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Anita King
"The world was made to help people find each other."


I-Jin, Fast 5, Martial Artist 5, Paper Master 4 (ECL 15)

Occupation: Athlete (Balance, Tumble, Jump; Brawl)
Allegiances: Michelle, Maggie, friendship, "Good"
Wealth Bonus: 0; Reputation Bonus: +3
Hit Dice:(14d8+28) (88 HP)
Defense: 10 + Abil 4 + Class 11 = 25
Initiative:Abil 4=4; Base Speed: 30
Saves: Fort 6 (Base 4+2), Ref 13 (Base 9+4), Will 4 (Base 3+Abil 1)

Ability Scores:

STR: 16 (+3)
DEX: 18 (+4)
CON: 15 (+2)
INT: 14 (+2)
WIS: 13 (+1)
CHA: 12 (+1)

Racial Feature:
I-Jin Healing: As an I-Jin, Anita has Fast Healing 1; in addition, she can heal back one point of ability drain (i.e., permanent ability damage) once per month with a successful DC 14 Fortitude save.

Unusual Appearance: I-Jin often have unusual coloration to their physical features; in Anita's case, pink hair and especially vibrant green eyes. This gives her a -2 to Disguise checks and other attempts to hide in a crowd.

Class Abilities:
Evasion, Uncanny Dodge I, Uncanny Dodge II, Living Weapon, Flying Kick, Iron Fist (1 Attack), Paper Telekinesis, Strong Paper, Ink Shift, Paper Master Weaknesses, Paper Binding, Paper Defense, Paper Knife, Paper Shuriken, Paper Flood

Simple Weapons, Paper Master Weapons

Cantonese (Native), English (S/R/W), Japanese (S/R/W)

BAB: +11/+6/+1 (Melee +14, Ranged +15)

Preferred Attacks: Paper Knife +14 (1d6+3 slashing, Crit 19-20, ignores 10 points of hardness)
      Kick + 15 (1d8+3 bludgeoning, choose lethal or nonlethal, considered armed)
      Paper Shuriken +15 (1d6+3 slashing/piercing, ign. 10 points Hardness, Range 10')

Combat Martial Arts
Defensive Martial Arts
Unbalance Opponent
Two Weapon Fighting
Power Attack
Point Blank Shot

Skills: The following list includes any class skills that Anita has, plus any skills she can use untrained. Trained class skills she has no ranks in are included for the ease of redistributing skill points, should you decide to do so. The parenthetical letters denote the following: “x”: Cross-class skill; “+”: Trained only; “*”: Skill for all classes; “F”: Fast Hero skill; “M”: Martial Artist Skill; “P”: Paper Master Skill.

SkillRanksAbility ModMisc ModTotal
Balance (*) 10 4   14
Bluff (x)   1   1
Climb (M) 7 3   10
Computer Use (P)   2   2
Concentration (P)   2   2
Craft (Mechanical) (FP+)       -
Craft (Structural) (P)   2   2
Craft (Visual Art) (P) 5 2   7
Craft (Writing) (P)   2   2
Decipher Script (P+)       -
Diplomacy (x)   1   1
Disable Device (P+) 6 4   10
Disguise (x)   1   1
Drive (F)   4   4
Escape Artist (FM) 7 4   11
Forgery (P)   2   2
Gamble (x)   1   1
Gather Information (x)   1   1
Hide (FM) 7 4   11
Intimidate (M)   1   1
Investigate (P+) 5 2   7
Jump(*) 10 4 2 16
Knowledge (Arcane) (P+)       -
Knowledge (Art) (P+)       -
Knowledge (Beh. Sci.) (P+)       -
Knowledge (Business) (P+)       -
Knowledge (Civics) (P+)       -
Knowledge (Current Ev.) (*+)       -
Knowledge (Eart./Li. Sci.) (P+)       -
Knowledge (History) (P+)       -
Knowledge (Phys. Sci.) (P+)       -
Knowledge (Pop Culture) (*+) 6 2   8
Knowledge (Streetwise) (*+) 6 2   8
Knowledge (Tactics) (P+)       -
Knowledge (Technology) (P+)       -
Knowledge (Theo./Phil.) (MP+)       -
Listen (x)   1   1
Move Silently (FM) 7 4   11
Navigate (P)   1   1
Perform (Dance) (M)   4   4
Profession (FM)   1   1
Research (P) 2 1 2 5
Ride (F)   4   4
Search (P) 5 2   7
Sense Motive (x)   1   1
Sleight of Hand (FP+) 5 4   9
Spot (M) 7 1   8
Survival (x)   1   1
Swim (x)   3   3
Treat Injury (x)   1   1
Tumble (*+) 10 4 2 16

Suggested Equipment/Possessions:
  • "Detective Watch": In addition to keeping very accurate time and having a fetching yin-yang design upon it, this resilient, waterproof watch has a basic GPS function, giving a +4 bonus to certain Navigation checks. Two Detective Watches can be set to send and receive signals to each other within a 10 mile radius, allowing the wearers to find each other using the GPS. No complex communications can be sent, just the presence or absence of a signal and its whereabouts.
  • "Combatard": This lightweight, flexible black garment provides basic protection to the torso; stat- and trait-wise it is identical to a Light Undercover Vest. Note that Anita does not have Light Armor Proficiency, so she only gets an equipment bonus of +1.
  • 2 "Paper Holsters": These small aluminum cases are strapped to the hip and contain roughly a small book's worth of paper in the form of easy-to-draw index cards. A Paper Master can use her telekinesis to speed her drawing from the cases, essentially making it a free action to draw the cards; if not being used by a Paper Master or the Paper Master's abilities are somehow suppressed, the cards are drawn using the same rules for drawing a weapon. The cases hitch and unhitch from the strap with relative ease; the entire case can be removed or attached as a move-equivalent action. Therefore it takes one full round to remove and empty case and replace it with a new one readily at hand.
  • Japanese school uniform
Roleplaying Notes:
The polar opposite of Michelle in terms of common sense, Anita is very practical in everyday matters, but impulsive and hotheaded in dangerous situations, willing to leap before she looks if she is fired up enough to do so.

Anita's greatest strength and weakness are her sisters–her faith in them enable her to do a great deal, but if she thinks something has happened to them or her faith is shaken, she is effectively incapacitated.

Build Notes:
Anita could be given another level of Paper Master, to qualify her for Area Control and more Paper Talents. It's hard to gauge her Paper Master powers as they seem to shift even more often than the others according to plot necessity.

Anita has an ECL+1 for her I-Jin traits. Background and ability-wise she qualifies to be considered an I-Jin. And heck yeah I think she has Fast Healing. I think in the final episode she pretty much hit negative Hit Points and healed back up.

I’m pretty happy with this build. This design creates a character who is lethal and nearly impossible to hit–which as far as I’m concerned means I’ve pretty much hit Anita on the nose. She can hit as hard, if not harder, than her sisters, who are 2 effective levels higher than she is; the tradeoff is her saves are low, but that seems appropriate.

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