Ohmarr: Languages
Listed are the languages spoken in Ohmarr, which can be bought with bonus Intelligence mods and/or the Speak Language Feat. Racial languages are automatic to the appropriate race. Many of these languages are "specialty" languages taught by certain races or classes.

Note to players: I have changed and added some languages since first posting this page. This shouldn't effect my current campaign much. I have deleted "Ethnic Ohmarran" because no one was using it, and it seems too hard to role-play.

Ohmarran: This is the "Common" of Ohmarr; everyone capable of speech and raised in civilization can read and write this language.

Dwarven: The racial-tongue of the Mountain-Stewards; an automatic language for Dwarves and Half-Dwarves.

Elven: The language given to the Forest-Stewards; automatically spoken by all Sharrans, Kallians, and Half-Elves.

Human: The tongue of the Land-Stewards; automatically spoken by all Humans, Half-Elves, and Half-Dwarves.

The languages below are never automatically learned, but must be "bought" with language slots based on your Int modifier or the "Speak Language" skill:

Arcane Kallian: A language devised by a Kallian Priest-Mage of Kyross, this language is used for many magic-related documents, inscriptions, and incantations. The Kallians claim it was given to them by Kyross himself; others doubt this (quietly, behind their backs). Commonly Elves and wizards of all races learn this tongue.

Celestial Ohmarran: Considered a "pure" form of the original language of Ohmarr, this language is used in sacred scripts, records, and prayers. On rare occasions when the gods directly interact with Mortals, they speak this language. Most clerics learn this language, as do some paladins, other spellcasters, and historians.

Sharran Tree-Signs: A language of gestures and brief, bird-like noises, this language was developed by Sharran scouts for near-silent communication in the forests. This is not an automatic bonus tongue for Sharrans, but you are most likely of Sharran heritage if you have learned this language. If you are not Sharran (or half-Sharran) you must explain in your character background why and how you learned this language.

Dwarven Craft-Speak: A strange technical language, which has a spoken and written version, used by Dwarves to discuss and design and record their efforts of craftsmanship, metalwork, and engineering. Outside of engineering speak, it is a fairly useless language. Not taught outside of Clanholders, not even to Half-Dwarves.

Grattock Chant: A Thieves' Cant developed by the Thieves' Guild of Grattshold. It is less a language in and of itself and more a complex structure of codes, euphemism, and slang based on Ohmarran, allowing thieves to discuss their plans even openly with the uninitiated ignorant to their plans. Grattock Chant, or GraChant, has spread to use beyond Grattshold, although usually not much past Grattock and only in densely populated areas. To learn the Chant, you must be a rogue or otherwise someone who has earned the trust of the Guild members.

Rin Cant: Another Thieves' Cant, this one devised by the thieves of Ghaash Rin. More complex than GraChant, the Cant has a written version as well as some sign language involved in its speaking. You must become a full member of the Rin Thieves Guild before being taught this language. If a non-member is taught the language, both teacher and student are killed. The Rin Thieves take all of their secrets very seriously.


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