Ohmarr: Overview
60 years ago, Asar, the main continent on the world of Ohmarr, was ravaged by a terrible 20-year-long magical storm, decimating at least two-thirds of the planet's population and with it, a few venerable civilizations. In addition to its raw destructive power, the energies generated by the storm forced bizarre mutations on many of the people, creatures, and even plants, causing what was once familiar territory to become incredibly alien–and often horrifyingly dangerous. Only the easternmost edge of Asar was relatively untouched, as was the island nation of Ghaash Rin. Refugees from the west quickly fled into the eastern territories with hopes of rebuilding their homes there, if they could not return one day to their ancestral homelands.

While the terrible tempest died down 40 years ago, it has left the western portion of Asar drastically altered and populated by creatures mutated by the storm's energies. Many of these creatures are incredibly dangerous if not outright hostile; between them and the altered geography, the prospect of reclaiming old territory seems all but impossible. The storm-ravaged lands, once home to many nations, is now simply referred to as the Wilderness. Despite the dangers, adventurers, wanderers, glory-hounds, and seekers of the past venture their way into this area to attempt to reconquer old land, hunt down the aberrants which now live there, or recover family artifacts lost during the emigration. Some hope they might tame at least part of the wilderness enough so that people might settle there again. Most of these adventurers never return. Those that do usually become famous for their bravery, strength, foolishness, pride, or any combination of these.

The effects of the storm has altered the east dramatically as well, but in a different way. Human refugees from the west and their descendants, once cramped to the corners of the borders of the Elseki Nation, began to fight with one another for territorial rights, and eventually an entirely new new nation was formed after years of war and skirmishes. The dwarves who once lived in many underground holdings in the center of the Iron Mountains have now established a single new home at the eastern edge of the same mountain range. The elven nation of Kallia took in their Sharran cousins who fled from their Western homelands during the storm. All have adapted to the new living situation, although many are not pleased with the current situation–so those who venture into the Wilderness often have political motivations as well.

Ghaash Rin is the only nation not affected directly by the storm because of its location in the middle of the Eastern Sea. However, it still lost some trade due to the storm and the battles for land possession in the area now known as Grattok . As a nation that thrives on trade, this made some times difficult for them, but the Rin are resourceful and managed the troubles well enough.


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