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Tennek is a moderate-sized town located in western Grattock. Sometimes called "Adventurer's Town," Tennek is the last major human settlement before one reaches the northern edges of the Wilderness, and many who try their luck in conquering the Wilderness set up their base there. The Wilderness Patrol headquarters is also located not far from the town, and Tennek citizens are happy to have them there to provide them with mercantile services–as long as they keep their training activities far from the city's walls. Adventurers can be good for the economy–they tend to buy lots of things–but some Tennek citizens are very wary of them, because firstly, a few have a bad habit of bringing back magical items the citizens cannot afford to buy off them, and secondly, because they tend to be a bit rowdy.

Tennek is a very old town, originally belonging to the kingdom of Jela. Many farms surround Tennek on all sides, and rely upon the town for market opportunities and protection. Tennek is the largest settlement for many many leagues on all sides; most other nearby organized communities are considered villages at best. Some farmers farm on land owned by lords. The nearest full town or city to Tennek is the capitol of Grattshold, which is a good seventy miles directly to the east. The town population is largely human (mostly Jelan and some Kalto) with a handful of half-elves.

Stray winds and energies from the Wild Storm did a fair deal of damage to the town, so about half of it has been rebuilt or reinforced in a massive effort by the locals over the past few decades. The town wall is about half stone and half wood in places where they have not finished rebuilding it. Tennek is about fifteen miles from areas touched by the Storm, and so Tennek, for its size, has a fairly good and competent town guard (consisting of Grattock Protectorate Guardsmen) and is quite defensible despite the state of its walls.

Tennek has two gated entrances, one from the main road to the east and one leading out toward the farmlands (and Wilderness) to the west. Both gates are guarded at all times by a pair of the town watch, and all must answer a few basic questions before entering the town. Additionally, the town watch places guards in the towers that are at the corners of the town wall.

The center of Tennek is Temple Hill, which features a quaint old Temple to Ohman and, directly facing it, a larger, romanesque-style Church of Pelohn. Much smaller shrines to the rest of the gods exist on either side of the larger temples. At the bottom of the hill to the east is the Market Square, which is filled every seven days with both local artisans and farmers, as well as traveling merchants from farther away. The southern section of the city is occupied largely by artisans and craftsmen, and most common services can be provided for a fair price. The northern part of the city is a richer neighborhood. The mayoral home of Jergar oc Baer, and his offices and town assembly hall, are located directly north of Temple Hill. Richer locals–merchants, well-off clerics not living at the temple, and landowners, occupy the northwest quarter, while petty government officials and minor military officers occupy the northeast quarter. The northeast quarter is also infamous for its worst kept secret, a brothel run by a landless former aristocrat named Tarry.

Inns and Taverns
Visitors entering Tennek from the east will notice first the Inn of the Scarlet Sword, a good-sized hostel with full stable service. The Inn has a bright red sword, apparently real despite its odd color, hanging as its sign over the porch. The Inn caters to most travelers, including adventurers, and both bed and meals can be aquired there, in the "Poor" and "Common" qualities described in the PHB. Accomodations are simple but clean, the food is hot and filling, and the ale is strong. The owners are Rael Longbeard, a half-dwarf with a blunt but friendly disposition, and his human wife Perla.

More well-to-do travelers, usually higher class merchants and traveling government workers, stay at the Blue Jay Inn, located in the northeast quarter, not far from Market Square and the mayoral offices. The Blue Jay Inn is smaller and more intimate, with finer, upholstered furnishings and individual rooms for each guest. Food and lodgings are at the "Good" price at the Blue Jay. Some bourgeois locals also frequent the Blue Jay for dinner and gossip. The Blue Jay is run by a Jelan woman named Frensi, a hardworking woman of good taste and few words.

Most Tennek citizens seek entertainment at the Blushing Elf Pub, located in the northwest quarter. This large tavern sports a wide variety of drinks and a smaller selection of food for the local weary workers and craftsmen. The Blushing Elf is run by Aerli, a half-elf who is said to know every citizen of Tennek by name. Lodging is not available at the Blushing Elf except for its workers, which include the minstrels it hires to keep its guests relaxed.

