Ohmarr: Races
Races available in the world of Ohmarr are humans, Sharran elves, Kallian elves, dwarves, half-elves, and half-dwarves. You may eventually encounter other sentient races in the game, but for the time being these are the only ones you can choose as a player race.

Members of different cultures or nations have access to specific feats outlined here, but culture or nation will not affect starting stats.

Human characters are as they are outlined in the PHB. Most humans live in Ghaash Rin or Grattock, with occasional outsiders living closer to the borders of the Wilderness. More information may be found about the human races in their nation description. Humans have many different sub-races:

  • Elseki tend to be medium-sized, with dark brown or black hair, dark eyes, and light reddish-brown skin. They wear practical knee-length tunics, coupled with breeches in winter. Cloaks or robes are often also part of their garb. Richer Elseki wear ornate fabrics and adorn their ears and wrists with jewelry.
  • Kaltos are usually large in height and breadth and have auburn, brown or black hair, pale skin, and blue, brown, or black eyes. They wear simple chemises or skirts, breeches or skirts, vests for men and bodices for women. Rich Kaltos wear fine jackets and cloaks, and their clothing features fine embroidery. Many Kaltos usually carry a weapon on them, even if it is a simple knife or staff, and those who have served in a military unit always wear their military colors and badge of office, even after they have retired or honorably discharged.
  • Jelans have average human builds; their skin is pale-pink to light brown, and they have light brown, red, or blonde hair and eyes of green, gray, blue, violet, or hazel. Jelan clothing is similar to Kalto clothing, although they prefer their clothing to be tighter and emphasizing the human form while actually covering up more flesh. The rich wear many layers of clothing and jewelry befitting their station.
  • The Iron People are short and wiry, extremely pale, almost albino looking, except their eyes are usually gray, green, violet, or blue. The Iron People wear simple, loose fitting shirts and breeches. Their native climes were cold, so layers and furs were of the norm, but the few surviving Iron People have adapted to local fashions more fitting to the climate of the East.
  • Rhendar are tall, strong but slender. They have deep, warm brown skin and orange, brown, or black eyes. Their hair is black, although the males usually shave their heads. The Rhendar, in their warmer native land, wore loosefitting robes and breeches, usually of pale colors. Rank and station were subtly implied in their clothing by different bands of color around their belts and wearing different earrings. The few survivors have worked this trend into their clothing now, which they have adapted to the cooler climate in Grattock.
  • The Rin are small and slender and have yellowish-brown skin and almond-shaped brown eyes. Their hair is black, dark brown, dark auburn, or more rarely, red. Both sexes tend to wear long tunics or jackets over loose pantaloons and boots or sandals. The more colorful the tunic, the richer the wearer. The Rin also like to display their wealth and success openly by headdress and jewelry.

If you really want your human to look different from all of these, go ahead. I really don't care. I was just kind of having fun.

Stat- and trait-wise, Sharran elves are identical to elves in the PHB. Most elves who venture into the Wilderness are Sharran, because they wish to recover artifacts they left behind in their old homeland, and the more idealistic among them hope they may one day move into their old homes in the western forests. Most Sharran Elves live in Kallia or Grattock.

Physically, Sharrans are 4'7" to 5'7" in height. Their skin ranges from pale gold to bronze in color, and their hair is usually varying shades of blonde, copper, or red. Some of them have pure white hair. Their eyes are usually golden, platinum, or sky-blue. They wear comfortably form-fitting blouses and breeches and soft-skinned boots convenient for running and clambering around trees; the color of their clothing often blends with the forest, although they wear brighter colors for festivals.

Boiled down to game traits, Kallian elves are almost identical to standard-game elves, EXCEPT that they have the following ability stat alterations: +1 Intelligence, +1 Charisma, -2 Constitution. Kallian elves are more concerned with study, craft, and courtly interactions (and intrigue!) than their tree-ambling cousins. Kallians are less likely to go adventuring, in the Wilderness or even to go on diplomatic missions to other nations, preferring their somewhat isolated life in the hills of Kallia. Still, some Kallians, particularly young ones, get bored or curious and look to explore life beyond their holdings.

Physically, Kallians are 4'5" to 5'5" in height and are even more slender than their Sharran cousins. Their skin is silvery-pale, and their hair is usually white, silver, dark blue, or black, or streaked with two different colors (such as indigo hair streaked with silver). Their eyes are silver, blue, violet, or black. They wear elegant, loosefitting robes over blouses and breeches or skirts, and braid colorful ribbons or fine metal chains into their hair.

Trait-wise, dwarves are as they are in the PHB. Spellcasters are rare among the dwarves as in other gameworlds, as dwarves have little interest in the fripperies of magic, although Ohmarran dwarves have no especial suspicion toward it. Occasionally, a dwarf will seek out the discipline of becoming a wizard. The majority of the dwarves live in Dreshen Hold although there are a small number, for varying reasons, who live in Grattock.

Physically, Ohmarran dwarves tend to be between three and a half to five feet tall, and are very stocky and strong. As they spend much of their lives underground, their skin is pale and has a greyish tinge. Their hair, which is plentiful over most of their bodies, including the faces of both males and females, is usually grey, white, or black, or occasionally brown. Their eyes are very dark, almost totally black. They dress very practically in simple shirts and trousers; warriors seem to live in their armor (and smell like it, too).

Again, trait-wise, half-elves are as they are outlined in the PHB. As Sharrans communicate more with humans and are more likely to live among humans, half-elves usually are of Sharran blood. Half-Elves live in both Kallia and Grattock. Their clothing fits whatever culture they have been born into.

While half-dwarves are very rare, if they are going to be seen, it is likely among an adventuring party, as like half-elves, being of two and yet neither races, they are often driven to wander. Most half-dwarves grow up in Grattock.

Half-dwarves tend to be between 4'6" and 5'6" and have the stony skin coloration and thick build of their dwarven parents, although they are not quite as stocky as true dwarves. Their hair and eyes may reflect their dwarven or human heritage, and their clothing is reflective of the culture in which they are raised.

Half-dwarven traits:

  • +1 Constitution, -1 Charisma: Half-dwarves retain some of their dwarven parents' fortitude, but likewise their reticence and bluntness (or if not, they are often still outsiders in their communities, and therefore tend to act a bit distant).
  • Medium-sized: No bonuses or penalties due to size.
  • Base speed is 25 ft
  • Darkvision out to 60'
  • Dwarven blood Half-dwarves may use dwarven artifacts as if they were true dwarves.
  • +1 to saves versus Enchantment spells. Half-dwarves retain some of the famous stubbornness of their dwarven parents.
  • +1 skill point per level: Half-dwarves are usually the offspring of adventurers and often travel. They are therefore adaptable and tend to pick up many tricks and trades here and there.
  • Favored class: Fighter or rogue: half-dwarves, usually being travellers and connected to adventurers, tend to pick up on martial skills or the ability to survive, even if it's by questionable means.

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