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Secret Agent, Ma'am
a filk by Death Quaker
based on "Secret Agent Man" and written by P.F. Sloan and S. Barri

There's a gal who goes on secret capers
She looks kind of meek, but masters paper
With every book she finds
The power fills her mind
(But) Odds are she won't live to read tomorrow

Secret agent, ma'am, secret agent, ma'am
They're calling you "The Paper"
and taken away your name

Beware of pretty faces on your team
She may be sweet, but isn't what she seems
This friendship you want to keep
But you've gotten in too "Deep"
Odds are you won't live to read tomorrow

(Chorus 2x)

Shoppin' for books in Jinbo-Cho one day
Then readin' your notes from your friend Nenene
But now you're drowning in this dreck
All for that kiss upon your neck
The odds are you won't live to read tomorrow


Secret agent, ma'am!

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