, allowing the wearers to find each other using the GPS. No complex communications can be sent, just the presence or absence of a signal and its whereabouts.
  • "Combatard": This lightweight, flexible black garment provides basic protection to the torso; stat- and trait-wise it is identical to a Light Undercover Vest.
  • Books: In normal circumstances, Maggie should start with at least two books, stored in the pockets of her sweatshirt or cargo pants.
Maggie’s Minions
These are Maggie’s three most common minions. Other forms (Medium sized golem, a Large bird, a Small bat, a Large snake) are more rarely seen; use the guidelines in the Paper Master section if you wish to stat them out.

Paper Wolf
Medium Construct
Hit Dice: 2d10+20 (31 HP)
Speed: 50 (10 sq)'; Space/Reach 5'/5'
Defense: 17 (10+4 Natural+3 Dexterity), Touch 13, Flat Footed 14.
Attack: Slam +14, 1d6+3
Strength: 16 (+3) Dexterity 16 (+3); Saves as Maggie
Special: A small sized creature can ride the minion as a mount
Enhancements: If Maggie boosts its defense with a successful Concentration check DC 12 (or 16 for multiple effects), its total Natural Armor bonus is increased by 6, making its total defense 23. She may also wish to make a concentration check to give the creature a bite attack which does piercing damage.

Giant Robot
Large Construct
Hit Dice: 4d10 +30 (52 HP)
Speed: 20' (4 sq); Space/Reach 10'/10'
Defense: 16 (-1 size, +5 natural, +2 Dex), Touch 11, FF 14
Attack: Slam +14, 1d8+5
Strength: 18 (+4), Dexterity 14 (+2), Saves as Maggie
Enhancements: With successful Concentration checks (DC 12, or 16 for multiple effects at once), Maggie may increase its total Natural Armor bonus by 6, giving it a total Defense of 22. She often also gives the Giant Robot “tool hands” such as a drill or pincers; in addition to altering its damage type these hands may be usable as tools and avoid improper tool usage penalties.

Paper Phoenix
Huge Construct
Hit Dice: 8d10+40 (84 HP)
Speed: Fly (clumsy) 20'; Space/Reach 15'/10'
Defense: 15 (-2 size, +6 natural, +1 Dex), Touch 9, FF 14
Attack: Slam +14, 2d6+7
Strength: 20 (+5), Dexterity 12 (+1), Saves as Maggie
Special: Maggie can carry herself and up to 3 more medium-sized passengers inside the Paper Phoenix. She uses the Paper Puppeteer sensory ability to “see” with the dragon’s eyes while she steers it from within the Phoenix.
Enhancements: With a successful Concentration check, she may increase its Natural Armor bonus by 6, giving it a total defense of 21. She usually does not add any other effects to this creature, as “piloting” the creature is likely distracting enough! And as for how she landed the jet... don’t even ask me to stat that out. That’s pure cinematics, dearies.

Roleplaying Notes:
Don't confuse Maggie's reticence with a complete unwillingness to communicate. Maggie will assert herself if she wants something strongly.

In combat, Maggie's primary concern is always protecting other people. Among keeping defensive actions in mind, always remember to designate who your "Harm's Way" target is at the start of combat. If in doubt, it probably should be Anita or Nenene, if they are present.

Apart from defending her companions, Maggie usually fights primarily through her minions. Other times, she takes no actions but to defend herself. She will only resort to attacking with her own hands if she has no other recourse.

Maggie enters combat without hesitation, showing fear only versus the most dangerous opponents and even then quickly fighting past it. However, in the face of far more threatening things, like affection or Nenene, and especially affection from Nenene, she may buckle.

Build Notes:
Maggie was hard to stat up, especially trying to take into consideration skills she should have. Her Tough and Bodyguard levels leave her a little low on skill points, but they’re an absolute must to reflect her heroic actions in combat (I mean, how could Maggie not have Harm’s Way?). I know I didn’t help things much by buying her a couple cross-class skills, but Balance seemed to make sense given we see her standing on a falling ventilation duct fighting Sonny Wong; the 3 points in Handle Animal seem extraneous but I wanted to reflect that she seems to get along with animals on some fundamental level (and in the manga, she’s apparently known for feeding the birds, etc.) and of course in some ways she directs her minions like one would signal a real pet. What’s annoying about Handle Animal is it’s trained only, a class skill for only 2 basic classes, and available in only two (completely inappropriate for her) occupations. So it’s just sort of a nod. Anyone wanting to put those 6 skill points elsewhere would be fine by me (4 came from her Paper Master skill pool and 2 from her Dedicated). Otherwise, skill wise, she is a bit jack-of-all-trades ish–knowledgeable about many things but not an expert in much; most of her skills are picked out based on stuff she says or does in the TV series or otherwise would make sense for her to have as a Detective and Paper Master.

I’m very happy with her feats and class abilities, so I’m willing to trade off any skill weirdness. Maggie should be able to jump into action at any time, never be surprised, and take damage for anyone and keep on going–and with the build above she can do just that.

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