Although the best day to buy goods is Market Day, three standing shops provide their services six days out of seven: the Armory, Camber's General Store, and Bjarni's Curios and Curatives.

The Armory is south of Market Square, just west of the Scarlet Sword. It's run by Sheman oc Kel, a blacksmith and former armorer for the Protectorate Guard. The Armory is part forge, part shop, located next door to his house. Despite the title of his shop, which was actually named by the local guards, he and his small crew of apprentices provide all kinds of blacksmithing services for the whole town. Still, the Guard alone gives him a good amount of business forging and repairing weapons and armor.

Currently in his stock are
Halberd (1)
Short Sword (3)
Morning Star (1)
Dagger (4)
Studded Leather Armor (for a human-sized male) (1)
Leather Armor (for a human-sized male) (1)
Small Metal Shield (1)
Large Wooden Shield (1)

Plus an assortment of iron and steel household items–pots, pans, nails, etc.

For those with the resources, Sheman and his apprentices can custom-make any item. A common, basic weapon only takes a day or two to make; armor depends upon type. Sheman can also take specific measurements, and evaluate strength and fighting style to make a weapon or armor specially suited to that customer (i.e. Masterwork item).

Camber's General Store is located near the east gate, probably the second thing you see after the Scarlet Sword. Camber's provides most general dry good items plus simple food supplies (travel rations, cheese, and so forth). Basic clothing items are available, although it's recommended that if you want custom items to visit the town's tailor.

Basically most of the common gear listed in the PHB are available here, or Camber knows where you can get it.

Bjarni's Curios and Curatives is located just east of Market Square and a few blocks south of the Blue Jay. Run by a strange little man who acts much older than he actually is (50), Bjarni's shop is crammed full of various items and "artifacts." Bjarni tells elaborate (and lengthy) stories about each item in his shop, some of which are even true. Despite his longwinded and exaggerated approach to salesmanship, Bjarni is known for selling and buying at fair prices, at least (unless you are repeatedly rude to him). Bjarni dabbles in Alchemy and in the Arcane Arts, and his knowledge of arcane artifacts astounds even those who are more official, disciplined students of magic. Be nice to Bjarni, and be patient, and you can learn a lot from him. Bjarni has been given good business from some of the more competent members of the Wilderness Patrol, and thanks to their efforts he occasionally carries actual magic items.

Bjarni's current stock includes
Acid (1)
Tindertwigs (2 boxes of 10)
Thunderstones (2)
Alchemical Fire (1)
Alchemical Sleep Gas (2)
Sunrods (sold out, but he'll make more)
The Ointment (popular among Miss Tarry's frequent customers) (6)
Chess set
Assorted Jewelry Items, valued from 20 to 500 GP
Assorted Figurines and Fetishes of various metals and materials, valued from 5 SP to 300 GP
A map that leads to nowhere
Scroll of Reduce
Scroll of Blur
Scroll of Tongues
Scroll of Stoneskin
Scroll of Bigby's Forceful Hand
Scroll of Project Image
Scroll of Summon Monster IX
Cloak of Resistance +1

plus the following item:
Ring of Cooling: Although Bjarni tells customers he made this red-gold ring inset with a smooth red gem, sufficiently curious and clever folk will determine that he made the actual band, but another wizard performed the enchantment. Said wizard, whose name was Drelfin, constantly complained of being hot, and so devised this simple ring to keep him cool and refreshed at all times. The ring absorbs 5 points of fire damage (magical or otherwise) and keeps the wearer comfortable in even the hottest of climates. Drelfin returned the ring to Bjarni after he had to have his hand amputated due to frostbite. Market Value 2,100. (He sometimes exaggerates the price, to see if someone will bargain with him.)

Given time and the proper materials, Bjarni can make jewelry, alchemical items, and even a few magical potions to order. Notably he can make Potions of Cure Light Wounds, but the Wilderness Patrol buys so many of these from him that he rarely has extra in stock.


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